Tuesday, April 05, 2005

April 4th 2005 V-Day

Prelude: I'm writing this now because I was celebrating a lot last night, and to refrain from the 4th mental breakdown in 2 weeks. I had #3 sunday, I seriously think I have a problem, but I'll work on that. But now back to the regularly scheduled program:
From now, until I deem it necessary, April 4th 2005 will be now known as V-Day. NO, I didn't lost the V-Card, though that woulda been a hell of a story to write about this being the day after. But, it was just as good, if not better than droppin the V. The V in V-Day now stands for victory. Why, because on Opening Day the Chicago Cubs beat the living bejesus out of the Arizona Diamonbacks 16-6. And I mean operation beatdown was in session. It started with Corey Patterson and ended with relief pitcher Cliff Bartosh. Every Cub starter recorded a hit, including pitcher Carlos Zambrano (1 out double). Derek Lee and Aramis Ramirez hit monster home runs and were major players in yesterdays win. The best part was that there were no rally killing strikeouts by Sammy Sosa or Alex Gonzalez, no bitching by Moises Alou and no inning ending double plays by Paul Bako. It was a solid team effort, even the Double Play Dynamo of Nomar and T. Walk turned a nifty two. Javy Vazquez started where he left off in the postseason, not being able to get out of the 2nd inning with an ERA that looked like the Illini's field goal percentage...
AND THAT IS WHERE THE REAL VICTORY TOOK PLACE. Two hours away in St. Louis, I, once again I repeat...I was right. Everyone else was wrong and I have total bragging rights as THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA ended the Illini's dream season in a 75-70 win in the championship game. More important than that, all of the orange krushed idiots that are down here in Carbondale had no more "I wear maroon but bleed orange" bragging rights. There were no more "I love Bruce weber for what he did" clowns. And most importantly, the bandwaggon emptied quick like there was a bomb on that bitch! And I couldn't be happier. Well, I could've if they woulda kept that 15 point lead. Not only is UNC the NCAA champs, they're the Big 10 champs by beating the 3rd place team (Wisconsin), 2nd place team (MSU) and the so-called OVERRATED #1 team in the country the Illini. I said all year that if the Illini ever ran into UNC they'd lose cuz they had no one to stop Mr. May. All I heard was James Augustine, Roger Powell and the 3 guard offense. Mr. May made Powell his bitch. Augustine was the Most Valuable Player with 0 points 5 fouls in 9 minutes. He had an excellent defensive game (lol). Luther Head and co. choked with wide open threes, got away with a million illegal screens and didn't attack the basket when they had both Jackie Manuel and Raymond Felton with 4 fouls in the last 5 minutes. Once again proving that the ACC was dominant over the ACC. Well, after the celebration of the Illini downfall and the UNC victory we went to eat at Grinnell. I got a bunch of dirty looks and even people talking shit (after I walked away of course) from psuedo Illini fans and people at Wal-Mart. It was worth it cuz all i had to do was put my finger over my mouth and say "Shhh!" cuz UNC proved me right. Since then, Kells has stayed away from the room, hasn't IMmed, hasn't called, I haven't seen his roommie and southern has turned back to a full Maroon clad place. With exception to that beautiful Carolina blue that scattered the campus. And what happened to the Orange that heavily scattered the campus along wit Cubbie blue and Cardinal red??? Well, presumably, it jumped off the 17th floor of one of the towers or is somewhere burning, or more likely put away for another 16 years when the Illini make another run! Have fun Illini fans. Did you see Rashad McCants put up that "triangle", well it wasn't a triangle. It was the Dynasty sign. If you know anything about music, that's a Roc-a-fella sign and that's the Dynasty sign (aka the Delta sign if u know sororities.) Thats what UNC is...the DYNASTY, a dynasty in rebirth led by Uncle Roy Williams. It started with Rashad McCants, Sean May and Raymond Felton (the 3 sides to the triangle) and will continue with Marvelous Marvin Williams and the rest of the future Heels. Yes, April 4th 2005 was a victorious day for fans wearing blue everywhere (Cubbie or Carolina!!!!)

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