Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's Off The Wall Blog: Spring Break Freedom Edition

For us SIU Salukis, Spring Break begins after our last class on Friday ends. Granted a lot of us have gotten a head start on the festivities, but some of us are still here writing last minute papers and studying for the last mid-term before we get a week of being free. Which reminds me: school vacation equals blog vacation unless something "newsworthy" comes across the wires. Personally I doubt it'll happen, but it's Spring Break so you must be prepared for anything and everything. With that said, it's time to get the Friday fun started.
  • Really, I should probably call this OTW blog 'Sports Edition' because I've got three pretty interesting sports-related stories. But I'll start off with some 'Idol' talk. American Idol that is. Friday morning is generally regulated for Idol lovers to talk about who got offed on Thursday night. I'm not going in that direction though. AOL brings a great point about last year's winner Taylor Hicks: Where is the Soul Patrol? Hicks might just be Idol's first flop, his album hasn't even cracked a million sales yet and it doesn't look good. Heck, I've yet to hear Hicks on the radio....well, Taylor Hicks....I can listen to "hicks" on the radio all the damn time in Carbondale. Anyway, Hicks is bad now. He was bad then. Back then I predicted that hottie Katherine McPhee would emerge as the true winner, predicting that she would out sell Hicks and will be more popular than Hicks given time. McPhee is getting major radio airplay with her single "Getting Over" while Hicks ain't getting jack diddly. In the order of Idol operations it's: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Ruben Studdard.....and whoever else won. Daughtry, the third place winner of last years show, is outshining both McPhee and Hicks with his likable rock stylings.
  • A well written piece from the best student run college newspaper in the state of Illinois, the Daily Egyptian here at SIU Carbondale. This piece is about Saluki senior guard Tony Young and his rise to prominence as a Saluki. Young has gone through some rough times on his way to the top, but his toughness (both mental and physical) got him through it. The Chicago Tribune, who rejected this original piece, later tried "biting" it (AKA ripping it off as one of its own) in a later article, but Saluki Nation knows where the truth is. If TY was at U of I, the Tribsters would be tripping over their own drool over this guy. I'm glad he's on our team.
  • Speaking of good things about Chicago sports, Forbes has come up with their list of the best general managers in sports. Two Chicago GMs top the list. Jerry Angelo, GM of the NFC Champion Chicago Bears comes in at number eight while Chicago Bulls GM John Paxson comes in at 10. Angelo, who came in third place among NFL GMs, is the brain behind putting together the most complete and deepest team in the NFL. We'll see how Angelo does with free agency after a Super Bowl year. Paxson, who ranked third among NBA GMS, is the man who saved the sinking ship abandoned by resident boob Jerry Krause. Paxson has brought in an emerging core of youngsters who excelled in college such as Kirk Hinrich (Kansas), Ben Gordon (UConn), Luol Deng and Chris Duhon (Duke) to go along with veteran leadership (Ben Wallace, PJ Brown, Adrian Griffin), championship experience (Andres Nocioni) altogether coached by Scott Skiles. Cubs GM Jim came in at 59 while White Sox GM Kenny Williams came in at 67. My personal favorite GM the Athletics Billy Beane came in at 26th overall, but 1st among baseball GMs.
  • And finally a story a year in the making....J.J. Redick's poetry. I fought with myself if I should include this, in the end I decided why not. Everyone knows I hate Duke, which means I hate all of their players (until they're on the Bulls.) Everyone also knows that I have a specific hatred for the "sweet shooting rich white kid" from Virginia nicknamed by Tar Heel fans "JJ Redneck." Enough with the Redick bashing (for now) and let's take a look at the poetry. I'm surprised it doesn't consist of "Roses are red, violets are blue/Duke sucks and I do too." JJ's got some interesting things going on, and he's got this whole Devil versus God thing going on and it's quite interesting thinking of it from a poet's point of view. I'm sure a lot of his poetical insecurities come from being the most hated man in college basketball for the last four years. Still, no one told him that he had to go to the most hated university in college basketball. No one told him he had to be a pompous ass on the court. No one told him that he had to be a bitch ass whiny cry baby when he didn't get his way. No one told him to choke and disappear when the Dookies needed him the most. Damn, I guess I can't go a minute without bashing the kid. Well, he deserves it! GO HEELS!
FRIDAY'S FIVE. Five songs that I probably overplayed on my I-pod this week.
  1. Don't Matter by Akon
  2. I'm Throwed by Paul Wall featuring Jermaine Dupri
  3. Not A Criminal Remix by Chamillionaire featuring Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes
  4. Watching You by Rodney Atkins
  5. U Center Me by Robin Thicke
FRIDAY'S FIVE. Old School Edition. Because Old School Is Really Where It's At.
  1. Do You Believe In Magic by The Lovin' Spoonful
  2. Soul Man by Sam & Dave
  3. I Want You Back by The Jackson 5
  4. Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley
  5. I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye
Have A Safe Spring Break Everyone! Fun and Safe!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Something Good To Blog About

