Friday, February 04, 2005

The Most F'd Up Day Ever

Wow, the last two weeks have been absolutely fucked up. If it wasn't a gigantic garbage can full of water flooding the hall, hungry hungry hoes and drunks getting things shoved up their asses, yesterday topped it all. Throwdown Thursday took new meaning yesterday when a dude from our floor was beaten up. Us city folks obliged by city rules. If it's not your problem, don't jump in until they make it your problem. Country folks trying to save everyone. Country folks don't understand that what they think is right is right. You should go out and help your fellow man, however there is an exception to this rule. This rule excludes city people, you let them fight, why because it happens all the time. The floor was drenched in blood. You could see the drops everywhere. There was lotsa drama there at that point. Country girls wanted to help the boy feel better, country guys wanted to stop the gigantic black people from fighting. I tried to explain the situation and why I handled it the way I did. Its a city thing. I'm sorry, country people don't fight, they hunt. Now, city people we're used to this crap, country people have to fix fights to say they were actually apart of one. But that was only the beginning. It was 3 am when Vinny (my suitemate) decided to be drunk and blast Enrique Iglesias and some other really dumb bad pop music and I mean blast as in you could feel the bass on the other side of the building loud. Loud enough to keep me awake all night. Then I couldn't, sleep, and when all was quiet I stepped out into the hallway and bitched out my boy Hoos. He explained the situation and calmed me down. I attempted to drug myself (2 benedryls and 5 IB profin) to sleep. It didn't work, however. I stayed staring at the ceiling, trying to sleep. 5 am: Knock knock. Who is it? SIU Police. SIU Police???? I thought they were there to question me about the fight. Instead, they were there to question me about what had happened in the hall. The electrical pipe had been torn down from the ceiling decorated with a trail of clothes. I had nothing, went back to bed only to not sleep because people were there to fix it right away. The last couple weeks been fucked up, but man, whats the worse that can happen?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

11 Days

Wow, only a couple of days til Super Bowl. Go Philly! Sure, they knocked out my boy M. Vick but you know what, I gotta back my favorite receiver in the NFL and my 1a Fave to Vick (T.O.) and Chi-towns finest (McNabb) and I hate the Pats cuz they eliminated my pick to go all the way which was INDY. I hope TO scores so he can do something crazy. Then the next Monday would be Valentine's Day. It sucks, because its on a Monday, what a way to get your week started if you're in my shoes. Its okay though. I feel blessed. I was actually thinking about it the other day that there are people who wish that they could be in my situation. Sometimes I take a look at myself and I say, "What the hell am I complaining about?" So, I don't have a girl, so what? Some people out there don't have food, homes and families. Thats sad, but I can't help that, I can only comment and help out my own situation. I know I'm part of the lucky sperm club, all of us who are living are part of that club. Makes me wonder another thing, I was the strongest and best of the bunch. Look at me now, typing away like I'm meeting a deadline for the Tribune or something. I dunno, alls I know is this... I hate Valentine's Day and am totally against it. Thats what is making me double think about my drinking. Drinking on V-Day will have me doing everything Valentine's day represents--Spending money on something that I don't really need to be spending money on. Thats crazy, I just realized that. And I'll be saving some money. But on the other hand, I gotta go out there and go get some. I'm starting to piss myself off because I feel left out. I dunno, one of these days I'm just gonna spill to that girl, tell her everything and walk back to my room, lock the door and go to bed. Oh yeah, and for Valentine's Day, the phone goes off, the dorm phone goes unplugged, and Louie stays off-line. And the doors go locked. I'm preparing myself a "Very Angry" mix to listen to that day. A little bit of angry 2 Pac, angry Eminem, angry 50 Cent and of course angry white people. Gotta love it. Well, I'm going to work on a couple of poems I've been working on in the recent days and nights. Take it easy folks. Keep it pimpin out there!

Poem #2

Written around midnight on February 3rd 2005. Enjoy.

It's a long walk from here to there
carryins so much with no help
doesn't make it easier
As you stride you cut the heat
splitting it in half like a map
east on one side
west on another.
You're getting closer
it begins to slip
you dodge obstacles
left and right
up and down
you're getting closer.
It's okay to let one go
you'll pick up another later.
The pressures on now
looking for help
no one's open
The air around you gets more dense
Like you were on the Price is Right
screams surrounding you from everywhere.
Just one more
you can't make it
you drop it
You have nothing left.

