Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Didn't Forget About You Mr. Blog!

I've been home a little more than a week, this is what I got:

  • It feels good to be home. Starting with the "Ribfest," I've felt good about being home. The grades were really good too. 1 A, 3 Bs & 1 C. Not bad. I think what feels the best about the grades is that I truly feel as if I earned those grades. I worked hard and focused. And yes, a lot went wrong this semester. A lot went wrong this school year. Hell, a lot has gone wrong for the last 2+ years. But the idea that I can get on facet of my life on track makes me feel a little bit good about myself.
  • Oh, and I'll be employed too. That's another thing that has me feeling good. I haven't worked a steady job since summer 2005 and I'm looking forward to making some ca$h money! Again, I'm happy because I feel like I am prioritizing correctly and that's something to feel good about.
  • The Cubs can make me feel good, sometimes. When they play like they did on Friday and Saturday, I feel good. When they play like they did Sunday and for 3 out of the 4 games of the Mets series, then they make me want to curl up in a corner and cry. But I guess taking 2 of 3 in the Crosstown Classic will do for now. The schedule doesn't get any easier. 3 against San Diego with the first game pitting Cubs lefty Rich Hill against San Diego ace Jake Peavy.
  • Another thing I like about the summer is the new music and movies that come out. I'm really looking forward to getting a chance to see movies like Shrek The Third, Ocean's Thirteen & The Simpsons Movie. That's just a small sample size. Music wise, there's always gonna be a few good albums coming out. I'm looking forward to albums from Fabolous, Chamillionaire, Linkin Park, etc. I know I'll be keeping my eye out for new tracks such as Kanye West's Can't Tell Me Nothing or First Time by Fabolous & Rihanna.
  • And finally, the best thing that I have going for me is a new mindset. Last summer I wasn't focused, not by a long shot. My priorities were not in the right place, and at the end of the summer it hurt me mentally. I was all about "summer love" and blah...blah...blah. I say "who needs it?" I'll admit that the idea of "summer love" is a splendid thought. But so is world peace, ending hunger and the Cubs having a shortstop that has a career on-base percentage over .290. As long as I stay focused, I'll be happy (relatively speaking).
Coming Soon:
  • New poetry (yay!)
  • Things I learned this semester
  • Thoughts about the movie Serendipity
  • And surprises along the way!