Saturday, November 12, 2005

Friday Night Confessions

So, yeah, it's 1:08 and I just got back from the bars. I wasn't even going to go out tonight. I would have settled for my original plan which was watching American Pie, American Pie 2, and American Wedding as entertainment tonight. Instead, I was kinda dragged out by a few friends. I don't like being dragged out, though don't get me wrong, I can be dragged out easily by certain people and for certain reasons, just tonight wasn't a good night. So anyways, at least I got off of my dorm floor today, YAY ME! I accomplished something today. Well, while at the bars, it wasn't necessarily popping. As I left Stix, it wasn't that bad but I just wasn't interested in doing anything except laying in my bed. We went to Gatsby's and that was DEAD so yeah, back to the dorms we went. It was a very uneventful day today, so there wasn't much going on in my mind. And to think, we were supposedly going to camp this weekend. Yeah what a waste of meals, money and ideas on trying to get this done. I think next time, we should put some more thought, time, effort into this and maybe some more responsible people and yeah, we can get this off the ground.
WHAT'S MY BEEF? And Random Thoughts
I got beef, and lots of it. I also got a lot of random thoughts so heeeeere we go....Sometimes when I go out on the weekends drinking, I feel out of place. I feel like I'm in the wrong town, wrong school, doing the wrong things, and hanging with the wrong people. I'd like to go back to normality if normality didn't suck so much. The problem is, all college towns are like this, all my friends who are at stereotypical college towns hate it and can't wait til they get their chance to go home. So I feel like uhh so lost and so empty at this paraphase one of my favorite conversations with my guy Alex "Did I ever tell you I hate people?" his response "it came up in conversation" my response "and..." his answer "i agreed" yeah people not high on my list right now. Hold on I have a point to make, actually it's an observation. It's the same observation I made in the beginning of the school year. EVERYONE LOOKS THE SAME AND DRESSES THE SAME. I remember I used to wear collard shirt and nice clothes all the damn time and people would ask me "why you so dressed up?" and my response was always because dressing up makes me feel good. However, looks like I caught myself in a trend because everyone is doing it. It sucks, cuz I was at the beginning of the curve and now it's hot and it's pissing me off cuz no one has originality anymore, everyone's a friggin clone. All the guys look the same. All the girls are bleached blonde with no personality that doesn't involve gold digging. I wish someone could just stand out for once like I did. Oh well, just ain't meant to be....Speaking of just ain't meant to be, I'm convinced I'm gonna be single for a long time, and tonight is more proof of that. Were there any decent looking girls out there? Some. Was I attracted? A little. But I realized I have nothing. I have no "game." I have nothing to bring to the table. I don't have much of anything. I'm a nice guy who was raised in a middle class home by decent people who's going to end up a decent person. And probably lonely. I don't spend money on things I don't have to. I'm not super flashy, I don't live out of my means, I'm just normal, nothing really stands out about me. I have no confidence when it comes to girls. Which is funny, because a long time ago, I had some confidence and I had something, now I have nothing. I used to laugh at rejection because I used to have the mindset "hey, if not you, it'll be someone else." And the more rejection came the harder it hit and now, I've come to the realization that I fear rejection. That's why I'm not active. I'm scared, I'm tentative and I'm not confident. Why do I bring this up in random thoughts, simple because of my roommate. The man has currently driven me up a wall. He was the one who used to tell me not to worry about things like that, and that getting laid isn't as important as everyone makes it out to be and stuff like that. And I like hearing that, because I think it's overrated. And then there's people out there that say that I say it's overrated (it being sex) because I haven't had it. But the chase, the chase has me tired! I'm sick of the chase...anyways back to my story...So my roommate calls me while at the bars and he's on me: go get some pussy, go get some ass, get some random drunk girl and get some. The same person who was telling me that it wasn't important and I'm getting it from him on the phone. He kept asking Lu, are you getting some. My response in a monotone voice: no. No, Lu, what's your answer? My answer stays the same in the same tone: no. I'm not hanging up the phone until I hear you say the correct answer. That's when I hang up the phone. Then he calls the people we're with to tell them to hook me up. I'll tell ya what folks, I AM A LOST CAUSE! It's a battle that's not worth fighting for. There are so many metaphors that I could use to describe this situation, but it's pretty damn self explanitory. I wish people would just understand. I don't wanna be that guy. I don't wanna be Mr. One night stand, I don't want random hoes, I'm tired of all this, it's not worth anything. I wish there were more people who believed that so maybe they can change public perception of things. You know what I really wish though. I wish I could find ONE DECENT GIRL that isn't just interested in being my friend. Cuz damn, I'm friend to all, and you know it's really starting to get to me. It all goes back to my motto: underrated and overlooked....ARGH! I hate being upset. I used to be happy, I used to be happy all the time. Things like this never happened because they weren't on my mind. Things like this didn't bother me. I used to be happy-go-lucky. I used to always wear a smile and always had a positive thought in my head. Look what college has turned me into. College has turned me into a cynical, depressed, angry, bitter man. Actually, I'll take it one step further, it all started for senior prom. That was the first chase I didn't want to go on. I ended up chasing down a bitch that just used me when I could've gone with someone else and had a good time and maybe JUST MAYBE I could've taken things a step further with her. Instead I find myself in this envious situation (hear the sarcasm) and I just want it all to be over....Sometimes I feel that I am personally victimized by some type of curse, hex, or something like that. :-( I'm not happy and there isn't much out there that can make me happy!

