Monday, March 07, 2005

A Weekend in Shambles Turns into a Salvaged Weekend

Oh where does this weekend begin. Where has this weekend gone? Hell, it sounds like the beginning of a poem, so patent pending, I might use that in an upcoming poem. Okay, I guess I can start Friday night when I went out for only the 4th time this semester (since January). I left the dorms drunk and came back fucked up. I later made a complete ass of myself with a really good girl and well, if you wanna hear that story, check out the last blog. Okay, that just started my weekend off on a really sour note. You do not want to start your weekend with rejection, followed by a massive hangover and being awakened by a phone call from your mother and grandmother. That's an ouchie! Um, so let's move on to the DePaul loss to #9 Louisville. That was DePaul's only conference home loss of the season, on senior day for all it's worth. It was a close game, but it hits close to home because I'm a big time DePaul fan. #1, they are a CITY SCHOOL! Reppin' The City (Chicago) right! #2, my mother is a graduate, so yeah, I love her so I have to show loyalty to the team. So, the DePaul loss kinda was balanced out by the SIU win against Indiana State in the MVC tourney, but I'll get to them later. There's been an awkward silence between me and the girl since Friday. It's honestly kinda depressing me because this has happened to me before with every girl I profess my love to, we always stop becoming friends. Well, I hope that this doesn't happen with this one. Next, let's move to Sunday. Sunday was a very up and down day. The ILLINI lost to a team that isn't even NCAA Tournament Elligible because of recruiting violations. I-L-L-I-NO Perfect season for you. Then, Kansas lost to unranked Mizzou. I hate Kansas cuz Bill Self is a lying sack of crap assclown that deserves to lose and die! So I'm all good until SI-fuckin-U blows a 23 point lead and a 16 point halftime lead in the MVC semifinals to SMS and they don't go to the championship. 4 straight regular season MVC titles--0 MVC tourney titles. I almost cried, because everything was set up for us to go to St. Louis. We had the ride, we had everything but the tickets that were to be ordered right after the game. It looked so good at one point and at the end, I tossed my hat in disgust, kciked the chair or anything in my room and pouted. Then UNC-Duke took over my room. Me, the die-hard UNC fan & Anti-Duke guy went against the die-hard Duke roomie for bragiin rights. It went back and forth. It was a UNC alley-ooop, then a Duke three pointer. It just went back and forth until the end of the game. UNC ended the game on an 11-0 run for the last 3:05. Sean May took over on the offensive glass and "Everybody Loves" Raymond Felton took over and attacked the hoop. He missed the second free throw that woulda tied the game, but May and the Tar Heels and the Blue Devils knocked the ball around to the freshman "Marvelous" Marvin Williams and in Jordan-like fashion knocked down a put back shot and was fouled. It reminded me of the freshman named Michael Jordan who won the 1982 championship on a jumper as a freshman, calmly and coolly. Is Marvin the next Jordan? I dunno, but he's got all the talent in the world. He's UNC's 6th man and could be the #1 pick in the draft. Back to the game, he calmly hit the free throw. The race was on and JJ Redick missed what woudla been the game winning three (cracker almost gave me a heart-attack cuz he did not score at all in the second half and he's a killa) and as soon as Daniel Ewing air-balled the follow up, I screamed "AIRBALL AIRBALL" and as soon as the clock hit triple zero I ran out into the hallway screaming "MY WEEKEND HAS BEEN SALVAGED! MY WEEKEND HAS BEEN SALVAGED!" UNC became the ACC champs for the first time since 1993 (last time they won the whole damn thing) and I celebrated because U of I (LOST), Kansas (LOST), Kentucky (LOST) and most importantly DUKE (LOST!) So in a weekend that started with the lows of rejection, drunken rage, drunken depression, a massive hangover and losses by two of my favorite colleges in big games (DePaul and SIU) my weekend was salvaged by a simple basketball game. That truely is the story of my life. GO HEELS (2005 ACC Regular Season Champs)! GO SALUKIS (Back-to-back-to-back-to-back MVC Regular Season Champions)! GO BLUE DEMONS (Chicago's College Hoops Squad, not the ILLINI)! YESSSSSS! That my friends is what you call a salvaged weekend!

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