Monday, April 25, 2005

Sunday Night / Monday Morning 2:10 am

Let's see if I can convert a two minute drill. Today was great because of the following. Cubs win 5-2 thanks to 5 good innings pitched by Kerry Wood (2 ER, 8 Ks), a Jeromy Burnitz 3-Run Home run that if it wasn't for the wind blowing in today would still be traveling upwards and onwards towards and possibly past the lake, and because there was no LaTroy Hawkins to fuck it up in the end. Instead, Chad Fox despite a 2 out walk got the job done to pick up his first save in 2 years. Good to see the Cubs not choking as usual. Game 1 of the playoffs for the Bulls since 1998, and they played like they've been playing in the playoffs since '98. From the black shoes and black socks, a tradition carried over from the Jordan Era. To a dominating perfromance from a shooting guard that rhymes with Jordan. To Marv Albert calling the game from the United Center. And in the end, when it was all said and done, to close the game out, the PA played "Another one bites the dust..." just like the golden days of the bulls. Today was a proud day to be a Bulls fan. Now, let's win 3 more and we're in the second round where we'll probably face the heat. One step at a time though, let's win the next game. Well, I'm gonna attempt going to bed now since I failed the 2 minute drill 3 minutes ago. SO I guess it's now a five minute drill. Good night and so long. Oh, today, should be known as Throwback Night. I will explain later!

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