Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Playoff Report by SIU Lou

I will be the first to admit that I was wrong, dead wrong about the playoffs so far. Yes, I predicted the annihlation of the Broncos by the Colts, but everything else was as if it took place in bizarro world. The NY Jets went coast-to-coast to play the favored and hosting Chargers. They overcame the long flight, San Diego's talented offense, a bonehead play by Bartman (oops Barton), a missed kick by a rookie kicker and bad coaching by Marty Schottenheimer to beat the Chargers setting up a rematch with Pittsburgh. Then the Rams became the first 8-8 team to win a playoff game by beating the division champion Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Now, Seattle has taken the distinction of being football's Chicago Cubs after the former holder of that distinction the Minnesota Vikings went to Green Bay and BEAT THEM! They made Brett Favre look like Jonathan Quinn and exposed their defense more than Paris Hilton. This sets up the following match-ups: Vikings at Eagles, Rams at Falcons and Jets at Steelers, and the marquee match-up Colts at Patriots. And here are my thoughts on these games. The Vikings can beat the Eagles for the simple fact that the Eagles haven't played for a month and the Eagles that have played have played bad! The Rams can beat the Falcons only because they will be indoors on turf. Problem is the Falcons have been playing and Michael Vick can see himself in the confrence finals in a rematch against the Eagles. The Steelers will beat the Jets, because the Jets got lucky last week, the game will be close, but the Steelers will win. By the way, hats off to Ben Roethlisberger who is donating his playoff paycheck to the tsunami victims in efforts to get his teammates and other NFL stars to do also. I'll be cheering for Big Ben for a long time. In the marquee game, the rematch of last years AFC title game, the Colts WILL BEAT the Patriots. Why you ask, well the answer is simple. The Patriots have no good healthy DBs. Peyton Manning tears up good healthy DBs, bad hurt DBs are already burned toast. The Colts will have revenge on their mind and the INDY receivers will not be getting mugged downfield like last years game. I hope to see a Falcons-Colts Super Bowl for several reasons. Both are favorite teams of mine. The entertainment value will be high going into this game. The best offense in football led by Manning-James-Harrison-Stokley-Wayne-etc will put up major points. The Falcons will be lead by the most entertaining and most athletic player in the NFL, the one man show, Mike Vick. Then you'll get Rush Limbaugh and Limbaugh types that will argue the fast black quarterback versus the slow white quarterback, potentially causing race wars. It would be a fun game overall. Oh, and I wanna give my thought on Randy Moss' dance. Joe Buck, you're a tool and you overreacted. You are not an analyst, let your analysts do their job and analyze, just tell me that Moss scored a touchdown, give me the score and shut up and let your analysts analyze the play and anything that happened afterwards. If I want an editorial, I'll write one myself. My first thought was that it was funny. Was it offensive? NO! What was offensive about it, he acted like he was gonna pull his pants down, but he didn't! Fox shouldn't have a problem with this act. They're showing surgeries that go terribly wrong, Paris Hilton's ho-bag show, Dressing room confessions, and there's as much indecent material on Fox's everyday TV as there is on Skinemax. You can bitch at Moss for cursing at the fans saying "Look at the motherfuckin' scoreboard." But once again, I'll give Moss a little lee-way because as a fan and self-proclaimed self-loving hecker I know what can and has been said to rattle a player. Now, I'm not the guy that will give it to you personally. No family, no personal life, no stuff like that. I will call you out on playing like crap, playing for a crappy team, being on steroids or if they say something stupid. No homosexual disses, nothing about their mother, even if they beat their wife, I leave that alone. But that's only me, there are thousands of others out there that do the exact opposite of me and take that stuff and run with it. So, ill give the benefit of doubt to Moss, I don't know what those Packer fans said, and most likely, it wasn't nice. What a week in the NFL playoffs!

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