Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Post Before The Paper

Big 1st paper due Monday and to be re-issued on Tuesday and I haven't started it yet. I'm procrastinating but WILL START IT TONIGHT AND FINISH IT TOMORROW! So I figured I'd drop a few lines on the blog and throw some things around. And the stuff from last blog, yeah I'll save it for maybe Sunday:
  • So I'll start this off with my view from the sports world. The Olympics suck, sorry if I come off un-patriotic. They've lost all meaning, in fact I haven't cared about one since the ones in Atlanta. It's really an event for sell outs and yeah I really don't care about a bunch of professionals playing in an amateur event. So I won't watch the winter olympics and I won't watch the summer olympics except for basketball to get my hoops fix over the summer. Speaking of the hoops team, fuck the NBA players because they don't wanna play overseas anyways. Instead bring the top college players. If you want NBA players, get the young kids. Seriously put this team together: GUARDS: JJ Redick, Maurice Ager, Dee Brown, Mike Gansey FORWARDS: Rudy Gay, Adam Morrison, Josh McRoberts, Josh Boone, Kevin Pittsnogle, Marco Killingsworth CENTERS: Shelden Williams, Paul Davis & Tyler Hansborough. Sounds like a team that athletically and talent wise can hang with the Argentina team. Or hey if you wanna go with the NBA youngsters : Ben Gordon, Chris Paul, Marvin Williams, Charlie Villanueva, Channing Frye, Dwight Howard, Emeka Okafor, Andre Iguodala, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kirk Hinrich, Chris Bosh, D. Wade....could be good talent for me. The only NBA Players that I believe should be there are: Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson and Kevin Garnett. Only the best fundementally sound people in the game!!! FROM THE COLLEGE GAME: Yeah so the Dawgs one game out of first place and if they win out from here on out then we have ourselves a 5 time consecutive conference championships. I can't wait til SIU plays next!!!!! I still hate Duke and yeah JJ made this three from at least 3 feet behind NBA range. He'll be a great shooter in the NBA, I think he'll be Steve Kerr or Mark Price (less fast.)
  • It's official the thought of Valentine's Day has me down. I really want this day to come and go as soon as possible. Only the chocolates my mom sent me got me feeling relatively good. So basically I've been asked to help others be happy on this day while I've been actively saying since I can remember I am getting completely wasted and I'm not gonna care about anyone or anything. But it pisses me off. I hate women, they drive me insane. From girls who say they want (A) but always settle for (B) and then go to a guy like guy A to complain about their boyfriend who is guy B. I'm always guy A and if i'm ever guy B there will be no need for guy A because well I am, so yeah....if that made any sense. FUNNY THING OF LAST NIGHT: I saw a girl make out with a guy because he had never kissed a girl before. I'm gonna try that next time I go out. I'll also fill in the blank with every sexual experience I've NEVER had and believe me there's a lot.
  • They're trying to drag my happy ass out again and I'm still not working on my paper. I have a bad feeling that it's not gonna get done...

We'll see how things roll folks. Til then, I'll post some of my weekend experiences later.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Short Post

I guess I'll make this a shortie because I have to go to bed because I got a real big day ahead of me. So instead of going long with this post I'll outline some things that I wanna cover.
  • Valentine's Day Thoughts, right around the corner
  • A Definition of "self"
  • My insecurities

That's really about it. Gotta go out tomorrow because I don't wanna catch no more shit from no one bout not going out though I stand by my saying that "I don't need to be getting drunk and blowing money every weekend to validate myself as a college student." We'll see if I can stand strong this weekend. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tonights Post

Well folks, I learned something tonight. Actually I learned two things. First thing I learned is that communication solves EVERYTHING! Second thing I learned was at the end of The Sandlot when Smalls says "Bertrum got really into the 60s and no one ever heard from him again" I know what he means now. GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!!
So me and my roommate straightned things out from our little squabble earlier. I knew he'd had a rough early week but I didn't wanna bring it up because I didn't wanna hit a tender spot with him. So I kinda stayed away from it, but we know whats up. So, upon further review, I guess my comments were a bit out of line, but we each know where each other was coming from. We've both been under a lot of pressure and have been stressed about different things and have been having a rough spot. We'll make it through, I hope.
So I'm having image issues again. Basically, it's the "to shave, or not to shave" debate. There's a part of me that wants to grow the beard out again and see how far I can take it. There's a side of me on the other hand that wants to go back to clean shaven, button-up shirts, fresh hair cut and all that good stuff. I figure "hey dress to impress" maybe get a girl. Basically this comes of course around Valentine's Day and me being lonely and single and all them things that come with February 14th. Gosh, really it's just another day before Spring Training starts. But alas, Valentine's Day is for lovers, not for Lu.
I still can't get over "the one that got away." Hope she doesn't read this blog. The only way she would is if she clicks the link on facebook. She'll always be "the one that got away" until I get settled with one, or with her in the end. Ahh, women drive me up a wall, but what else is new right?
Oh back to the image change. So I had a convo with one of my guys and it intrigued me. We basically discussed how if I changed my attitude, I could get girls. My issue is that I would be compromising everything I believe to attract girls. Even the way we talked about going at it seems shady to me. It just doesn't seem to work for someone like me, I just don't understand. I'll figure it out some day. Hopefully someday soon!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Boredom Blog

