Friday, May 06, 2005

Today Sucked

Today sucked, The Bulls lost, that pisses me off, depresses me and just makes me wanna go out and beat the living bejesus out of anything in the Washington D.C. area. Then, LaTroy Hawkins ruins a great game by Mark Prior with 8 IP and 10 Ks and one run allowed, and a Derrick Lee homerun that shoulda gave us a win. But no, LaTroy Hawkins comes in and ruins a great day and blows a save again. This time he catches a line drive and instead of holding on to the ball and attacking the next batter, the pitcher, he throws to somewhere around first base, its like, how do you miss 6 foot 7 inch derrick lee at first base. Leeetroy throws it into the stands and allows two runs to score on an error. As a Cubs fan, I've officially seen it all. But this bulls thing hurts me so much. They had a 2-0 lead and then lost 4 straight games. It's a damn Chicago Curse thing, its gotta be, there's no other reasonable explanation. Damn, the Marlins came back from a 3-1 defecit to beat the Cubs, the Bears started a game against the Packers up 14-0 and ended up losing 31-14. All teams not from Chicago must have some type of blessing from some higher power. But as of now, I'm seriously pissed and its my final weekend in Carbondale and i have to spend it pissed off. Things couldn't get any worse for me: The Bulls got eliminated, The Cubs are sucking, The Sox have the best record in baseball, the Cardinals are running away and hiding from the central division and its only the first week of May, and Duke's gonna be the best team in college basketball next year. THIS SUCKS!!!!! I need Love!!!!

It's Official, One More Week

Wow, I can't believe it school is almost over. I'm used to starting in that first week in September and not getting out until that last week of June. Most of my friends here are pissed cuz they're all saying that school is ending too late. I'm saying hell, it's ending early, I'm going home and there are still proms that haven't even taken place yet. So now, this week I have taken a lot of time to reflect on the year. It started off with so much promise, so much potential and most importantly a fresh start. Yeah, well, I can remember to the beginning of the year. When we all moved in and no one knew each other. When we were trying to figure out who was really from Chicago, you know, when you eliminate people who are from the suburbs but claim they're from the city, yeah, good times. When we introduced ourselves as a floor, when we all used to go out together and get drunk together and order food together, I remember that. When we had money to order out all the time, like we'd never run out of money. Remember when we used to go to Cherry and Red Light and we'd argue which house party was better. I REMEMBER THAT....REMEMBER WHEN WE ALL GOT ALONG! When there was no drama, no animosity towards any one, yeah those were great times. I was honestly reflecting with my roommate about the beginning of the year on what we thought about everyone when we initially met them. Who we thought was cool, who we thought was trouble, etc. We even reflected to those first couple of weeks where all the guys talked openly about who they wanted to get with. Those were the times. But now we are stronger than then. What I've gone through this year alone has taught me a buncha lessons in life from trust, the true meaning of friendship and stuff of that. Wow, I remember the beginning of the year, when I spent most of my time watching TV, playing X Box and blasting rap music. Now, I remember the good times I had with my friends. Awaiting what next year brings, because honestly, the future is bright. :-)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Quickie Post

Recently the posts have been shorter and shorter. Let's try another one. The wizards are doing to the bulls what the Marlins did to the Cubs, not only piss me off and make my life a living hell, but have won 3 straight games to take comand of the series. The bulls gotta win the next two games to survive. This feeling I have since Gilbert Arenas made that Jordanesque shot, I haven't had since October 2003. I feel like death, like I just want to crawl in a hole and cry. This room after Pargo hit that three went nuts. What an amazing 20 point comeback, but it was all for nothing because Gilbert Arenas doesn't understand the meaning of story book ending. GOSH! Now we have to go to MCI Arena where we haven't won in the last 10 games since like, 2001 and we have to win to force a game seven. I'm really disappointed in the fans at the Bulls game tonight. Not only did they leave early (after clamoring for 6 years w/o playoffs) and when they were there, they did not have the same intensity that they had for the first two games. Why can't I be there? The Bulls need to win these next two games so I can possibly have a shot to go to a Bulls playoff game when I get back to the city next week. I have a lot of homework to do because I dropped my A in english to a C. I don't know how, I guess I missed a bunch of assignments in which I really need to make up. I should be doing that instead of writing but I am currently so pissed I lost my appetite and want something dead. I haven't felt this about someone since Bartman. GOSH!!! And the Cubs better win cuz if they don't I quit. Well, i take that back, I don't quit, but thats the next step The next step I will never take because I am a Chicagoan til Chicago ends, til it blows like Chicago winds!!! Well, lets all have a prayer for the bulls for friday and lets see if they can carry this comeback into positive success on Friday night, at 7/6? on ESPN! LETS GO BULLS!!!!!! P.S. Dear Bulls: Don't put yourself in a 20 point hole. You would've won the game had you kept the game around 10 points all game. The Bulls starting line up needs to look like this on Friday Hinrich-Gordon-Duhon-Davis-Chandler. Nocioni, Harrington need to be secondary off the bench. The first guy off the bench should be Pargo, cuz he's on fire. Well, I'm gonna go and attempt my homework now. Holla at me