Interpret as you may

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

12 Days Til V-Day

12 days until the most evil holiday in the history of holidays comes upon us. First of all, its not even a holiday. Why isn't it one? Simple, because I don't get a day off from school for it. If I get a day off from school, then yes it can be considered a holiday. Until then, NO! NO HOLIDAY FOR YOU! I hate what Valentine's Day stands for. You are selling peoples feelings. That's wrong. That's why I truly hate this day. The idea that love can be bought pisses me off and makes me look down on people who worship it like it is a true holiday. Its alright, cuz the boycott is on. However, I might ease up on my drunkeness on that night. Who knows, maybe in the next two weeks I can find me someone special I can spend Valentine's Day with. Maybe I'll find someone nice at the Pit to take back to my room. Yeah, that just sounds great. "Daddy where did you meet mommy." "She was at the Pit singing about balls...SKEET SKEET!" I dunno, I'm torn because I hate Valentine's day, but I'm willing to give it one last shot. Maybe, I don't know, but I still hate. I'll wait til February 15th. Its funny, the worst day of the year is followed by the best day of the year. Pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training, it is only the best time of the year for baseball fans. Yeah, and now that Sammy's gone, maybe there will be no controversey at Mesa this year. Oh, and I have a perfect slogan for this years Cubs team. And I'm taking it from the hottest artist with the hottest CD and my favorite song from the CD. The Game's Dreams produced by Kanye West on his new album The Documentary has our new motto as Cubs fans. "Anything can happen, if 50 fucked Vivica! Be there for the drive in 2005!"

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Countdown Begins

In the words of the great Bone Thugs and Harmony "It's the first of the month." Well, now its not just the first of any month, its the first day of the second month. The first day of the shortest month of the year. It's the first day of February. Now you can officially begin counting down the days until Valentine's Day. Since I was young I have devalued, defaced and boycotted Valentine's Day and this year will most likely be no exception. Barring some Boston Red Sox type miracle I will be doing the same thing I've been doing all of my life for Valentine's Day: hoping for candy and hoping for the best while boycotting the day. In addition, I plan to get drunk. Unneccessarily drunk. More than crunk drunk. So drunk that I forget my own name. So drunk that I need to be assisted home. So drunk, it will make my former roommate look like a lightweight. Why? Because I hate Valentine's Day and I hate what it stands for. It stands for materialism and the joys brought not by love (its original intent) but the material goods that buy love. When I was younger, I never had those material goods nor the money to buy them. I was never really the best looking either so I really didn't get much love on Valentine's day. Combined with the fact that most of my friends already had gotten theirs and my past V-Day failures all adds up to a massive hatred for Valentine's Day. So, to recap for everyone, I will be unnecissarily fucked up on Valentine's day and will be counting down the days and the events and my feelings until that day comes and goes. Who knows, maybe I'll stumble and find me some...doubt it though. 13 days tiil Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 31, 2005


Wow, its been a couple of days since I've posted an opinion, oh joyous days. I'd first like to start off by saying good bye to former childhood idol and Wrigley Field god Sammy Sosa. Sammy is close to being sent to Baltimore, proving that wishes of Cubs fans do come true, but we should not be totally happy Cubs fans. So now that Sammy's gone, we can give some of that money to J.D. Drew. Wait, this just in, he's been signed by the Dodgers. Oh well, nothing to fear, we can sign Carlos Beltran now. Wait, what do you mean he signed with the Mets two weeks ago. I thought he wanted to play in beautiful Wrigley Field? I thought he wanted to play with a big city atmosphere without big city pressure. I guess he wanted to play with $115 million instead. But more power to him, when Pedro's arm falls off, the Mets are dwelling in the cellar of the NL Least and the Mets fans are sending him death threats asking for their money back, don't come crawling, crying to me. How about Magglio? The perfect slap in the face to the White Sox. George Bell for Sammy Sosa Pt. 2. The man who is on record on saying that he doesn't want to leave Chicago and can see himself playing in Cubbie blue. He's probably gonna take a long term deal to play for the still toothless Tigers. So, what are we left with Cubs fans. Jason DuBois/Todd Hollandsworth dynamic duo in right field? Cubs fans, when you were asking for Holly to play everyday instead of Sammy last summer when Sammy went down, your wish is most likely going to come true. Our final option left is Jeromy Burnitz. So, the Cubs idea of replacing a future Hall of Famer is replacing him with someone who will bat .200 with 20 homers and 70 RBIs outside of Coors Field. Cubs fans, we were better off with Sammy with a cork strategically placed in several areas. Don't get me wrong, I was all for trading Sammy and still am, but I feel we're getting jipped off by only getting Jerry Hairston Jr. and some minor leaguers. They couldn't even use Sammy to get the one thing they needed in the offseason, a closer. And if the rumors are true that he rejected the counter offer that would've sent Jorge Julio (Armando Benitez Part Deux) and Jay Gibbons (who is a younger, better average hitter and as good if not better power hitter than Burnitz) to save a couple of million dollars then someone needs to get fired. If its Hendry, then it's Hendry. But it isn't its those boneheads at Tribune tower. Cub fans, get ready for a long year. On the other hand, get ready, because next year could also be our year.

