Tuesday, October 17, 2006

After Tonight I Took A Look In The Past And Found This Nugget

From NOVEMBER 15TH 2005:
  • Yeah, we still like the same girl and we were talkin about it. We were talking about the prospects of them and all of the other guys that like her. We eliminated them for one reason or another, then I basically eliminated myself. There's the self reflection. Here's exactly how I eliminted myself:"Me (lmfao) in my wildest dreams that include a year in which the bears, bulls, cubs and SIU win championships..."

And as of right now I am sick to my stomach. The Bears look like they are on their way after tonights 24-23 comeback win on Monday Night Football where they scored 0 offensive touchdowns and yet still won and on top of that came back on the road from 20 down. The Bulls are one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference and look to be improving with the addition of a guy who plays interior defense. The SIU Salukis are favored to win the MVC and are a lot of experts "sleeper" team this coming college basketball year. And the Cubs have just hired Lou Piniella to save the franchise. This isn't Dusty Baker who succeeded because of guys like BALCO Bonds and the three-run homer. Piniella's teams developed Griffey Jr. and A-Rod to major league studs. And the idea of A-Rod in Cubbie blue pinstripes feels almost as good as the last kiss I got. 2007 JUST MIGHT BE THE YEAR! Maybe then MAYBE this can be my year too.

Between all that and the new TV show "What About Brian?" I can't help but to think: Why not Lu? Why Not Now?

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