Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Day 1....Semester 2.....Year 2006

New year, new semester a new day and more of the same. I vowed for change and it looks like things are still the same. My room was clean until my roommate got back, well at least it was clean for a minute. And the room, back to grand central station. The center of the 14th floor universe is 1434 Mae Smith. I sometimes wonder about rooming with him next year, like the rest of the guys it won't be quite bad, but i dunno, i think we gotta give hoos his own wing of the house to fuck things up in! I dunno there's so much more on my mind but i'm too tired to write. As much as I've vowed to change, I hope things do change, but somewhere inside me my doubts have overshadowed the my confidence. Good night from Carbondale

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