Friday, November 11, 2005

School's Out Til MONDAY!!!

Woo, 3-day weekend. And what am I gonna do with it? Potentially a one-day drink fest at a camp site is a possiblity. What was going to be a 4 day camp party with a bunch of people has turned into a 1 day thing where we cook burgers, s'mores and drink. Now, I'm having my doubts about going. I've asked about when we're gonna get the booze, no answers. I've asked about what time we're going (remember, it gets dark early around these times), no answers. I've asked if we're even going tomorrow, still no answers. No one is packed, no one is prepared, and I'm going to be pissed when we're rushing out of here I HATE BEING RUSHED!!!! I when people are irresponsible, don't plan things and expect everything to be hunky-dory when we do decide to do things. This is why I plan things because everything is organized, planned, a budget is put together weeks before hand. Now we're acting like typical college students doing shit off the cuff with no vision, no plans and it'll probably blow up in our faces. Well, I don't wanna use 'we' because I DIDN'T PLAN THIS! My idea of fun doesn't revolve around getting super-drunk in the wilderness with a bunch of dudes and one girl that's unavailable. I'm just going along, hell, after last weekend where I wasn't even invited out with my own friends, I was ditched, I'm suprised they even had the thought to INVITE me. So, we might go tomorrow, we might not go. All I know is that I don't have a good feeling about this. Saturday, I'll probably be going to the battle of Southern Illinois Universities when the 4-time defending MVC Champions the SIU Salukis of Carbondale take on the um...they don't get a big intro, they're just the SIU Cougars from Edwardsville. We should whomp on them big time! My roommate won't probably go because his ex is going to Edwardsville next semester and I guess it will remind him of her. Despite that he's over her. Whatever, I'm glad sometimes I'm not in a relationship. However it sucks never having been in a relationship because I know after my first ends, I'm gonna be heartbroken and I don't know how I'll recover.
Random Thoughts
I love my random thoughts segments. The more I blog on this site, the more I'm reminded of my writing hey-day in my senior year where I was cynical, sarcastic, satyrical and amazingly entertaining. So here we go with random thoughts. I wish that I lived in the old days when people married because of land and property. Granted, being a hispanic, I probably wouldn't have much land, property or money for that matter, but if we can use that idealogy now I could be hot shit. Or, we can even go more new school (relative to those days) where girls were attracted to decent guys with great personalities instead of whatever attracts girls these days. I used to think it was money when I was younger, and all signs point to me being a bit correct on that front. Then I used to think it was looks...and I'm kinda right about that. Class status, looks, when does personality come along? Ooh I forgot popularity....oh my, yep, the more I think, the more personality goes farther down the list. Who killed chivalry? I don't know, but I heard chivlary was killed in a drive by. Witnesses say a curvy shadowy figure was seen driving a 2005 Ford Excursion when shots were heard being fired. A bumper sticker supposedly read "I am woman, hear me roar" on the back of the Excursion. No suspects are in custody at this point....LOVE! What is love defined as, I have no clue. For that answer, I'd have to look it up in a dictionary and that would take energy and would relate too much to school right now. But we can trace the origins of love. Love is a man-made idea that was triggered by hormones in the body that turned into the following man-made holidays: Sweetest Day and Valentine's Day. In those times people were married because of family arrangements, in exchange for land and property. To get out of those arrangements, couples that were in "love" escaped the situation claiming the magical 'l' word as their defense. And now, that's why people get married, but it wasn't always like that. And who was the first ones to do this act??? Well I point the finger at Romeo and Juliet. DAMN YOU SHAKESPEARE! Your writing was really good, but you set off a domino affect that undoubtebly will change the "sacred" act of marriage....How sacred can marriage be when relatives marry eachother (see rednecks), Michael Jackson's crazy ass can get married, divorce rates are higher than fans at Woodstock, a Method Man/Redman concert and Tyrone Biggums COMBINED! Now I