Saturday, May 06, 2006

Take This As A Warning

This is my official warning, so don't act like I'm not taking time out to warn you.

Last night was a good night, tonight however, I don't think that it can (A) live up to last night and (B) be as fun as last night was. So I'm issuing a warning about tonight.

This is what's gonna happen tonight. I'm gonna go to a house party with Kevin and Alicia. It's not gonna be fun because I'm breaking rule #1 in my handbook to being me (which is of course hanging out with couples--changed from going out with couples, I'll get to that in a later post). On top of that I think I've figured out that my role is best suited as wing man, not ace, just after last nights adventures. THough I found it funny that when my friend tried "pawning me off" on some random girl she was like "why are you trying to pawn all your friends on me?" and "he could probably do better without your help." Bit of a confidence boost there. So yeah, I'm gonna be hanging out with the couple, at a place where I'm not comfortable talking to girls which is really the only reason to go out. Really, think about it. It's not smart to drink yourself to a stuper when you have 2 days to go before finals.
So I'm gonna come back after the party because well Kevin and Alicia aren't goin to the bars because Alicia's not old enough. I'll come back bitching about being single. I'll come back bitching about being buzzed not drunk because I'm paying a $5 cover. I hope for the best, but silently I want this night just to come and go.
Last Saturday out, and I'm going into my junior year like I'm Steve Carrill. Here's to the R-O-C!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Countdown Til I Get The Fuck Outta Here!

Whew! 13 days til I'm back in the Chi. Really it was an uneventful day. Same shit, same feelings, different day. I really need to stop having expectations. I have problems. I need to solve them. I can't wait to be out of here. I'll spend the weekend in St. Louis and then after that back in Chicago I'll be, hopefully going to the new Wrigley Field as soon as possible. I've found myself to be EXTRA tired recently and yeah, I JUST WANNA LEAVE!!! I wanna move on. I dunno what else to write about tonight because it just seems like sometimes I could take my old posts, put em on here and then call it a night. In fact, one of these days I'll do that. 'Til then, I will call it tonight. Call it one of my shorter posts. It's like I don't even care anymore!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Random Question of the Night

Am I the only person not having sex?

Really its a serious question. When the topic comes up everyone's got something to say about it. Except me. Try being the ignorant person in a conversation on campus....not fun! Usually it's someone else the ignorant person in the convo like when we talk about sports and I'll go through demonstrations and explanations. Yeah, I don't get that for this topic. LOL. Yeah, it was kinda weird with my roommie and his girl in his bed and they were talkin about the ppl they've fooled around with or dated or whatever and I felt like I was well, insignificant. It's kinda embarssaing. It's why I share on this blog. So yeah, I guess the last hope is me (lol) P.S. Is it wrong that her bra is hanging on his bed? NOTE: I was in the room when she took it off. Ahhh, it's great being the friend in the middle/roommate. It's why I can't WAIT to get the fuck outta Carbondale.

Friday night was fun. I took my depression and drank it away. And I didn't have much of a tolerance either. Still, didn't stop me from 3 mixed drinks and 10 beers. I didn't puke until after I went to bed, I woke up to take a piss and then i just went in (and around) the toilet. I cleaned up though, the next morning. Saturday, I tried blaring out my lonliness by going to Hairbanger's Ball (an 80s cover band) and that kinda worked, but still got me a lil' bit cuz yeah still single, it still sucks watching all these hot girls grind up on the band, or the girls leaving with guys and then there's me, walkin out by myself or with my friends, knowing my friends are getting theirs when they head back to the dorms. I'm in a rut of some sorts, once again, hopefully The Summer of Chi can change my fortunes (though if past summers are indicators, then my answer's gonna be no!)

Countdown: 10 days of school left....GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!