Monday, November 07, 2005

A Weekend In Review

Hey hey! I'm back to report on this interesting and entertaining weekend. The whole visiting parents thing worked out very well and I felt really good to see them and hang with them again. I'll be seeing them soon. They were pleased to see me doing good and happy to see my friends and meet the new friends I met so far this year. My friends were happy to see them too, kinda weird, I think they looked forward to their visit more than I did. So here it is in review. FRIDAY they got here around 7 or 8 don't quite remember. It's that memory thing that is lacking currently. They came up and it was like Christmas in November. They had more treats than a Halloween house owned by rich white folks! I got 4 boxes of Cocoa Krispies, a big ass box of chocolate treats, Halloween candy (Snickers, Reese's, Butterfingers), Chips Ahoy! cookies, a big ol' thang of enchiladas with chicken, Puerto Rican rice, mom's chilli, macaroni and cheese and I don't know if that is it but yeah, I got a lot of stuff. Ooh, I got clothes too. Yeah, Friday was good. Then we went to Quattro's pizza for dinner, we had the whole gang out: Me, Hoos, Steve, Nate, Kristin and Jameel. Then we went to Pinch and met up with two girls from the floor that joined us and Kristin's bf joined us later. My dad was buyin drinks (spent about $100 bucks in my guesstimation) for us and we all got off happy. Since then I've been hearing what I've known for years: how cool my parents are. Gotta love being me sometimes, especially in times like that. SATURDAY we went to the football game. WE WON!!! WOO!!! 31-17. Down 17-7 at halftime, the SIU Salukis scored 24 unanswered points in the second half including an awesome 85 yard punt return which was the longest by a Saluki since 1983. Wow, that was a long time ago, I was negative 3 years old (being born in 1986.) After the game, got ditched by my guys who went with a friend down the hall to the country dance bar. Mixed results about that. I went out, got drunk, talked to a girl that didn't have a thought and then things got interesting. Got a call from a horny girl in Chicago and yeah, I hate women. They're so damn picky, they say men don't know what they want but in response maybe we don't know what we want because girls send out so many damn mixed signals. GRRR!!! Ooh, this weekend I learned that I get horny when I'm drunk and am easily suggestible by girls who are hot over the phone. Yeah, funny thing is that I'm easily suggestible when I'm sober if there's a pretty face involved. But this all wouldn't have happened had my full proof buddy system been in place. Basically, the buddy system when it comes to drinking is that friends don't let friends use electronic devices drunk. That includes telephones, cell phones, pagers, facebook, Instant Messenger, text messges, e-mails and all that good stuff while under the influence of alcohol. That failed BECAUSE NONE OF MY FRIENDS WERE AROUND FOR THIS!!!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! SUNDAY was busy because this was my parents last full day of being in Carbondale. I woke up at 9 am, actually I was awoken by my mom who called to wake me up so we could get some stuff I needed for school and stuff. Got one of the two books that I needed for school and then we went to the Carbondale mall ooh and the Outdoor Store. Mom thinks Papa is turning into a redneck because he bought a "redneck truck" an '05 Chevy Avalanche, he bought a trailor and now he's shopping at an outdoor store. I dunno, Roy's got too much soul to be a redneck. Anyways, while at the mall I got a phone call that shed light on what I did last night and yeah, I had no clue what was going on last night and I wish that I wasn't reminded today of what I did in the past. I would have been better off not remembering and not knowing AT ALL!!! I honestly should have a lawyer walk around with me when I go out drinking and all he says is that "Luis C. Medina is not responsible for his actions while he is under the influence of alcohol. This includes anything he says, does, ensinuates"...Basically something that covers all the bases and basically makes me immune to what happens when I've been drinking. Also, people in my phonebook and in my address book on-line should sign a contract that clears anything I say or do when I'm drunk. Well after that we snacked at Don Taco, the best Mexican food in Carbondale which is TOTALLY BAD ASS!!! I love those steak taco's with salsa verde. After that we went to the basketball game which the Salukis won 89-64 against the University of Missouri St. Louis. This is definetly a different Saluki team from last year. The offense looks crisp as ever with an inside threat nonetheless. Randall Faulker and Matt Shaw combined for 25 points. Jamaal Foster and Faulker showed more post moves in this one game than I saw all year out of everyone's favorite clutch shooting now former-Saluki Joshua Warren. The offense looks good with redshirt freshman PG Wesley Clemmons, but won't be for long because Mike Dale (serving a suspension) who missed the game should be starting. I don't know, but if it was up to me it'd be Faulker, Shaw, T.Y., Tatum and Dale. The player that impressed me the most today was true freshman point guard Bryan Mullins from Downers Grove's state championship team. The kid was as advertised. He was quick, decisive, a bit flashy, ran the offense smoothly, handled the pressure well, had great court vision, all he needs to learn is to FINISH THE JOB WITH BASKETS! The future is bright in that one! After the game me, hoos, nate, steve and my parents we went to steak and shake for the final dinner. I enjoyed it a lot cuz I got to be fed for free. Oh, I'll miss this. I'm seriously looking to cut my weekend drinking! I need to save this money and put it towards better things. I like going out, I just don't like paying $5 to get in and spending $10 bucks to maybe get drunk. Sometimes I need more, sometimes I need less. Nevertheless, it was a good weekend to be your boy Luis Medina!

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