could go on a rant talking about gay marriage but I won't, because I support it because of the same reasons Chris Rock does "They should have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us." Sometimes comedy makes more sense as reality than you would expect....BREAKING NEWS: I was caught reading today. Actually this is good, I was reading an article in the Pulse, the pullout section of SIU-Carbondale's student newspaper, the Daily Egyptian. The article was headlined Women are hypocrites and I was shocked! Want more shocking? The article was written by a woman. A woman who wasn't afraid to speak her mind, and THE TRUTH! The best part of the article was when she was describing the prototypical perfect man and how when he comes along, most girls freak out and end up dating (in her words) "Mr. Drunk Barbarian/Egotistical Drunk" aka the guy who treats girls like crap! It's funny, i just got the lecture on how I don't know what I want and then this comes out saying that girls don't know what they want. CONCLUSION: nobody knows what they want....I love random late nite/early visits from intoxicated people. It leads to some of the best conversation ever. I can only hope I'm that entertaining when I'm drunk. All I know is that I should be barred from using electronic devices while drinking....Wow, I started this an hour ago before I got interrupted by a friend who wanted to play a video game (he randomly disappeared) and two friends that just stopped by to say hi....Dan Bernstein of WSCR-AM 670 The Score has a great line for sports teams and that is Underrated and Overcoached for those underdog teams. Well, I adapted that for my own personal situation. I am now underrated and overlooked. Genius I say, GENIUS INDEED....Time at the tone is 2:09....4 days til Kanye West and 8 days til I go home for a week and i dunno what the Christmas countdown is at but yeah, no clue. Even more important is the New Years Countdown. Talk about holidays I hate. We take days off because we turn over a new month in the calendar. No one gets excited to say HAPPY NEW DAY! or HAPPY NEW MONTH! or even the change of seasons, but a new year indicates something. I'd love to take the mental approach to life to treat everyday as if it was the New Year, but I just can't do it. But yeah, I hate New Year's Eve because I'm always single, stuck watching the countdown by myself and/or with my family watching everyone kiss bringing in the New Year, everyone except me. Will this year be diffrent, highly doubt it. Other holiday's I don't really like include any holiday where I don't get time off school from. How can it be deemed a holiday if I still have to go to school. Like Valentine's day. The only exception is St. Patrick's day because it encourages heavy drinking ;-) But yeah if I don't get time off, it ain't a holiday in my book....
That's it for now because I'm tired and frustrated and upset. I'll hit it up again after the camping trip (if we go in it) and periodically over the weekend. Shout out to the people who actually read this thing. You people must either be really bored or easily entertained or I asked you to read it, or you're a friend, or you want to know what goes on in my life. Whatever your case is, leave a message if you'd like, hell I encourage it. It's shamelss self-promotion. I'll holla!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Day, New Blog

I begin this post at 3:26 am. HA HA!!! New day, new post and I feel better than I did yesterday. First of all, I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders because I cleaned the room (though Kevin's side is dirty again) and I feel a sense of relief now knowing a girl that I facebooked wasn't who I thought she was. Let's just say I thought it was a girl that I haven't gotten over yet and probably won't until I get closure with her or another quality girl. Just the idea scared me for a second causing me to flip out the other day. So anyways, our camping trip is cancelled this weekend. Not enough people, we saved enough money to the point where we'll be spending the majority of our money on booze. Ooh, and that means I get to go out this weekend. I'm going out tomorrow!!! Go me! And on Saturday, I hopefully will be going to Hairbangers ball. It's an 80s music cover band. I kinda wanted to go camping this weekend despite my past experiences, just at the least it was an excuse to keep growing out my beard. Oh yeah that Kanye West concert is only 5 DAYS AWAY! I'm so excited! 9 days til Thanksgiving break...more excitement on my part! 38 days til X-Mas break...EVEN MORE EXCITMENT! WOO!!!!!!!!!!
