Monday, April 18, 2005

Cubs Report

Jon Leceister is probably the worst pitcher I've ever seen in Cubs history. This includes Antonio AlfonSUCKA, Danny jackson, heathcliffe slocumb, mel blojas, rick gaguilera and the beat goes on. HORRIBLE!!! He can't get no one out. He's either walkin the bases loaded, giving up hits to JASON FUCKIN LARUE or fuckin hitting bitch hitters. Damn, he fuckin sucks. This Cubs team will not make the playoffs if they play like this. Hell, if they keep playing like this, they'll have another third place finish. Damn, with all that money Tribune Company saved by not resigning alou, grudzielanked, mercker & clement and trading sosa we could at least get some pitchers in the bullpen and a fifth starter. No, we take one of the better short inning men we have in dempster and try to start him. we take the guy who started for us all year last year in rusch and bury him in the bullpen. we shoulda traded leicester instead of farnsworth, at least the farns brought hoes to the game and he could throw 100mph and strike people out. and he could kick peoples asses. leicester, his name isn't even pronounced as its spelled, he couldn't get a strikeout if he was facing no batter and he's gay. He needs to die or at least be demoted and exiled to desmoines iowa where he can work on being not only a better pitcher but a better person. cuz damn, if you can't pitch, you btter bring some fine ass hoes to the ballpark!!! Man, we can't beat the goddamn Reds. I fear whats gonna happen on wednesday and thursday against the Cardinals, or hell even against the astros. Damn, we gon' finish in 4th place. Right now, if we finish in 3rd Baker should be fired! Hendry should be fired! and the team should be sold. What a bunch of idiots. And to think, the Cubs have the best, most patient and most demanding fans in the world. But you couldn't tell because the way that ball park fills, you'd think that the Cubs are 25 time defending world champions. STUPID YUPPIES THAT GO TO CUBS GAMES HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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