Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Excuse Us, We're Having A Moment"

Ahhh, a phrase that might never die in my mind. I'll never forget when Cousin Kenny uttered those words while some random girl was in his arms. They were "having a moment" as Tony and I laughed at them. We were all too young to be able to tell the future. Except for myself of course, the self-proclaimed world's greatest prognosticator....or something like that.

So, what's with the random flashback? Let me bring you to today.

I was minding my own business, walking on my way to class when I bumped into an old friend of mine. A friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. I'll be honest it was like seeing a ghost---without being scared to death. It was a good ghost, how about that? Well I hadn't seen her in forever so we started to catch up until I got a random text message and decided to read it not thinking about the consequences of reading the text in front of her would be. A mild tongue lashing in front of the library did the trick. That was fun. And by fun I mean excruciatingly painful and embarrassing as random students passed by giving us looks as if we were...I dunno...arguing despite the fact that I couldn't get a word in edgewise at all. It was more like "This is why we don't talk anymore" and "This is why we don't hang out anymore" from her and a bit of "Wow, I feel like an idiot" running through my head.

Ten minutes later I had a decision to make. Either go to class late, or go to class with her like I used to do randomly over the last two years. As much as I'd like to keep a perfect attendance policy, I couldn't. Not today. Not for her. It's like she has me trapped under some spell. Weird.

It's funny because I was supposed to take that class until I dropped it for the class that I (ironically) skipped today because of her. And for the first time since 2006, we had Lu-n-Alicia time.

So what's the significance of this? I'm still not quite sure. Maybe it's significant because I consider her my best friend despite some things that happened in the past. Maybe it's significant because you just don't stop talking/seeing best friends out of the blue. Maybe it's significant because there was a point this summer in which we spoke to each other three times a day.

I don't know what to make out of this. I don't know if anyone does. I don't even know if this blog makes any sense. Somewhere it does, though. That's my hope at least.

I do know one thing. Today, I smiled. Some would say it's because of her, because she's the type of girl that can make me smile just because of her presence. Others would say that I'm still basking in the glow of UNC's come from behind victory over Duke in Duke's home stadium last night.

I smiled. I was happy. That's rare, especially in the month of February.

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