Now back to the normal posting topics. Class was class today, very normal, bland and boring. Now to me. You know as much crap that women get for "that time of the month" yeah, I'm now convinced that guys get that too. I certainly do. I'm sorry to have to admit that but yeah. All week I've had random chocolate cravings, late night hunger cravings (assisted by getting a contact high from the smoking neighbors), major mood swings, negative behavior, emotional roller coaster, things of that nature. Granted, people that have known me long enough will say every day is an emotional roller coaster with Lu, that's what makes him Lu. And that I agree with! Well, now that we ain't camping no more, I'm in a bit of a better mood. I still get to drink, chill with friends, eat AND sleep in the comfort of a bed (despite crappy quality.) Funny thing of the day occured technically yesterday. Me and this girl were having a conversation about this one guy who started a conversation with her online and she was gonna show me that it was him actually making an attempt to talk to her. Two guy friends of ours walked in and she exited the screen. One of the guys made a comment to the extent of we (him and the other dude that walked in) weren't meant to see that. Her response to why they couldn't see that was that they were guys. I looked at her, confused. Then she attempted clarification: they're real guys. I jokingly flipped. She hugged to no avail, I was shocked. Me and the two other guys left on one of those famous Late Night Wal-Mart runs of Carbondale. Funny Thing Part 2 occurred in Wal-Mart when a stock boy advised me to buy the less expensive brand of trash bags because there were more bags at a cheaper price. That man saved me money, and he was an employee, and he was black too. Yeah minority hiring!!! If you've read this blog before, you might remember a late night wal-mart run that was marred by blatant racism. Ooh and even later in the late night wal-mart run, a white lady helped me find batteries! Yay kind white people!!! Random Thoughts were running throughout me throughout the day for example, yesterday it was 80, today 60-something. I hate the random temperature drops and rises of Carbondale. I wish it could be 75 degrees consistantly between October thru April. August, May and September, I'll accept the 90 degree Carbondale weather....Did you know that if I died a virgin, that technically I could run for Sainthood, I think. Well I remember last year that they were looking for a Pope and I fit the criteria: I was male, I was a virgin and I was catholic. And if they had affirmative action in the church, I woulda been a good hire. And I'd have a car. Imagine the Pope Mobile on counter clockwise spinners. I could take it to pimp my ride. Wouldn't need to do much with it, it's already bulletproof....This came up earlier, but if you know any miracle workers that are bored, I have a couple of things they could work on. My list includes: a Cubs World Champion, $1 million tax-free dollars, good grades at school, and good girl that I can call my girlfriend....Ooh add the skills of Jay-Z on the mic, I got good writing skills I'm just worried about what I sound like over the airwaves. I wanna change the rap game. As I stated earlier, I'm sick of rap about hoes, money, cars and that crap. I got a story to tell and I want everyone to hear it! I really need to get back on my poetry. I figured this would be a good weekend to do that out in the wilderness, but alas, we ain't goin out....I love my I-Pod mini. It knows how I feel sometimes. And sometimes that's good and sometimes that is bad. I reminiced earlier to a time where I was trying to get over a girl and I put the I-Pod on shuffle and I ended up with depressing songs or love songs. Pods knows whats up....LAST NIGHT'S BLOG REVISITED....yeah, I've gotten a lot of comments about last night's blog, especially about the rap section. It's funny to me, guys like Kanye West, Common, Talib Kweli and Mos Def serve as a change of pace in the rap game for a lot of the people who listen to that genre. I on the other hand that other kind of rap is my change of pace. Sometimes I need to hear songs about fake thuggin', cars that rappers don't own, hoes they've never been with and things like that. On that note, here are my favorite rappers that aren't listed above: Jay-Z, T.I., Outkast, Twista, The Clipse and Eminem. What do they have in common, well they're styles are all story teller like though they talk about different things. Jay-Z is all about NY hustle, TI is about the Atlanta street scene, Outkast is all over the place to be honest with ya, Eminem is telling his life story and The Clipse is all about coke and guns and damn they all are damn good! Up and coming rappers I like include Lupe Fiasco and Rhymefest. I was wrong to put Jay-Z and those others in change of pace rappers, they're top tier acts in my book. I screwed that up, change of pace acts in my eyes include Cam'ron and the Diplomats (Jim Jones, JR Writer, Juelz Santana (the most talented of the group lyrically), Jha Jha, Hell Rell, etc.), Lil' Wayne, and guys like that. I'll give you one rapper who's underrated and underappreciated and that's Fabolous. He comes with some great lines and as superficial as he sounds, he comes with it. He's NYs new golden child, he's everywhere! Damn I forgot to put Nas in there and Pac and BIG and I'll take so much shit, but I'm tired and sexually frustrated so I want to go to bed and catch up on rest. I got 6 hours till class.