My 1st Poem

In my creative writing class, my first non-reading assignment was to write a descriptive poem about something without using it directly, by using similies and metaphors and crap like that to describe what you were feeling. Here's my poem, hope you like it.

What is this called?
By Luis C. Medina

The view from the top is nice,
Yet dreary, when you are like a Redwood among shrubs
As if you were a pigeon flying among geese
You’re seen as odd, like a rose; number thirteen
Loose change goes unnoticed, unused, and unappreciated
Especially on the cold wet ground
Like an autumn leaf, after a cool rain
It’s like being the last piece of pizza
All those you came with are gone, and
You’re left isolated and uncertain if you will ever emerge from the
Dark box you call home
What is this called?

Interpret it how you may.

Tales of Wal Mart

Sam Walton wouldn't be proud of what he saw last night if he had gone to Wal Mart with me at 11 pm. Or would he have? A friend and I were at the Wal Mart check out line where I was stopped. I had fewer items than my friend, however there was one problem, I was a little more suspicious. I was stopped for SWBH- Shopping While Being Hispanic. She checked my cart for "additional items" and she checked my bag and checked my receipt. Her reasoning, because she thought the machine was broken, she had to make sure I paid for everything. Look, just because I am young, arrogant and Hispanic, doesn't mean I'm going to rob you. I hope some tall blonde hair, blue eyed southerner had plans of robbing them and executed them just because of the fact they won't stop him. Oh, tales of racisim from the conservative small college towns of America.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Pit Welcomes Back the King

On a night that Playgurl was in Carbondale for the ladies; and the hoes from Girls Gone Wild were at Carboz night club the King returned to his palace. I made my triumphant and drinky return to the Cherry Pit. It felt great to be back, I was genuinely happy. Like, I was drinking and socializing and eenjoying the scenery and all of the beautiful ladies at the Pit and enjoying the new and most definetly improved look at the Pit. The bar area is extended and has more liquor, there's more dancing room since they took away the strip poles and the infamous cage, it was easier to get beer were some of the changes. Yes, I drank half of a beer, it tasted like piss, but as it went on I enjoyed it a little bit more. I had some strawberry daquiries which I hadn't had in a long time, a vodka lemonade, something else with lemonade and some other alcohol that my boy Nate bought for me. Later, I had shots from the girls that just walk around and offer shots. At that point I was done, or so I thought. I left the dorms with my boy Hoos and my cuz Kristin. By 11 pm, Jameel, Kristin, Sarah, Nate and Calla came. I was in heaven, I felt that things were back where they needed to be. Just like old times, the 14th floor rollin deep at the pit. There, I got more drinks and later it was awesome, like the good ol days of first semester that seem so long ago. Then, like first semester, I did it again, it happened again I found myself buying more drinks for my girls than I was buyin for myself, but that was nothing new. I spent $15, to save your time, on myself, and I spent $20 on my girls. But thats cuz I'm pimpin like that cuz I'm the fuckin king. I was talkin to one of my boys and I was helpin him out wit one of his girl problems and he told me,"Dude, you're the fucking King of this shit, I don't know why you are still single." I honestly don't know why I am still single. It sucks, cuz some of my friends are now leaving at 3:25am and they about to get some booty and me, I'm chillin here writin to myself and to yall who are reading this jus recapping my coochie free night. But that's all good, because I'm better than that. I deserve more than just random coochie, I'm a good guy, and I think I shouldn't be lowering my standards for a night. Instead I should keep my standards where they are, because I honestly would be an excellent catch. I swear, that if there are certain girls that would just give me a chance, I would treat them like fucking queens. I just want one shot, and now I'm thinking about Lose Yourself which is currently playing on my computer. If I had one shot and one oppurtunity would I take advantage or would I let it slip. I've let enough slip during my life. I think I'm in love. Problem is that the girl I think I'm in love with probably doesn't want anything to do with me, but we're pretty good friends. We had some really awesome moments this week and this school year and when we're together, I feel something click inside of me, but I'm afraid. Afraid of another one biting the dust. Afraid of everything that has happened before happening again, as a self-proclaimed "History Buff" I know for a fact that history repeats itself. But I think I'm done talking tonight. I will leave you with this. For my girls: Do not degrade yourself and settle for less. No matter what anyone says get a guy that you will be happy with. You deserve the best, better than me. To my fellas: Keep ya head up cuz your time will come. And if it doesn't you will die pure. I have a feeling that whatever I say tonight while intoxicated, though sobering, will be used against me and will be brought back to haunt me. Oh, and for my ladies again, if something is bothering you and seems to be holding you back--Let it burn like usher.
-The King aka Louie