OMG I'm so happy!!!! The lesson learned: I guess when you bitch about bad luck enough, something good is bound to happen, right? So I won a digital camera today in a raffle for renewing my lease at Brookside. That's great, I'm so happy. Usually I don't post happy moments, but why not?

In other good news Mark Prior and Kerry Wood still have not had their arms fall off at Spring Training, but Prior is throwing 87 MPH fastballs and that's not cool. Wood's throwin' 95 MPH heat and some wicked sliders. With Bobby Howry struggling in Spring Training, Lou Piniella might be using good ol' #34 in the 8th inning---or maybe the 9th if Ryan Dempster fails to show up.

Michael Barrett's hitting the crap out of the ball. Jason Marquis is getting groundball outs. Ted Lilly is pitching well and the Cubs haven't been bitten by the injury bug yet so I'm just really kinda living it up when it comes to my Cubbies.

And what about the Salukis, well Saluki Nation has to sweat it out 'til Sunday when the Selection Sunday show hits the air. I'm really nervous about that.

I'm also really nervous about a quiz tomorrow. I'm also nervous about a paper due Friday (thank you for the push back) and a test Friday too.

Then it's Spring Break when I still need to find someone to go see Justin Timberlake with.

But for once I'm in a good mood!

Upon Further Review

Sometime after I posted the world's longest blog I passed out. Not surprising really, especially after a vent session like that. But after reading it, I was like "what sense does this make?" And "damn, this thing is long!"

If one thing in my writing is consistent it's this: when I'm pissed off I write a lot and I seem to have no focus whatsoever. It kinda sucks, but hey shit happens.

Still searching for something meaningful from last night? Join the club. Here's the Cliff's Notes version of what I figured out on my own.

  • School has me overstressed. I know, that's what school is supposed to do. It's supposed to get you ready for real life. Personally there are some "real life" things that I'm ready for, and some that I feel I'm not ready for yet. Or maybe I am ready but I'm not ready to admit that I'm ready because I feel there is so much that I have missed out on. The last three weeks of school have been absolutely gut wrenching. Paper after paper, poem after poem, test after test, quiz after quiz....they all came one after the other and at this point I just wish they'd all stop and leave me the fuck alone! Thank goodness Spring Break starts Friday.
  • The little things are bothering me again. I hate when that happens. Little nagging things shouldn't bother me, but for some reason they do now. Those little things, I used to just brush off as if they were nothing. Now, they're pesky like mosquitoes and they've got me flustered to the point I just want to scream at the top of my lungs just because I feel as if it will make me feel better. It's like a domino effect, one falls and the rest must fall in line.
  • I need to file a restraining order on my past, because it won't leave me the fuck alone. It's hard to think happy thoughts all the damn time, especially when it seems as if sometimes the only reason you think happy thoughts is so that others around you think you're happy in turn either they're happy or you've tricked them enough to the point to where they don't really care to know. And at this point in my collegiate career, it's not even my past that bothers me as much as things that were said that have unfortunately stuck in my head---and they're not good things either.
  • Expectations and short comings have me feeling down. I used to be one who embraced high expectations. I used to like when people expected good things to come from me because it made me feel as if I have a skill and an ability to get stuff done. Then when expectations "lowered" I thrived more because I was motivated to prove people wrong. Now, I am no longer the motivated young man I was when I first came to SIU. Reminders of my short comings are everywhere. They're measured by those who surround you and unfortunately they are magnified because of that.
  • There are somedays that I absolutely love SIU. On the surface, SIU is a great place to be. It's a good school with a good atmosphere and you can really make something of yourself here in Carbondale. Personally, my highlight of being here is being able to watch the basketball team. But sometimes I take a step back and wonder if 40 minutes of happiness is worth being here sometimes. In the end, it'll probably benefit me. But sometimes I wonder if I'd be happier elsewhere.
  • I really think the thing that's got me down the most right now is dating. I guess we can start with that nice lil' Justin Timberlake concert that I still don't have a date for. I'm all up in arms that for someone who is "such a great guy" and "one day you'll make some girl happy" has not gotten one fucking response. Not one. None at all. So I'm all hot and bothered about that. Beyond that, if you've read this blog since--well if you've ever read this blog--you know that I've lost my mind since 2005. I lost all of my confidence after an internet girlfriend fiasco that really was nice in gesture and all but really not well thought out by the two geniuses who thought it up(yes I include myself in that because I was the idiot that thought it'd be a good idea.) It's too bad neither of us could have figured out or predicted what would have happened had it all fallen through in the way that it did. I know what you're thinking (yeah you!) "get over it, it's more than a year and a half ago" but it's more than that. There's so much more than that, it sickens me. It sickens me that I was possibly three words away from actually being able to put a smile on my face everyday. Instead I'm left to ponder "what could have been" beating myself up everyday about it to the point where I don't want to see people because I know that I can put on a happy face for the world, but I'd be a damn liar to them and to myself.
It's times like these where I hope all my sports teams do well because they are the only thing that keeps me relatively happy. Heck, even when they're bad they give me something else to focus on beside my personal life.