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thoughts from a man who currently has a mind of mush

My mind is full of mush right now. Also, thinking hurts on top of that! Let's review Tuesday's craptacular day. I went to my one class of the day and it sucked. Geology sucks. Science in general is just one big suckfest!!! Came back and did laundry and that was blah of course cuz its just laundry. I wanted to clean the room today, but yeah, that didn't happen. You know, I used to be a clean freak. Hell, I still kinda am, I HATE LIVING IN A DIRTY ROOM! I liked it when my parents were here because we kept the room clean. I have fallen victim to stooping to the level of my roommate. It's like I don't care because he does it and the room is suffering because of it. It's like he's affecting how I act. What is it with me and sloppy roommates! GRRR I HATE IT! Let's see what else happened today, oh we had our "camping" meeting. I've been camping twice, and have hated both experiences. Hopefully this time will be different. I'm older, the weather is looking better and I will be with friends. With that said, I'm a city boy who has no shame when it comes to loving the luxuries of the city. When I take vacations, I stay at hotels. I feel safer out in the city, than out in the wilderness. I like being in contact with people more than nature, I like eating at restaurants and I absolutely love the luxuries of home: tv, radio, computer, etc. With that said, I'll give this weekend a shot, though in my heart of hearts I have a feeling that this isn't gonna be a super idea. And this is gonna cost some real big $$$ that i don't necessarily have right now. This weekend trip, per person will be like two weekends goin out. Well I guess it will be the same result as every other weekend, lotsa drinking and staying single. Which brings me to the point where I let my feelings go. I'm feeling real home sick right now. I'm really not enjoying school. I'm really not enjoying anything down here. Going out has lost its luster. Staying in is boring. I kinda feel left out on an island now that I'm here. I've said it once and I'll say it again and again and again, I HATE GOING OUT TO PARTIES WITH PEOPLE IN RELATIONSHIPS! I'm really uncomfortable! Chris Rock is right, you don't wanna go out with the couple that's in love even if the couple isn't there together. Cuz you know in the end, they'll be going home with someone and I'll be going back to the dorm thinking why did I go out tonight, why did I waste my time and money and when's gonna be my time. I'm convinced that either my time already came and gone, or that it's never going to come, period. Poetry ain't doin it right now for me because it all goes back to loneliness. I HATE BEING ALONE! It seems like everyone and their best friend has had something. Hell, I even had a girl recently tell me that I'd be good for her if not for my lack of experience. The lack of experience is mostly my fault I guess. People give me shit because I'll mention "hey i saw a cute girl today." And when I tell them I didn't talk to them I catch shit. Do I deserve it, I guess, because I didn't attempt to make anything happen. But when you've failed and been let down and crushed before and it has happened repeatedly you have second thoughts. Hell, I have second thoughts about speaking all the time. I wish that sex didn't matter, and relationships don't matter. I want to tell myself that everything's going to be okay, and that my day will come. I want to tell myself that getting laid doesn't matter. But when everyone else is telling you exactly opposite of what YOU want to believe, you question yourself. I question myself all the time and I shouldn't. I wish girls werent' so superficial. I wish I wasn't so superficial. I wish I could go back to the past and fix things but I can't so that was a wasted breath, idea and energy typing that I wish that I could back because it can't happen, it won't happen and seems that every other post I'm having this conversation with myself. I'm currently shaking my head and wondering where the hell I went wrong. Not like it matters, not like I can changing, just so I can see where I fucked this all up and maybe I can help people not make the same mistakes I've made.
