Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Have Thoughts About Beauty & The Geek

If there's one thing I love, it is television. I also love when television teaches me things. As I struggle through being single and all the crap that comes with the territory, I decided to watch Beauty & The Geek 2 just to see whats up. Another thing I love is reality shows, especially ones that I can potentially take something useful out of. I also like being entertained, so that's another reason I turned on the TV to 'Beauty.' So let's see what I learned. Well, throughout the show, I continually muttered to myself things I would do in that situation and things I would change about the guys. Then I realized something, I'm in a MUCH better situation than they are when it comes to women. Sure these guys are GEEKS not in the (well lemme check that) not all of them are in the Trekkie mode cuz some of these guys are MIT graduates and geniuses and things like that and they'll make more money than I can ever dream of most likely. But I have some sense of style, I have some sense of pop culture and I have an ounce of confidence which mnost of these guys don't have. And that's odd to say because usually I don't have confidence but after watching the show tonight I have no reason not to have confidence because I have a lot going for me.....Let's see what else did I learn. Oh, they got a token black girl on there. I feel bad for her dude cuz they've already shaved weird ghetto patterns into his beard and she fits a stereotypical bougie black girl. Some call her hood rich, I wouldn't. Evidence you ask for well here it is: they showed her a picture of John Kerry and asked her who is this failed presidential candidate. And she had no clue and what came to my mind (of course she doesn't have a clue because she probably didn't vote, and why because black people don't vote, there's your proof!) And as racist and as bad as that sounds, look at the numbers and the numbers show not only blacks, but minorities as a total don't vote. And I don't have a reason why. I digress. That political rant was brought to you by The Richard M. Daley Political School of Thought. Running the Chi as a King since 1989......I also learned things about women and how they look at guys and how insecure I can be, they can be too. And how sometimes all I need is a little pick me up, they need it too and they appreciate it as much as I do. There's something I can work on. I'm hoping I can figure to learn more as the show goes on. Let's see trying to figure out what else I learned. Well as my mind forgets what I learned unfortunatley, I'll know to watch this show with a yellow pad in hand next time when I watch to take notes.
FINAL THOUGHT ON THE SHOW: There was one more thing I wanted to mention about what I learned from the show. I learned that I can change. I learned that I don't necessarily need to be stuck in the mindset where I'm always gonna fail. I don't need to live in the past where my failures still haunt me and seemingly keep me down. I see that these guys are trying something new to freshen things up and to give things a chance. I, presonally, am ready to give things a chance! Time for a fresh look and a new me. Get 'em Luie

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