That's all for now.

Good night.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Finally, A Chance To Vent

Boy oh boy has this post been on the back burner or what?!?

Spring Break begins Friday around 2:50 when I get out of my PSYC 102 test on chapters 7 & 8 of a book I hardly open. But that's cool cuz I've only missed that class once and I've got some excellent notes. The eight days that I'll be home next week are eight days I will relish and cherish and absolutely love, for if no other reason, I'll be back in Chicago. Sure, it's 18 degrees in March but just saying the word "Chicago" brings a smile to my face.

This doesn't mean I don't have a lot of bullshit to do, I do. I've got quite the schedule when I'm home. I've got to do my taxes, in hope that I get some money despite the fact that I haven't worked since August 2005. I have to do my FAFSA forms, in hopes that I get more money from this government that is trying to steal the potential of the youth that they expect to take care of them when they're old and gray. I also have to put a résumé and cover letter together for a potential summer job working for an attorney. I also have to have some nice "sit-down" chats with my parents concerning my summer plans, living arrangements for next year and possibly some type of transportation.

Don't get me wrong, my Spring Break ain't all about business. I'm already booked this Saturday night, a nice lil' drinkin' night with the boys; and Sunday too watching some college hoops action and the Selection Sunday Show to see where my SIU Salukis will be seeded by the evil committee. Tuesday, I have a Justin Timberlake concert to attend (I'll touch on that later.) And then the next Saturday, I've been hearing about a family pizza party. And of course, you know there will be surprises along the way.

However to get to that point, I've had to endure a grueling three week period that started off on a good note, hit a bump in the road and then it was all down hill after that.

Three weeks ago things were going fine. I was happy, my school work was getting done, my personal life was slowly (like a snail, but a forward is forward no matter how you spin it) moving in a positive direction and I was generally happier than I am now.

Then I had a bout with optimism. I was in line for three writing opportunities. One was as a free-lance writer for a health magazine that would have payed me $150 per article, which would be $150 more than I have in my pocket right now. Then there was the job at the school newspaper, the Daily Egyptian which is something I want to do before I leave this place. And then there was the Cubs blog writing opportunity.

I know you're thinking "Lu, you already have a Cubs blog." But this was different. This was a legit blog and would have been the first step towards that whole journalistic writing thing. It would have been a nice first step, and then I would have been writing about the Cubs--it was too good to be true.

Unfortunately, it indeed was too good to be true. I was applying for the DE Sports section, which had an opening....and opening that was filled the day before I handed in my application. Talk about heart breaking. I never heard back from the free-lance gig, and I'm not sure about the Cubs writing gig, but I noticed that they have a gang of new writers that doesn't include yours truly.

That all went down two Friday's ago. And I spent most of my day frustrated with the Cubs ticket office, who wouldn't accept my phone call and I was unable to get through on the internet for whatever reason. I guess they don't want my "Cubs fan 'til I die" attitude there to support the team. I don't know what happened, in the end I had to use my roommate's phone to order the tickets I wanted. Good, but not great seats. Oh, did I mention he's a Cards fan? I'm sure he won't live this down for a while. Let's just say I had a miserable Friday.

