Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Obligatory "Da Bears Are Going To Da Super Bowl" Blog

These are the type of notes/blogs that are generally reserved for my guy Steven Schucker, but I couldn't help but do one myself for once. Conference Championship Sunday is now over folks and your Chicago Bears are going to the Super Bowl. I'll admit that I really do wish I was in Chicago for this, because one can only fully appreciate this if they were in The Greatest City In The World, celebrating the Best Team In The NFC. And to think, I didn't go absolutely crazy like I thought I would. I didn't jump around and scream like crazy, though I did do a lot of that during the game. I sat on the couch of our apartment and said "The Bears are going to the Super Bowl...WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE F'ING SUPER BOWL!!!" I got plenty of phone calls, text messages, voice mails, etc. about the Bears and it was just so sweet, knowing that for once in my lifetime, the Chicago Bears are the best team in the NFC and have the George S. Halas trophy to prove it!

As for the game, the defense did what it did during the first half of the year. They played solidly, forcing turnovers, scoring off of turnovers, it was nice. Then New Orleans made that comeback, peaking with the Reggie Bush 88-yard TD reception. And as he taunted Brian Urlacher on his way to his hot dog roll into the end zone, I said it then that Bush would pay for that. Not only did Bush pay for it, the rest of NOLA did with the stomping the Bears put on them after that. Grossman played excellent. No turnovers, nothing even close to a turnover, and for the icing on the cake, a super sweet touchdown pitch by Grossman and an even sweeter grab by Bernard Berrian who rolled into the end zone untouched.

As for Super Bowl XLI, the Bears will be opposing another high powered offense with Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts who got past "The Hoodie" and the New England Patriots in an exhilarating night cap of NFL football. Looks to be one of those "Best Offense versus Best Defense" type games. And I'm looking forward to this.

And of course, you know I have to put in the little Cub angle here. The game will be played in Dolphin Stadium, which I will always know as Joe Robbie Stadium, in Miami, Florida. In 2003, I believe it was still Pro Player Stadium when the Cubs played their last road playoff game which was game 5, their first chance to to go to the World Series (a game they lost 4-0 to Josh Beckett in a day I'll never forgive my mother for having her wedding during a Cubs playoff game.) But yeah, anyways, back on task. Chicago has some unfinished business in that stadium and I'm hoping that the Bears will exact my revenge on the Miami-area with a Super Bowl win. *Sighs* a championship clinching win in Miami would justify a lot on my sports world.

That's all for tonight. Let's all rejoice Bears fans, we've earned it!

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