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

May 3rd, 12:52am

It's the third of the month, meaning only 10 days left in Carbondale. And it hits me, no more SIU until next August. Three (almost four) months of being in The City again. I miss The City so much and everything that comes with being in The City. Playing pool for free all night and all morning. Playing X Box, driving my car, seeing my friends and family, I will be able to do all that once again. And I could visit friends that are still in school, but extra learning might hurt my head. So, I'm kinda lookin forward to this summer. I'd like to get back to work, you know making money and shit like that will definetly make me happy again. Hopefully I could lose some weight too. That'd be nice, with the summer heat I could sweat off some pounds. Maybe I could ride a bike or do some walking or something. Anything to lose a couple of pounds. But honestly, I'm going to miss Carbondale. Okay, I won't miss the fire alarms at the most ungodly hours of the day and night. Or the random smell of pot creeping through the door. Or being awakened at 3 am cuz my suitemate wants to blast happy pop-shit music after a night of drinking. Or the fees floor 14 had to pay because of other peoples' idiocy. But I already miss the Cherry Pit, Red Light and getting crunk. I'll also miss getting so wasted to a point where I leave my roommate drunken appreciation notes, drunk dialing every female on my phone that isn't a family member, and drinking to get over the worst moments of my freshman year. I will also miss ordering Jimmy Johns at 3 am, walking into Don Taco at 1 am, and being written up at midnight because me and hoos were singing. I'll miss starting my homework at midnight, finishing papers at 4 am, and studying.......I won't miss walking to class (especially in the blazing heat and/or in the pouring rain.)
But one I will miss is my friends. Including Kristin's random comments, Steve's country sense, figuring out what to wear between jerseys and button ups when going to Cherry Pit when going with Gabe, Keith, Donall and Ethun. I'll even miss Marcus giving me shit about my girls. I'll miss coming home drunk, waiting for the drunks to come home, and the aftermath after people smoking that wacky tobbacky. I'll miss waking up and trying to piece together the night, morning chats with the guys and all that fun stuff, oh and writing on my blog about it. I'll miss late night chats with my roommate over the stupidest things, sharing music, downloading music illegally, writing poetry because I'm pissed, freestyling when I'm drunk, etc. I'll miss drinking in the dorms with my friends, miscounting the number of shots of cheap whiskey that wasn't mine, getting drunk before leaving the dorms, and going out, gettind drunk, coming back, then leaving again to get even more drunk. I'm gonna miss watching important sports games with the guys down here on two TVs. Cubs-Cards just won't be the same in a city dominated by Cubs fans, I love when the town has its opinion torn.
So basically, I've just come to the realization that this is the end, for this year at least. This is the end of something that began last June with orientation and really kicked off in August with the week of welcome. When I was that kind of shy, kind of intreagued, fresh face struggling with the fact that I was alone now. That I had to make my own decisions. I had to do things that weren't asked of me before. But I've done them, well most of them. I remember in the beginning of the year where everybody got along. And as the year went along, I'll always remember how common aquaintances broke down. I'll never forget about the dramas, the busts and all that other stuff. Well, I'm getting kicked off of my roommates computer. So I'll leave with one memory: remember when we all had money the first month and were spending big money on drinks for the cute girls that are now your friends. Splitting large pizzas among a buncha people. Now, we're offering a couple of bucks for a slice of pizza and scrapping for five bucks to get into Cherry Pit just to drink pisswater beer. Oh, the life and times of SIU Lou, soon to be former freshman.