Wednesday, January 04, 2006

For Those Of You Who Went To Bed Early...

...and missed the end of the USC-Texas National Championship game Texas won 41-38 in one of the better games I've seen in a while. Why did Texas win? Well you can blame Reggie Bush trying to get to fancy on a lateral after a long run which turned into only his second fumble of the year which led to 3 points. Or you could blame the phantom Vince Young touchdown pitch while his knee was clearly down on the only play in ANY bowl game where review was "unavailable" that's another 6 points. But really who else is there to blame but the USC defense who obviously watched too many Northwestern University tackle drills because they didn't tackle anyone, even when they knew Vince was running on 4th and 5. It's easy to take away those 9 points and say that USC shoulda won 38-32 (which by the way woulda won me something cuz that would have been 70 which was my guess for the combined point total) but in football there are two sides to the game. The side that scores (which USC obviously has for now until Leinhart, LenDale White and El Presidente Reggie Bush go pro) and a side that stops the other team from scoring (well they're supposed to limit them at least.) Forget about watching SportsCenter tomorrow morning, forget about listening to Mike North talk about it on the Score tomorrow morning, forget about listening to the overnight sports shows or ESPNEWS or your local morning show whether it be on radio or on television, I summed it up good for the people there. The team with the most points won because they weren't stopped!
Still with that said I still hate Vince Young for what he did to Michigan in the Rose Bowl. I hate Dusty Magnum (even though he's not on that team anymore) for making that field goal against Michigan. I hate Mack Brown for leaving UNCs football team in the dust for Texas right when things seemed to be turning around for the Heels's football program. Oh and I hate Texas just because they're Texas. Home to the unlikeable President Bush. Home of the damned Houston Astros who couldn't muster a damn thing against the Sox but that's because they use all their damn energy on beating the Cubs. They still are home to Lil' Flip and the worst team in football the Houston Texans. So Texas, enjoy while you can because guess what, you're hated not only by me, but right now, the whole southern area of California hates you too!!!!!

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