Friday, May 20, 2005

I Miss School

I've never been able to say this before, but I miss school. Specifically, I miss CARBONDALE!!! The atmosphere, the parties, the weather, and most importantly: my friends. Hoos, Steve, Marcus, Donall, Keith, Gabe, Jameel, Nate, Vino, Calla, Kristin and so many more I miss them sooo much, I feel bad that i gotta wait 90 days to see them again. And I know, I bitched and complained that I missed the city and shit and I did. But when you spend the year and bond so closely with these people, and all of a sudden you go from seeing them everyday to only being able to facebook them sucks!!!! At least I could visit the CHI for a weekend to catch up. I can't visit Carbondale, why? cuz they're all not in Carbondale, in fact, none of them are. They're spread out through the state. Some in the city, suburbs, and some are even in the country. THink about it for a minute. You go from this complete freedom of living life on your own terms on a college campus for about 9 months, to living with your parents again. And no knock on my parents, i love them so much for giving me the opportunity to go to school, but i miss my friends so much. and now im home and i'm bored. all i've done is play pool, x box, sleep, eat, job hunt and hang out wit two of my friends. i'm having serious party withdrawls. and the girls...damn. Not only the random hotties i saw on a daily basis going to and from class, but the ones in my classes. And my girls, my favorite people in the world, you know the ones that i bought drinks for when we went out, the ones me and my roommie helped get home when they were drunk, the ones i called when i was drunk confessing my love....oh those were the good ole' days!!! Oh CARBONDALE I MISS YOU!!!!!! Well, not really, I miss my homies and home girls! Well, I'll be chilling in my room if ya want or need me, aight?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

I miss you too lou.