Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm Tired and Bored

Well, 43 days til school ends. I don't want it to end though, i've had so much fun this year. Okay, I've had a little bit of fun, a lot of stress, several mild cases of depression, several mental breakdowns (2 the last 4 days), hundreds of stories and a buncha new friends. There are positives to going home, like making money and Cubs baseball. Potential vacation (trip to NY to see Cubs vs. Yanks) or to Las Vegas or to ATL. I'll get to see friends and family again, on a regular basis. But I won't be able to party every weekend. There is no Cherry Pit North (yet at least), there is no Red Light north, and Jimmy John's closes at 10 in the city. There's no Quattros, Godfathers, Don Taco, La Bamba or nothin like that. There will be no more Grinnell Breakfast, Trueblood dinners, Grab and Go Late Nights or Trueblood Saturday/Sunday Morning hangover brunches. No late nite Wal Mart runs. And most importantly there will be no stumbling into home at ungodly hours of the night drunk as hell or none of that. Not in Chicago. It'll be work, Cubs baseball, work, X Box, work, pool, Cubs baseball, barbque, busted ass car, and other crap ill have to deal wit. On the good side, there will be no drunken idiots waking me up at 3 am being drunk, playing loud pop music blowing up fire crackers in the hall. That won't be missed. Well, I'm gonna go to bed now. I'd like to close this by saying R.I.P. to my Uncle Ray who is on life support and will likely die. I will never forget the games, the barbeques and most importantly, I will never forget the tme he introduced me to Hennessey. Ray, you will be missed. I love you.

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