Actually, I should go back to that last Tuesday, Fat Tuesday where I went out to Mardi Gras at Copper that was totally overrated and had me upset to the point where I walked home in disgust by myself. But I got over it, because I woke up sober the next morning. Maybe I should point to the Saturday before that when I went out and paid a cover at Gatsby's for no damn reason except to be in a crowded, smoke filled place that I had no interest in being at in the first place.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

For the last two weeks, I've been bombarded with school work. For the last two weeks, I've had a major writing assignment due or a test in each of my five classes. Poems were due on Mondays. JRNL 310 assignments due Tuesdays. Wednesdays were study days for tests and quizzes that occurred on Thursdays. If it wasn't a test, there were more papers due on Fridays.

But wait, there's more.

The more I'm down here, the more I feel as if I want to go home. Sometimes I feel as if I just want to quit. Other days it's like I just want a fresh start away from the south. But I don't want to be seen as a failure or a quitter. That enough is motivation for me to stay and finish the job at SIU. But sometimes I think to myself if it's even worth it.

I haven't accomplished anything that I've sought out for since I've been here. I haven't written for the school paper, which is a total downer for someone who is a journalism major who loves to write and is desperate to be the next best sports writer.

My grades have been mediocre as a whole, of course the grades for my writing classes stand out in a positive light, but that unfortunately doesn't make up for shitty grades in math and science classes.

My personal life is in shambles, and that's putting it in a positive perspective. I know if someone reads this they'll say "You're so negative, no wonder your personal life sucks." But emotionally, I feel beat. Mentally, I feel tired. And physically, I'm not happy with myself.

I think the thing that hurts the most about this subtle, yet seemingly disasterous downfall has been my inability to find a date. You would think that someone with as many friends as I have would be able to find a date to see Justin Timberlake. Nope. Not me, can't find a date for the life of me. Two Facebook notes, no response. Two My Space Blogs, no response. Two My Space bulletins (which go out to every friend I have--all 181 of them), no motherfucking response!

You know how sad that makes me feel? That there is not one fucking girl that is even interested in a date, and it's not like she's paying for the ticket or for dinner or for anything at all. Again, I've been spurned by Cupid.

I know if a certain friend reads this, she'll shake her head and be very disappointed in me, especially after the pep talk she gave me about having so much in front of me, but after everythign fell through that one week I've been left to wonder "Now what?"

It's just sad that I haven't been able to orchestrate a date on my own since my sophomore year of high school, that saddens me---almost to the point of depression. And I take a look around and I think to myself things like "Where did I go wrong?" and "What's wrong with me?" It's not even "Why Not Lu? Why Not Now?" or "What if I was Lu?" It's more like "Wham! Bam! What the fuck is happening!?!"

It seems as if everyone around me is in love or at least has been in love while I sit in my room wondering "When's my turn?" I feel like the last kid being picked in gym class. Too bad I can't fake being sick. I'm going to have to live through this one way or another.

My shortcomings in that department are really magnified and exposed not because of myself, but because of others around me, and that's a shame because it shouldn't be that way. But that's just the way it is. Especially if you're a guy. Especially when you're 20 years away from a movie being made about you. Especially when you take shots all the damn time. Whether they're intended, subliminal, whatever. Three years of continuous shots is not good for the soul. It's why I have to take shots at myself sometimes, to lessen the blow of something worse that could have been said.

I truly am sick and tired of my situation. I hate it. Second fiddle sucks. Being a back up plan sucks. Being "just friends" sucks. Being the sounding board sucks. Being me in general sucks. Being played sucks. Thinking "woulda, coulda, shoulda" sucks. Being resigned to think about "what could have been" all the fucking time sucks. Yeah, there are positives, but you know what when the negatives are beating you senseless you wonder if the end gains are worth the pain you're feeling now.

The saddest thing about this whole ordeal is that I never used to be like this. Not never. I used to be more thick skinned. This didn't use to effect me. It didn't bother me. I was stronger. I was more emotionally stable.

Now, I crumble at the first sign of things not going my way. Now, I'm an emotional wreck that's on the verge of snapping every day and the only thing that keeps him happy is the slight ray of hope that only exists because I am a Cubs fan, no joke.

Things aren't easy, I understand that. But when they come easy for everyone else, you can't help but to think "What the fuck are they doing that I'm not doing?"

