Saturday, November 05, 2005

Friday Fun wit da Fam

Well this was interesting without a doubt. My parents came, it was great. It was like Christmas in November. We got all sorts of food, 4 boxes of cereal, bags of candy, a box of enchiladas, a bag of rice, a container of real mac and cheese. It was great. Oh and I got clothes. I'm very happy about this!!! But when they got here, everyone was happy to see them, not just me. Jameel, Steve, Kristin and Hoos were all glad to see them. We had good times together. Funny story, one of my friends that met my mom for the first time thought she was hot and was my girlfriend. Oh my! It's like Las Vegas all over again lol long story don't feel like explaining. From the dorms we went to Quattro's pizza and ate food and then went to Pinch Penny Pub to drink. It was cool, my parents were buying everyone drinks! Everyone loves my parenets (even before this) that's all I heard to night how cool my parents were and how awesome they are. And I must agree, they're some bad ass parents. But yep, that was the basics of tonight: my parents are awesome. We're all looking forward to tomorrow night where there will be football and then Stix to dance. I'm a little nervous about tomorrow at the bars. Will my mom want to dance with me? Will she be with Papa? Will she embarass me? How should I interact with the opposite sex on the dance floor? With all that on my mind, I digress to go to bed with the memories of a great night! Hey drinking and not getting drunk ain't bad!

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