Monday, November 27, 2006

Poetry Slam Part One

So my assignment for my poetry (ENGL 382A) class was to revise one of my poems. Well I've decided to re-work all of them. Here's one of my favorites, called 'Gone.' The original assignment called forthe following: "try for at least one line break that generates suprise or irony. Include the name of someone you haven't seen in several years; a kitchen appliance; an article of clothing; the name of a street, newspaper, song or movie; one line about a town you've never lived in, and any three of the following words: mucus, tongue, sprawling, relaxed, maniacal, wrinkle, and spinach." I used longer lines and different vocabulary than what I usually would use. Compared to the original version, I changed up some of the line breaks, added some words here and subtracted some there to clarify some things and give a little more of a visual. In addition, I used some of the quirks that I tend to use in all of my poetry to give it that 'Lu' feel. Well here's the finished product, Gone.

by Luis C. Medina

In bed with my Tribune, abruptly awaken by an alarm,
damn buzzer on the stove won’t turn itself off.
‘Get it Meg!’ I yell, but Meg is long gone,
once sprawled next to me, now she’s dashing
down Grand Avenue with my favorite sweater, ball cap
and roommate to boot. None of which I will miss
as much as her shining eyes, striking smile or supple tongue.
I remember her saying that
‘Atlanta’s real purty in the fall.’The Devil Went Down To Georgia, go figure.

Your comments and input are greatly apprectiated. I'll post #2 within the next few days, if not tomorrow!

P.S. With finals week coming, you know that my year end review is around the corner. But I've tweaked the format. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Vacation Recap

Well this was an interesting week of vacation. Nothing special or out of the ordinary happened. Nothing worth a press conference or anything. LOL. But I must say I enjoyed my time at home.

Monday I spent half the day in C-Dale and didn't get home til abut 10 pm. It was great to be back even though I missed What About Brian/Lu? I wasn't sure about staying the extra two days in C-Dale over the weekend cuz it was dead, but the pool and the drinky and the Winston's was worth it.

Tuesday wasn't terrible. Got to see grandma again, and she got to cook me breakfast. Gotta love family that loves to cook for you. I also got to drive mom to work, I'm sure that's the reason she misses me most, she misses her chauffer. Oh and I got my nails done (yes again) cuz really my nails were messed up, but I must say since I've gotten them done twice I've quit one of my worst habits, which was chewing my nails.

Wednesday and Friday weren't really worth anything.

Thursday, Thanksgiving was amazing (minus the SIU loss to Arkansas!) Of course the highlights included deep fried turkey, mom's mac & cheese, grandma's Puerto Rican rice, mashed potatoes and corn, apple-peach cobbler and cheesecake!!!! And Thursday night was great cuz I got to see my cousins and aunt and I got to chill with Tony and the gang.

Saturday was getaway day and I helped mom decorate for Christmas and stuff and before I knew it I was on my train back to Carbondale.So, here I am, back in Carbondale until December 18th when I'm home for 21 days for X-Mas break.

I hope everyone had a good break, now it's time to close this semester strong!