Monday, February 28, 2005

Big Monday

Wow, Monday sucked! I was up til 3 am doing my paper and crap and I show up to class and there was no class. It was cold and I was tired, I did not deserve that. I talked to my mom about my weekend and we had a nice bonding moment. We exchanged stories, me telling her about my encounter with the white kind on Friday night and her telling me about the injustices she's been through. She feels me, my mom has three strikes against her already. She's Puerto Rican, a woman and she looks black. I'm Puerto Rican, with an "Arab" last name and am often confused for Arab and sometimes black. Well, I got to talk to my mom for a half-hour. I got a lot of my chest in that time. I felt good cuz it just felt good to talk to the fam again. History was good, kinda boring, but I'm not gonna complain I like that class. My creative writing was cool cuz this dude wrote a poem in which heh compared a woman and a Nine (9 MM). That's phat. I'm telling you this dude is a lyrical genious. His first poem was tight, I told him that if you put a beat to it, it's got #1 single written all over it. I like to think of myself as a creative genious myself, but I wish I had the knack to go for the throat like he has. Our styles our totally different. I hit you with a lot of metaphors and similies and I compare things that usually don't get mentioned within the same idea. I'm more of a feeling poetry writer. His style is soo much more complex than mine. That'd be tight if we could come together, some Jay-Z-Lincoln Park type shit. Well, I'm not the LP type, maybe it'd be like Jigga and well I don't know. I'm my own person and so is he. Off the subject, well kinda, I wrote another poem. I have to revise it, but its good. I'm seriously thinking about putting together a book of poetry. I think that's gonna be my goal over Spring Break. I wanna put together a book of poetry. I already have several potential titles. "Poems on a Purple Folder" (which is were I write a lot of my poetry, on my folder), "Poems About Them" (which would include a lot of personal stuff that I've written about someone), my original idea, the one that was going through my mind in class was either "Poems About Her" or "From Me to You" (the last two titles would have a lot of poetry that I've written about girls. I'd have to go to my past stuff taht I have saved on disks at home and combine that with the stuff I've been writing now.) Finally, the title that would cover all of my poetry would be a little sophistacted (for me at least) "Open The Window and Take a Peak." This would cover all of my poetry about everything. It would include a lot of poetry that I've written about myself and poetry about my life and things in my life. It's kinda tough writing a poetry book without a constant theme, but if anyone would or could do it, it should be me. Right now I'm listening to "The Champions Mix" that I made after SIU won the MVC Regular Season Championship. I'm tired, I'm gonna go lay down now. If anything good happens tonight I'll be sure to write about it.

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