Saturday, March 26, 2005

Long Time No Write

Wow, I don't know what to really write. Last time I wrote was such a long time ago I don't even remember what I wrote about. ALls I know is this, I know the last day I was in Carbondale before Spring Break. I took about 12 shots of Whiskey before going out wit da guys and I was drunk as hell, again, before i left the dorms. I guess i was an ass when i came back. Oh well, sorry bout that! Then came Spring Break. 1st full day back, my cousin gets in a car accident in his new mustang wit me in the car. Very scary, nice way to start off break huh? Then I went to a lame ass UIC party that consisted of 2 kegs, a tiny basement, 75 people, no hard liquor and a radio in which the CD player didn't work. I was talking to UIC people saying this was the best party they had been to. All i did was explain that I partied at SIU and their only response was "Oh, we heard about what happens down there." So then came selection sunday, that was cool cuz the Salukis got in the tourney, but DePaul didn't, that sucked. Wednesday me and my dad got to tear up the bathroom in our apartment. That was cool cuz I got to relieve so much pent up anger, stress and sexual frustration. It was totally awesome, it really helped me get over her. Oh, by the way, I'm officially over her. I'm so happy too, cuz I've finally realized that she isn't worth all of the trouble I put into it. My sister was pissed cuz I poured my heart out to her, my guys were pissed because they say I can do better and my gals were pissed at her for overlooking me. They also kinda mad at me cuz they also think I can do A LOT better than her. Granted, my girls are looking past me, but I'm not the guy they're looking for, well for now at least, I'm the down the line guy. I'm too steady to be in a college relationship...whatever sense that makes. Actually one of my gals is mad at her cuz of what happened, cuz she's one of the girls who "will regret passing you up." And that's basically my motivation in life. All the girls that have overlooked me, passing me up and all of that, that is motivation enough to finish college, be successful and be everything that I'm not supposed to be. Cuz I've figured, why stress over shit you can't control and as long as I'm happy why worry about pointless shit. To be completely honest, I do kinda feel bad that I haven't found anyone yet, and I really wish that I could find someone, but hey, fuck it happy days are here again...BASEBALL SEASON! Yeah to get off that rant, so, yeah, SIU won one game in the tourney and woulda been in the Sweet 16 if they didn't have to play a road game in the second game. Tell me why SIU had to play Oklahoma State in Oklahoma City...what the fuck is that about. BULLSHIT! Fuckin SIU played they're hearts out, got fucked on a buncha calls. I felled robbed, naked, and absolutely screwed after watching the game. Then DePaul people had the nerve to call and talk shit to me. Motherfuckers, make the NCAA tourney, oh didn't. Well, go win the NIT, wait you lost to TAMU at home!!!! What the fuck is that all about??? Well, then this week sucked cuz school resumed and i've been absolutely uninspired the whole week. Tho i did become a semifinalist in a poetry contest. I can win $1000 dollars in cash...that'd be sweet. That'd be sweet redemption for all the shit i've gone through and put myself through these 2 semesters at SIU. Man, if finding a woman was as easy as the media portrays it...oh well, fuck em, they ain't good enough for me anyway. Not to sound cocky or anything, but you know my life story by now, I'm the nice guy who's every girls friend. I'm the guy they tell their secrets too, not their little secret. But I'll have my day, and I'll make some girl happy. I've been told many times that I do have the look of someone thats gonna be famous. I am the future, and what biotch!?!?!? ::stands and smiles:: YESSSSS!!! ::pumping fist::

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