So let's get off that topic before I end up crying myself to sleep. My friends say that I'm addicted to the internet. But honestly, you can't blame me. CARBONDALE SUCKS!!! There's nothing better to do here besides play video games, watch movies, watch TV and goof off on the internet. That includes sites like My Space, Xanga, Live Journal, Xuqa and the original internet crack FACEBOOK! Facebook is a site where college students come together and connect, interact and blah blah blah. In reality, facebook is a popularity contest in which people try to bring in friends from the past, interact with current friends and hopefully hook up with someone using the internet. I'll admit it, I fell for it. When I first got hold of facebook, I added as many people as I could remember from my grammar school and my early years of high school that I remembered and my current friends. Then I'd be checking it every possible chance to see who else added themselves, who wanted to be my friend, and if there were any cute girls out there. Once again, let down. Note: don't put any faith in anything in the internet, especially when it comes to girls, but yeah, different story for another day. My Space is bad too, because they have "cool new people" which is basically hot girls posed in nothing. The newest version of internet crack would be Xuqa. Xuqa (pronounced "zoo-kah") is the bastard off spring of facebook and college humor. It's Facebook on steroids. Pictures, photo albums, "party pics", crushes, gifts, secret admirers, blogs in which you can rant and rave about a myriad of topics. It's kept me interested, like facebook did in the beginning. But xuqa strikes my interest mostly in the blog areas. Topics including: hot country girls, redheads, sexual encounters, the whole virginity debate, sports...basically anything and everything is touched in these blogs. If it's on your mind or on the mind of others, it's posted. I've treated Xuqa like a dating site (chuckling) because when I first encountered it, that is what I thought it was, and really it kinda wants to be. But I'll tell you this: YOU WON'T HOOK UP WITH ANYONE ON THE INTERNET! I've learned the hard way ;-) trust me! I learned the hard way unfortunately! Actually funny story, that was one of the recent posts today on Xuqa, it was something to the extent of: Xuqa will NOT get you laid. I chuckled, frowned and chuckled again at the thought of Xuqa finding me a mate. I wouldn't trust Xuqa, Facebook, My Space or even the highly touted On top of that I absolutely HATE those damn text message commercials. Come text me for a hot time. It started of as locals, now celebrities are doing it (Jenna Jameson and Melyssa Ford.) It's like, what stimulation will I get through text messaging!?!?!? It's almost as bad as talking to one of those "hot girls" on the phone. They say hot young singles in your area. The pessimist that I am, I say if they're so hot, why are they subjecting themselves to answering the phone calls of lonely and horny guys that obviously can't get any and that is why they are calling in the first place. Shouldn't these "hot young single girls" be out clubbing finding them Mr. Right, Mr. Tonight or out there acting like Mrs. Gold Digger??? But yeah, hot local singles? It's probably more like ugly foreign married people that can disguise their voice well enough to sound like a young hot local. I'm honestly tempted to call one of these because of my curiosity. But yeah, the text messaging, what in the world could they be texting? I don't even want to type what I think they're typing because it'd be sooo STUPID to do so. Oh and my final pet peeve before I go to bed. I HATE BAD RAP MUSIC! I hate that damn Laffy Taffy song. It's a waste of a decent beat and the words coming from the mouths of these "artists" is a waste of radiowaves, and most improtantly they're wasting energy, studio time and even oxygen. Also, I hate how everything in rap is about how much money I got (even though most of it is illegal and half goes to the government), all the cars I got (though most of the ones in your videos are rental cars that the "artist" doesn't own), all the hoes I got (gold digging bitches is more like it. most rappers aren't necessarily attractive minus the money and life style and myths of the music industry) and how much pussy I'm getting (aren't you mr. rapper man married with a few kids not paying child support.) I honestly wonder what the mothers of most rappers think when they hear their babies rap about slapping bitches, making hoes gargle nut. Better yet, what do the mothers of the video hoes thing when they're regulated to BET late night on the lap of a third rate rapper who's song sucks so much and video is so low budget that it consists of a bad concept, a bad video, ugly and out of shape video hoes. I wonder if these girls take pride in being degraded? And I know, I know "he ain't talkin bout me" is the classic response. Which begs the question, who the hell is he talkin about then? I think about where I went wrong and then I compare myself to these "people" and I smile and think I could be them...ewww! FAKES AND FRONTS ARE WHACK! That's why I love Kanye West, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and artists like that who are actually talking about relevant material. In Kanye's albums, there ain't no fronts there. Where most rappers spend their time talking about being a stereotypical gangsta and hustling, Kanye talks about his time working at the Gap being the token and being underappreciated until another black shopped there and then they put you out (see track 6, Spaceship.) Or when Kanye talks about how his friend was a gangster and ended up having a baby and how his friend said "don't rush to get slow and drive slow." See Kanye's track featuring Paul Wall "Drive Slow." Yeah, don't even get me started on Paul Wall. All he raps about is his candy coated cars, picking up boppers and being from Texas. I told my roommate that he could be Paul Wall. Rap about your car and your friends cars and picking up hoes who are only interested in you because you have a car and life in the suburbs of Chicago. He could make it a lot easier than me who has a story to tell. I HATE RAP ABOUT FUCKING HOES, PIMPED OUT CARS, AND FAKE TALES OF GANGSTA! I appreciate real hip-hop!!! Oooh my final pet peeve. I HATE CHAIN LETTERS! Specifically ones that at the end say "forward this to (fill in # amount of people) in (insert time frame) or you will have (bad luck in love, life, lack of sex, you will be getting none...etc, etc.) I hate those. I'm a very supersticious person who believes those damn things but doesn't want to and doesn't want to be bothered. Maybe that explains my lack of a love life. But if that's the case, I have several lifetimes worth of bad luck and no love from the ladies.