I realize this post is getting long and there is still so much on my mind to vent, but I'm getting tired and I have class at 11:00 a.m. So I guess I'll close by referencing soon to be ex-Indiana State University basketball coach Royce Waltman. Royce makes some strong allegations in this article, recognizing his ouster.

"Well, I can't get a head coaching job, because if you get fired for cheating you can get hired right back again," Waltman said. "But if you get fired for losing you're like you've got leprosy.

When I first read that quote on, I laughed because it's kind of true. But the fact that I can apply that to my personal life is downright sad. For three years I've put my priorities in front of me, and nothing has fallen through. I've put my morals, beliefs and feelings on my shoulders and nothing comes of it. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and it gets stabbed.

The funny thing is, that in my heart of hearts, that if one thing doesn't happen here while another thing happens here. Something gets said here. Everything is different. Instead I'm going to bed alone and sad. Wishing and hoping that a better day would come. Wishing and hoping for a reason to smile again. Wishing and hoping there was a cure for what ails me.

This fucking sucks. I'm pissed off and the worse thing about this all is that someone out there has it worse than I do, but for some reason since I've been here at SIU, I've become as fragile as a porcelain doll.

Good night.

Monday, March 05, 2007

A Poem About The Cubs, Written By A Cubs Fan

Once again, I reiterate writing rule #1...WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT! And sure, a lot of my poetry comes from the anger, frustration and overall non-happy moments from my life; but I'm trying new stuff. Granted, a poem about the Cubs isn't the best start. They're definitely frustrating to watch. When they lose I'm angry. And when they suck, I'm pretty unhappy. With that said, here's a rondeau written about my favorite team, the Chicago Cubs.

The Game We Play (At Wrigley Field)
By Luis C. Medina

At Wrigley Field the Cubbies lose
amidst the heckles, jeers and boos.
“How did they lose?” They found a way
to anger those who watch them play
in another loss, not good news.

In the bleachers fans drink the booze,
you tell them stop, and they refuse.
The damn Cubs lost again today
at Wrigley Field.

The manager they will accuse
of mismanagement and misuse
of players, to the fans dismay.
Like why did he play Derrick May?
They need players that can produce
at Wrigley Field.

P.S.- For the non-Cubs fans, Derrick May was a Cub left fielder in the early-to-mid 90s. He could've been good. *Sighs* a familiar refrain for Cubs fans.

Chicago Cubs: 2007 Or Bust Because In Lou We Trust!!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

#11 Salukis Stunned By Creighton In Championship

It was a long trip from the Scottrade Center all the way back to Carbondale. During the quiet trip, I went through a million ways to write this post in my head. Just so many emotions and feelings going through me, so I figured the best way to do it was a little bit of everything. Here goes nothing:
  1. DENIAL: Wait. What? Creighton beat us? Unranked, second place Creighton beat #11 ranked, MVC regular season champion SIU? SIU, the team that had the Valley's best player (Jamaal Tatum), best defensive player (Randal Falker), best coach (Chris Lowery) lost to f*cking Creighton? This can't be happening, what the hell happened? Are you sure that just happened?
  2. ANGER: Damn you Creighton, damn you all to hell! I hate you Dana Altman, you have a girls name. I hate you Nate Funk, you're ugly and you look like a caveman....and not a cool looking caveman like Johnny Damon (circa 2004) or Captain Caveman. Have fun in your future as a corner whore! I hate Omaha. I hate Nebraska. I hate Blue Jays. To the girls at CU, it's okay to go outside. That brightness in the sky, it's called the sun, it's okay to get a tan!
  3. BARGAINING: I don't think there is a such thing bargaining with a Creighton fan, but here's what my "bargaining" would sound like: "Get the f*ck off my court! Get your f*cking fans off my damn court! Give me that damn f*cking trophy! Tatum's the real motherf*cking MVP! Give it to me now before I blow you the f*ck away!" What can I say? I know what I want!
  4. DEPRESSION: I can't believe SIU lost. This sucks. My life sucks. Why do all of my teams have to lose? Why can't I ever be happy? Will I ever be happy again? We're screwed. There goes our #3 seed. There goes our #11 ranking. Why even show up? We sucked today. I don't think there's enough alcohol in Saluki Country to wash this loss away.
  5. ACCEPTANCE: Alright, so SIU lost. The #1 seed hasn't won the MVC tourney since 1998 when Illinois State did it. I wonder whatever happened to Kevin Stallings and Rico Hill? But you know what, hey that's cool. We still had a badass year. We went 27-6 in the regular season. We went 17-4 against conference opponents. We achieved our highest ranking ever, and our highest RPI ranking ever too. We're out-recruiting Mizzou, Mizzou St. and SLU in their own back yard. We just out recruited DePaul, Purdue and U of I for stud prospect Justin Bocot. SIU fans can take solace that we're living in a basketball renaissance in "Little Egypt" and even though we lost today the Egyptian Dawgs are still barking!
Now that I got that out of my system, I can talk a little about the game.