So I'm bored, and probably should be spending this time reading or working on my paper that's due Monday, though I'd rather not. I'd rather spend my time trying to figure out how to get over this downer of a week I'm going through. I reckon it won't get better anytime soon with Valentine's Day only 6 days away. I've said it once and I'll say it again: I'd love to do something for someone, but I've been hurt so many times (and as much as I think 'what's one more time gonna hurt more?) I can't help but to think that it will. Actually, this time would be better spent working on a time machine so I can either go back in time to get a Valentine or go to the future and skip over the day as a whole.
My roommate and I are at odds right now. Why you ask, well because I've had enough of the B.S. Maybe I should've just butched up and paid for a single for this year, I really sometimes wish I did. Because some of the crap I'm going through this year, though it's not half as bad as the B.S. that my old roommate put me through, but it's definetly a different aggrivation level. It's the little things, like him not cleaning, him being a total tool, him not caring about simple things. I took a lot of shit because he supposedly spent the first semester cleaning while I was going out drinking or whatever, but I know for fact that he spent the whole night talking to his girlfriend and pussyfooting and cleaning the room half-assed. If you were to walk in my room, you'd probably not want to walk completely in. I'm honestly embarassed to live here sometimes. But it's the little things that get me. His smart ass remarks, but when I give them out he's allowed to get defensive, but I'm not allowed to. That's not much fair. The thing that gets me the most about him is when he talks about all these girls that check him out and all the girls at home and blah! blah! blah! It kills me because you know what if these girls knew what kind of a tool he is most of the time, they wouldn't give him a second look. Like I said in a previous blog, I don't understand how guys like him get second chances when a guy like me gets no chance at all. Meh, maybe I should just transform myself into a complete assclown and treat women like a piece of ass and see what happens. AND ANOTHER THING! He still owes me $55.53 for the Kanye West ticket from NOVEMBER. He said he'd have it when we went home for vacation. He said he'd have it when we got back to school. He tells me now I have to wait until summer vacation because he didn't expect to not be working at the car dealership. I think that's bullshit because he still had a job and he still has money to go to other concerts and for other things, I think that's wrong. He said he wouldn't do the things my old roommie did, and he's doing the same thing. That's not fair, maybe I should just knock him off and even the score. Maybe I shoulda stayed with my end of the bargain and take it out on his car. Hey, what's fair is fair. Imagine if I charged intrest. Still not fair folks, still not fair. In fact, it's bullshit because if it was me, he'd be up my ass! $55 FUCKING DOLLARS! That's a month of drinking! See what college does to you, it warps your view on life.
So, I took shit this weekend from people for not going out last weekend and I'm currently taking shit from people for not wanting to go out this weekend. I got an important paper that I should be working on and I'll probably work on it tomorrow. There's one thing that I've learned and I've learned it the hard way in college. I've learned that I don't need to go out every weekend and get completely wasted to verify and to prove that I'm a college student. I don't need that and college kids, you don't need that. I know I sound like a parent and a conscience but I don't care, I wish I quit caring a while ago.
I'm still pissed that Dook won and Carolina lost last night and of course my roomie had to bust out the Dook shirt today, but as I told him "When Dook wins a 5th National Championship, tell your people to call my people and we'll set something up." However I'm very happy for the Dawgs and how they won last night and basically we have to keep winning to put ourselves in a situation to win at least a share of the MVC title which would be our fifth in a row. Basically we need to go 4-for-4 in conference play. That means a win at Creighton this Saturday, a win at Bradley this Tuesday, a win at Evansiville on February 21st and a win at home against Northern Iowa in the regular season finale. In between all that is the Bracket Buster game against Lousiana Tech which is a NCAA test for the Dawgs. So basically it sets up as this. If we win out, we guarantee ourselves a share of the title. To win an outright Valley title we need the victory against Creighton. That there knocks Creighton out of title contention because we swept them. Then, if everything stays the same there's a 3-way tie between UNI, SIU & Wichita (I knew that damn Wichita game would be a pain in my ass.) We need UNI to lose a conference game, whether it's at home against Missouri State (which I saw first hand has JJ Redick's bastard cousin and his name is Blake Ahern), on the road against a sleeper team in Indiana State, or a miracle loss against Bradley and we need to beat them ourselves. We need a Wichita loss against someone too. Ahhh, this could have ALL BEEN AVOIDED had we came out to play against Indiana State. *shaking head* Boy, that might cost us!