This was a productive post. A classic in my eyes. And this is why I came back to blogger. Simplicity not surrounded by over stimulation of advertisements, stupid people and stupid chain letters! I'll be back later folks! Wish me luck as the days go on!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Monday Recap

TODAY SUCKED! I missed two classes in attempt to get Cubs Convention tickets over the phone and yeah, NOTHING! They sold out. I got through 3 times. Twice I was hung up on and the third time was when they told me that the tickets were sold out. I'm pissed because I was on phone from 10 am til 1 pm and I GOT NOTHING OUT OF IT and there's no way to get tickets otherwise being so out of touch in Carbondale away from Chicago. I've noticed that being here in Carbondale has put an end to some family traditions and in retrospect, that upsets me. For the last two years, the tradition of going to the last Cubs game with my grandmother has been pre-empted because of school. The deep-fried turkey tradition ended last year, but will be brought back this year due to popular demand. And now the Cubs convention. Last year I couldn't go because I would have missed classes. This year, I wouldn't have missed any classes, and I figured this would be a good year to go, and restart the tradition of going with my mother and my mother only. Instead, I will most likely spend that Friday and Saturday working at McDonald's. That's the only reason I took the 8 pm train out of Chicago was to give me time to go to the last day of the convention and time to be able to get ready to go home. GRRR!!! Then I went to english class to discuss Heart of Darkness. Interesting book, but yeah, books suck! Except ones about sports lol. Let's see, Monday night football was good, but I have a feeling i'm gonna lose my first game this week. I was 8-0 and in first place, but i was only up by 50 some odd points against my opponents. I'm hopin for the best, cuz this is the best I've done for a while. Let's see, thinking, thinking, thinking....I took a long nap that came out of nowhere, I was just layin in bed and then BOOM I wake up two hours or three hours later and my roommate was napping and both of our TVs provided the only light in our room. It was strange. Um...let's see, nothing else eventful except I just lost my mind. Wanna talk about weird. I was sitting at the computer Instant Messaging my friend Alex and then all of a sudden my mind went blank. Then I walked out to the end lounge for no reason, stared outside for two minutes and then went back to my room. Then I told everyone I was going to bed cuz I was tired. I am a bit tired, but I'm also puzzled I feel so weird. Like, my mind went blank and my body feels empty, like something left and is now missing. I turned the I Tunes to shuffle after I played Gone by Kanye West and then it was like boom, 'N Sync's "Gone." I dunno what's going on with me. Need to go find myself.

