Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just To Show That I'm Not Completely Negative

My weekend recap that doesn't include the Friday suckfest or last night's depressing phone call:

-SIU defeats Wash U (StL) 59-28 in the regular season opener. The defense was stiflin' and Tony Young went off! Can't wait 'til JT comes back next weekend.

-Mike & Joe rocked at Copper Dragon after the game. Gotta love that whitey music!

-SIU football defeats #11 UNI 47-23 in a must win game. Nick Hill goes off with probably his most accurate game at a chilly McAndrew stadium on Saturday Night.

-The Bulls beat the Pacers 89-80 Saturday night behind free agent acquisition Ben Wallace's 8 points and a Dennis Rodman-like 18 boards-SIU women's team lost to Mizzou, but at least they were fun to watch

-and DA BEARS beat the Giants 38-20 and showed the G-men what it was really like to be Baaallliiin' with a 108 yard return of a missed FG and Tom Jones runnin' all over peeps and Sexy Rexy bringin' Rexy back with TDs to Moose and Mark Bradley

-oh and Aramis Ramirez and Kerry Wood re-signed to boot

See it's not all bad. I'll be home next Monday, 'til then may the good times continue to roll!

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