Monday, May 30, 2005

It's Good To Be Back...Kinda

Hopefully, the 3rd time is the charm when it comes to this blog. I've tried to post two different times since I been back from Carbondale, and both times this damned laptop has fucked up on me and has closed out on me, so hopefully, I'll be fine on this one. Wow, so I guess I'm gonna have to change the name of this blogsite cuz I'm now a college sophomore. Amazing isn't it. To think about it, it was like yesterday I was going to homecoming dance freshman year in high school, and now, I've finished year one of four at SIU Carbondale. It's pretty cool if you think about it. I look at a lot of my other friends who most of them stayed in the city working, or going to a city school living at home, and I look at myself and see how much I've matured and grew by living on a college campus. I've learned so much in that time, that I feel sooo refreshed and a lot better than I did going into this whole college thing. But it's good to be home, kinda. I miss all of my friends from SIU Carbondale. It sucks going from hanging out with Hoos, Steve, Marcus, Vino, Gabe, Donall, Keith, Jameel, Kristin, Calla, Ruth, and the rest of the peeps down in Carbondale to the only people I've hung out with consitantly is John, Tony, Rudy and Alex. No offense to my Chi-town boys, but its a lil'bit of a downgrade. That's how much I miss those people in the wonderful world of Carbondale. I don't really miss that whole going to class thing, but I miss the people. And all the people that couldn't believe I went away to school, and that i never called while I was out there or visited when I was at home...well, I'm home bitches, and you've known that, so why have I only chatted online with some of you and only a few of you have called me. I'm calling y'all out, come and see ya boy before he goes back to Carbondale and decides to stay there! Gosh, I had sooo many good memories down there. Don't get me wrong, I have some bad ones, but damn, even the bad ones I could look back at those and laugh at them. One of these days I'm gonna do a top ten and a not so top ten of my Carbondale experiences. But, it sucks being home now. I've applied for a buncha jobs and no one's called back, I don't have their contact numbers or anything, it really sucks!!!! I just got my insurance bill and its gonna be $498 for 6 months...which isn't bad, but with no money that sucks. I got me a new car though, I inherited my moms 97 Chevy Lumina and when I do get money, I'm gon' pimp that ride. I'm getting a CD player, some speakers, the whole 9!!! I also wanna get the door fixed cuz it got fucked up. My parents were cool that first week I was home and now they're being a pain in my ass like it's nobody's business. Giving me shit for my grades like I was on the fuckin academic probation team. Damn, i got one A, two Bs, and two Cs. Now, I know it doesn't equal a 3.0, but damn, I tried, I worked, I did what I did and I DIDNT FAIL, I DIDNT GET NO Ds and they treat me like I was in 8th grade or something. Jesus Christ, I hate using the lords name in vain but, you've gotta gimme a little bit of a break! Speaking of breaks, how bout them Cubs. They got a damn all-star team on the injured list and I am now seriously starting to believe that 2003 was our year and that Steve Bartman is the reincarnation of the billy goat and the black cat. I used to think those curses was bullshit, I never believed, but since then, the shit that's happened to the Cubs and their can't write that shit or make that shit up. Prior hurts his achilles and his elbow and his shoulder. Wood gets hurt, Sosa gets hurt, Borowski gets hurt, LaTroy Hawkins goes from ALL-STAR set up man to absolute garbage and that's in 2004. Borowski breaks his hand in spring training, scott williamson is hurt, wood is hurt, starts the season and is now on the DL, chad fox gets one save goes in the next game after being put as the closer and blows out his elbow. Nomar tears his groin off the bone running to first base against the rival Cardinals in St. Louis, Todd Walker busts his knee against former Sox OF Carlos Lee, who was let go for not being aggressive enough...what the hell. Dear Bartman, Billy Goat, Bill Sianis and Black Cat: YOU WIN!!!! It's official, curses do exsist, now I don't know what the hell the Red Sox did...but I want what they were drinking!!!! That's another thing that sucks about being home. I been to one party, at DePaul's student center, that's it. Nothing is poppin in the city, this is horrible. Another thing thats horrible is the same question being asked to me. Did you get any in Carbondale? Do you have a girlfriend now? Shit like that. Well, I guess it's time to answer those questions once and for all and I will direct all future questions to this website. No, I didn't get any in Carbondale. Yes, I'm still a virgin after one year of college. No, I don't have a girlfriend. And to quote my boy Steve from SIU "It's not for a lack of trying." Just some bad luck on this side. Maybe i'm personally affected by the curse. Who the fuck knows, its probably cuz i didn't forward any of those stupid chain letters from when I was in grade school. Whatever, but I will say this. I had my fair share of fun in Carbondale, it ain't really nothing to write home about, but whatever shuts up the critics. Damn, the comp almost did it there, I was gonna be extra pissed. So, why don't I have a girlfriend at least? Well, how bout you ask the girls at Southern cuz I don't have any answers, they're the ones who can't acknowledge a damn quality man if he came up to them. Shit, it's like with all women. Unless he's a flashy rich preppy boy or a god damned thug, no one wants a part of him. I'm a generally mild mannered, respectful, well spoken guy who's always known and seen as Mr. Nice guy, the friend to the world, whatever. FUCK IT! I'll be who I be, I'll be myself and if I don't get any, then fuck it it wasn't meant to be. Damn, I'm sick of everyone from the media all the way down to teens of today saying you can't be a virgin in college. GUess what, I am and I'm fuckin living it up...what the fuck are you gonna do about that??? You gonna do nothing bitch, AND LIKE IT!!! How about that????? THat's what I fuckin thought!!! Now, back to the real world. I haven't written any poetry in a while, but soon I will again and I will put toghether a lil bit of an anthology of my freshman year. Well, that's all i got for now, for fear that I'll be booted off line again...thanks for your time and i'll keep in touch wit yall!

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