As a child, St. Louis has always been a place of horrors for me. Most of that comes from being the die-hard Cubs fan I am, and seeing the Cubs go down to the Cardinals in old Busch Stadium so many times and in so many heartbreaking ways, I could barely stand it. I thought I got over that last year when SIU came out and won the MVC tourney at what was then known as the Savvis Center, proving to me that at least one of my favorite teams could win in the city of St. Louis after years of coming up short.

Well, that all ended today with Creighton's (22-10) 67-61 upset of #11 SIU in the MVC Tourney Championship game.

There are so many factors that makes this loss so painful. First, it was to our arch-rival and everyone knows I think of Creighton as the midwest version of Duke, so you know I was not happy at all. Second, a lot of my friends were watching. In an attempt to spread the good word of the Missouri Valley Conference up north I posted blogs, notes and bulletins online while calling family members up north to tell them that SIU was gonna be on CBS today to watch it. Unfortunately, those who saw it saw one of SIU's worse performances in recent memory.

I guess I have to give Creighton credit where it's due. As much as I hate him, Funk is a pretty damn good player and played very similarly to former SIU-killer (and former Blue Jay) Kyle Korver. Altman, the longest running coach in The Valley, is an exceptional coach and there's no doubt that he should be coaching at a major school *cough*DePaul*cough* but his loyalty to Omaha, Neb. is strong. Good to see a coach that actually backs what he says.

In the end, Creighton outplayed SIU. They out hustled us. They out rebounded us. They beat us in every phase of the game today. And that's what stings the most, looking at the game in retrospect.

Funk, CU's senior leader led the Jays with 19 points en route to tournament MVP honors. Center Anthony Tolliver dominated the inside with 15 points and 13 rebounds.

JT did his best Superman impersonation leading SIU with 21 points. Forward Matt Shaw chipped in with 11 points, a majority of which came in the first half. The scoring surprise for SIU was junior point guard Bryan Mullins who hit several big shots on his way to 10 points before fouling out.

Speaking of fouling out....maybe it was just me, but I thought the game was pretty poorly officiated. Granted, you can say that about most (if not all) Valley games but it was unacceptable on the national stage.

SIU had three players foul out: Mullins, Tony Young and Randal Falker. An ineffective Falker picked up all five of his fouls in the second half and really played poorly this tournament after winning conference tourney MVP last year.

There's just so much more to write, I don't know where to stop. But I guess I'll stop here. If you want more you can check out the game story from the SIU Athletics website. Or from the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network.

I have other fish to fry before I log off.

Moments after the best college basketball rivalry in the midwest was over, the best overall rivalry (arguably) in sports took center stage. Duke/Carolina at Chapel Hill. I was really hoping that UNC would avenge me as they did a few years ago when an SIU loss saddened me until UNC beat Duke to salvage my weekend.

#8 North Carlina (25-6, 11-5) did the job, and did it quite well. The 86-72 win over #14 Duke (who give s a damn about Duke's overrated @$?) gave UNC a share of the regular season ACC title and the #1 seed in next weekend's ACC tournament. It also marked the first SWEEP! of the Dookies in 11 years.

However, it wasn't all gravy in the Dean Dome. The already heated rivalry got turned up a notch when freshman Gerald Henderson took an apparent cheap shot at UNC star Tyler Hansbrough (who lead the Heels with 26 points and 17 rebounds) in the closing moments.

I'm lazy and pissed off so you can read about it here and here. Oh and you can read more about how great Creighton is (excuse me while I throw up) here.

That's it for now. There was more I wanted to get at. Unfortunately, there's more to my life than Saluki and Tar Heel basketball. Maybe I'll approach the topics floating in my head. Maybe I'll let them simmer, even though they've been simmering for a week.

Good-bye, for now.