Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Report

I'm glad that everyone but me had a great weekend. I started the weekend by watching LaTroy Hawkins blow the save in the only game the Cubs lost this weekend. Friday night, I played some basketball and ate Chinese food, but did nothing really to write home about. Saturday I spent all day moving my recently deceased uncle's stuff, yeah, i know that manual labor sucks, but that's family, ya gotta do it for them. Saturday night I was supposed to chill wit some girl, I fell asleep, she fell asleep & I was supposed to go back to my cous' house where he was drinkin and BBQing but once again--SLEPT THROUGH IT! Worked all day Sunday and almost missed my train. Didn't even get to enjoy a home cooked meal--just through food down my throat. Meanwhile in Carbondale, it was the last weekend for Cherry pit ever and i couldn't even be there for it. My roommie had an awesome weekend w/o me cuz he had the whole room to himself and now he's got a girl. And me, I'm stressed, pissed and tired because this weekend ultimately bit the big one. Never again do I do something like that ever again (well, at least not til next opening day or if by some miracle they make the playoffs)

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