Monday, November 07, 2005

A Weekend In Review

Hey hey! I'm back to report on this interesting and entertaining weekend. The whole visiting parents thing worked out very well and I felt really good to see them and hang with them again. I'll be seeing them soon. They were pleased to see me doing good and happy to see my friends and meet the new friends I met so far this year. My friends were happy to see them too, kinda weird, I think they looked forward to their visit more than I did. So here it is in review. FRIDAY they got here around 7 or 8 don't quite remember. It's that memory thing that is lacking currently. They came up and it was like Christmas in November. They had more treats than a Halloween house owned by rich white folks! I got 4 boxes of Cocoa Krispies, a big ass box of chocolate treats, Halloween candy (Snickers, Reese's, Butterfingers), Chips Ahoy! cookies, a big ol' thang of enchiladas with chicken, Puerto Rican rice, mom's chilli, macaroni and cheese and I don't know if that is it but yeah, I got a lot of stuff. Ooh, I got clothes too. Yeah, Friday was good. Then we went to Quattro's pizza for dinner, we had the whole gang out: Me, Hoos, Steve, Nate, Kristin and Jameel. Then we went to Pinch and met up with two girls from the floor that joined us and Kristin's bf joined us later. My dad was buyin drinks (spent about $100 bucks in my guesstimation) for us and we all got off happy. Since then I've been hearing what I've known for years: how cool my parents are. Gotta love being me sometimes, especially in times like that. SATURDAY we went to the football game. WE WON!!! WOO!!! 31-17. Down 17-7 at halftime, the SIU Salukis scored 24 unanswered points in the second half including an awesome 85 yard punt return which was the longest by a Saluki since 1983. Wow, that was a long time ago, I was negative 3 years old (being born in 1986.) After the game, got ditched by my guys who went with a friend down the hall to the country dance bar. Mixed results about that. I went out, got drunk, talked to a girl that didn't have a thought and then things got interesting. Got a call from a horny girl in Chicago and yeah, I hate women. They're so damn picky, they say men don't know what they want but in response maybe we don't know what we want because girls send out so many damn mixed signals. GRRR!!! Ooh, this weekend I learned that I get horny when I'm drunk and am easily suggestible by girls who are hot over the phone. Yeah, funny thing is that I'm easily suggestible when I'm sober if there's a pretty face involved. But this all wouldn't have happened had my full proof buddy system been in place. Basically, the buddy system when it comes to drinking is that friends don't let friends use electronic devices drunk. That includes telephones, cell phones, pagers, facebook, Instant Messenger, text messges, e-mails and all that good stuff while under the influence of alcohol. That failed BECAUSE NONE OF MY FRIENDS WERE AROUND FOR THIS!!!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! SUNDAY was busy because this was my parents last full day of being in Carbondale. I woke up at 9 am, actually I was awoken by my mom who called to wake me up so we could get some stuff I needed for school and stuff. Got one of the two books that I needed for school and then we went to the Carbondale mall ooh and the Outdoor Store. Mom thinks Papa is turning into a redneck because he bought a "redneck truck" an '05 Chevy Avalanche, he bought a trailor and now he's shopping at an outdoor store. I dunno, Roy's got too much soul to be a redneck. Anyways, while at the mall I got a phone call that shed light on what I did last night and yeah, I had no clue what was going on last night and I wish that I wasn't reminded today of what I did in the past. I would have been better off not remembering and not knowing AT ALL!!! I honestly should have a lawyer walk around with me when I go out drinking and all he says is that "Luis C. Medina is not responsible for his actions while he is under the influence of alcohol. This includes anything he says, does, ensinuates"...Basically something that covers all the bases and basically makes me immune to what happens when I've been drinking. Also, people in my phonebook and in my address book on-line should sign a contract that clears anything I say or do when I'm drunk. Well after that we snacked at Don Taco, the best Mexican food in Carbondale which is TOTALLY BAD ASS!!! I love those steak taco's with salsa verde. After that we went to the basketball game which the Salukis won 89-64 against the University of Missouri St. Louis. This is definetly a different Saluki team from last year. The offense looks crisp as ever with an inside threat nonetheless. Randall Faulker and Matt Shaw combined for 25 points. Jamaal Foster and Faulker showed more post moves in this one game than I saw all year out of everyone's favorite clutch shooting now former-Saluki Joshua Warren. The offense looks good with redshirt freshman PG Wesley Clemmons, but won't be for long because Mike Dale (serving a suspension) who missed the game should be starting. I don't know, but if it was up to me it'd be Faulker, Shaw, T.Y., Tatum and Dale. The player that impressed me the most today was true freshman point guard Bryan Mullins from Downers Grove's state championship team. The kid was as advertised. He was quick, decisive, a bit flashy, ran the offense smoothly, handled the pressure well, had great court vision, all he needs to learn is to FINISH THE JOB WITH BASKETS! The future is bright in that one! After the game me, hoos, nate, steve and my parents we went to steak and shake for the final dinner. I enjoyed it a lot cuz I got to be fed for free. Oh, I'll miss this. I'm seriously looking to cut my weekend drinking! I need to save this money and put it towards better things. I like going out, I just don't like paying $5 to get in and spending $10 bucks to maybe get drunk. Sometimes I need more, sometimes I need less. Nevertheless, it was a good weekend to be your boy Luis Medina!