The Night In Sports

I'll start this off by saying I STILL HATE JJ REDICK! Duke has braggin rights for now, but who's got more national championships? I think it's North Carolina. That's the only thing I'm bitter about is the Carolina loss. 4 points, not bad for a team of freshmen. Imagine had one of those guys stayed, I really wish Marvin would have stayed, I really do, this would be a totally different team. I guess I'll put the bitterness away remember the national championship run, specifically the 11-0 run that put the Dookies away last year.
In Other News...
SIU beat Mo St. 66-64 on a Randal Falker dunk + free throw in the final seconds in back and forth game where SIU blew an 11 point lead at one point. Had you told me before the game that Bryan Mullins, Wesley Clemmons and Austin Brooks would have posted career highs in all of the stats that matter and that Jamaal Tatum didn't play, I would have asked you how much did we lose by. But Mullins stepped it up BIG TIME! Even teammate Tony Young said he "graduated" from his freshman status. Clemmons stepped it up with big time shots and so did Austin "I'm not Darren" Brooks. But yeah it was a hell of a game. More tomorrow, I'm tired and out of energy!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Editorial: Tonight In Sports

Well folks it is a big night in my sports world and I'll be quite involved.

So here it is, it's all on the table for the SIU Salukis and the consensus is that we got some work to do. With 4 of our last 5 games being in conference, we've got major work to do. The non-conference is the nationally televisied "ESPN BracketBuster" game is major to solidify our spot in the NCAA Tourney, maybe bump us up a seed, heck if we lose that basically puts us in the NIT as sad as it is to say. Of our four games, two of them are at home and two are against first place teams. There's a three-way tie for first place and we've split against one of the teams (Wichita State.) We have a road game at Creighton which is must win and our last game is at home against the pre-season conference favorite Northern Iowa. We've lost quite a lot of heart breakers lately, usually the home fans will get the players up, hopefully the Dawg Pound doesn't let us down tonight. So this is it, the rest of this month is all about the MVC. We are the 4 time defending Missouri Valley Conference champions and I believe the Dawgs will not relinquish that title without a fight! I believe that this is going to be rough and difficult but I think they can prevail. Will they, only time will tell, but the only thing we can do is support our team and hope for the best. We need to win 4 out of these 5, in fact I'm hoping we finish with a clean sweep of the end of the season and go into the conference tournament with momentum. If we can't and end up in a tie for the conference lead or we go into the tournament without a title, I think we will be extra-motivated to win our first ever conference tournament championship because we will most likely need it to get into the tournament. GO DAWGS!

UNC-Duke. The best rivalry in college basketball is UNC/Duke, no if, ands, nor buts about it, it's the best in the business. It might be the best rivalry not only in college sports but maybe in all of sports but only on the basis that this is amateurs and not over-paid professionals. You're talking about a rivalry that is seperated by 8 miles. You're talking about a rivalry with great coaches like Kryzezewski, Dean Smith & Roy Williams. Great players like Jordan, Worthy, Carter, Dawkins, Hill, Brand from back in the day. UNC-Duke you're talking about recruiting wars that seperated families (Jason and John Capel for example.) UNC-Duke you're talking about public school versus private school. You're talking ACC/ESPN supremacy. You talk about Duke and you think Kryzezewskiville, the Crazies, the dudes in suits wiping up the court because Duke can afford it. You think UNC and you've got the factory that created Jordan, Stackhouse and Vince Carter and the only reason Carolina Blue is popular. Duke-Carolina is the Yankees-Red Sox of college hoops. Duke representing the Evil Empire of college basketball getting an all-american bench squad that could start for other teams. Carolina represent the Red Sox, they can compete but yeah its just not fair.

Basically, tonights a big night, but I won't be able to watch Duke-Carolina tonight because I'll be at the SIU Arena cheering on those Dawgs that I pay $14K to bleed Saluki Maroon. So I finish this blog by saying GO DAWGS! GO HEELS!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Uneventful Weekend

So yeah this eventful was as eventful as a Montreal Expos game. I'd generally use a White Sox/US Cellular/Comiskey Park reference but their fans have officially come out of the woodwork so I can't bash them until they go back into their hobbitt holes/projects/slums they came from. So congradulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning the XL Superbowl. This was one of the most boring Super Bowl games I'd seen in a while and besides the few gadget plays there were it was pretty boring. The commericials were good but they were few and far between and honestly they were disappointing. Kinda like my weekend in total.
As Valentine's day draws nearer, 8 days to be exact, and yeah as the day comes closer I'm not looking forward to it at all. Looks like it'll be another lonely day. It's like, hey i can help everyone else with their Valentine's Day and make them happy. But not myself. I have more thoughts about it as it draws closer but yeah I'm going to bed. That's how boring this weekend was.