Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm bored, that's why I'm writing tonight

Well folks, I'm bored, so that's why I'm writing tonight. There isn't really much to write about thats interesting. The Cubs were on an 8 game winning streak, but right now they're down 5-2 because mitre's sucking big time!!! Last night I went to see Crash with a friend of mine. Late night movies that you show up 10 minutes late for that you go with a friend you haven't seen or talked to in a while is fun and all, but finding parking at 1 am...not fun! Crash is an excellent movie that I would recommend for everyone to go out and see. People, you can learn something from this movie. If you would like to expand your learning after that, then go find/buy/burn/listen to Common's CD, Be. Be is that fire by Common. It's produced by ya boy Kanye To The... so you know it's got jams. Corners, Chi-City and Go are some of the really good tracks on there. The Be CD just goes to prove that hip-hop is much more than pimps, hoes, drug dealing, shooting, being a "gangsta", and all those other negative stereotypes. Don't get me wrong cuz one of my favorite albums of all-time is that Clipse album Lord Willin''s a classic "coke and guns" album. Drug dealing, guns and cars was what the album was about and it was great. Game's The Documentary has "classic, westcoast gangsta" written all over it! And ya gotta love that Crunk movement of the south. But if you want some real hip-hop listen to Kanye, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Wyclef Jean, Mary J.'s all good! Let's see, what have I been listening to??? Well of course Common, Kanye, I been playing out my Crunk Juice album, I been listening to some of that Fat Joe all or nothing, Memphis Bleeks albums good, Killa Cam and some dipset stuff has been floating around, its all good. Yeah...I thought that I'd have nothing to write about when it came to poetry this summer, I'll probably be wrong. Softball combined with women combined with the Cubs can lead to a poetry explosion on my part. I'm still looking to get all my poetry out there together to send everyone...maybe make a lil' scrap book for myself to remember my freshman year of college. Well thats it for now back to the game..holla!!

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