Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Good Night Post

Not necessarily a good night as in "it was a good night" post but more of a "good night, i'm going to bed" post. Today was very blah to say the least. Test at 11 came and went. Race and Ethnics was sleepy and history 301 well was history 301, nothing to really write home about. Came back to the room, the computer was fucking with me so I missed my boers and bernsie Friday intro which yeah blah blah I missed it, whatever. I found the song that they use it's called "Friday, I'm In Love" by the cure. Bad ass song, now I can listen to it whenever. I took a nap, ate by myself and sat in front of the computer for most of the night. If I wasn't staring at the comp, I was playing NBA Jam. Yeah, I've beaten that game 3 consecutive times with undefeated records and yeah I'm really bored of it. It's times like these I wish I had my X Box so I can go through a season of baseaball, though I'd be really into college basketball right now.
Speaking of college basketball, big game tomorrow evening when Louisiana Tech led by 6'8" stud forward Paul Millsap come to the SIU Arena to face the Salukis in another Bracket Buster Saturday. This guy's good, he's averaging a double-double and has led the country in rebounding for the last 2 years and is on his way to make it three. Randal Falker has been putting up big numbers recently from in the post so I'm hoping for big things. I hope the backcourt can step up because if not, we might be in some trouble in Saluki nation. Ooh, here's something special: ESPN (as of now) predicts 5 (count 'em bitch!) 1-2-3-4-5 teams in the big dance. Peep this: Southern Illinois, Wichita State, Creighton, Northern Iowa and Missouri State. Amazing!!!! I'm rooting for it to happen, I really am, CONFERENCE PRIDE WOOT! WOOT! I'll be at the Arena at 4, where will you be?
In Regards To Last Nights Post
First of all I'd like to point out that yes, I do go back and refer to last years events and my crush from last year. I'd like to clarify some things about that. I guess if I look at it closely I could draw comparisons for example being friends and not returning feelings. There's a difference, the only reason I went back to the well (so to say) was because A) I was intoxicated and B) our motivations are different. What I mean by "our motivations" is that me and my roomie, when we go after girls we're looking at two totally different ways we approach, attract and act. Though we both go off the basis of starting as friends. That my friends is where the similarities end. He's really been able to buy love because despite what he says he has money and the things he bought for his last girlfriend were proof positive that he did have the loot. He's sneaky though, I don't put it past him that he was looking at this girl that he's dating now while he was with the girl that is now his ex. I dunno, I think I made the comment before that I don't know how guys like him get a second chance (and after last night's events a third chance) and I can't even get a first chance. It kills me it's a dagger! So anyways, things seem to be all good now between them, he's over there now spending the night. But back to the 'In Regards to Last Nights Post' segment. So yeah that girl still exsists but he's denying things and blah blah and then from what I hear from my sources (as unreliable as they are) he might have said a half-truth and was not doing what he said he was doing. So in regards to last nights post: to hell with 'em all. That might be some of the best evidence I have on why I absolutely hate women. Now back to the regular show.
Back to the Show I Go
So I guess this is the closing of tonights blog. I'd like to close by saying tonight sucked. Tonight was another night that supports my case that this town sucks when you A) don't have a car and B) you aren't getting drunk. Also it's nights like tonight that I wish I was back in the big city. Worst case scenario, I would have spent tonight working. At least after work I'd be able to play pool for free and X Box and maybe hang with my friends. Speaking of my friends, yeah I hate people in relationships. I know I've said it more times than necessary but it's the truth. I hate it because being around them makes me feel like absolute shit. I feel like a useless piece of shit when I'm around couples, I just want to go jump somewhere. Sorry folks, there ain't much of a silver lining to take out of this one. Ahhhh!!!! I'm so frustrated. Another night where I wish I was home (though I'd probably be saying the same things because hey my best friends in the Chi are in relationships) so yeah put the boot to that theory! You know sometimes I wish I never would have gotten involved in that thing I mentioned above. I really, truely hate myself, I've just come to realize that. Boy, oh, BOY! I gotta change that A.S.A.P. I think that song by Ne-Yo is right on the money: I'm so sick of love songs, but why can't I turn off the radio. It's like an accident, you don't wanna look but you're so intruigued. That's how I feel about my life, you can't help but to turn in and see what happens next.
In Closing: It figure's I'd hit my rock bottom pointin the semester the week of Valentine's Day. Up yours St. Valentine you assbag!!!!

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