Thursday, December 02, 2004

Things I Hate

I am, in general, a loving person. But like every natural human being, I have things that I hate as well. That goes beyond athletes, teams, celebrities and politicians. But in my world, there are certain groups that I just can't stand. Group #1 would be pretty people that know that they are pretty and think they are better than everyone because they are pretty. These should be number one on anyone's hitlist, unless they are pretty themselves. They take advantage of their prettiness to get whatever they want and they live fake lives. They have no true concept of what the real world holds, just a conception brought to them by their late night television news. They think they are better than everyone else because of their status but they are no better than you and me. I hate skateboarders. They are the most evil beings on the face of the earth. They ride the streets as if they are gods gift to the streets, as if they own the streets. "We're cool, we're skateboarders, we're rebels." No, you're dumb, weird losers and if you are not careful, you'll "accidentally" get ran over by me. It is not fair that they get to ride the streets and I can't drive on the sidewalk. I am a man of fairness, if anything, I truely am. So, in fairness, the skateboarders can ride in the streets and I can drive on the sidewalk with them. Bicyclists. Another group I can't stand because they have the same rules I do as a driver and if they don't follow them no punishment. I don't follow them, there's hell to pay. And then if I hit them, I have to pay because its my fault. It's not my fault that your dumbass doesn't stop at stop signs, looks where they are going or braves going across 6 lanes of traffic. Thats it for now.

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