Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's Over...and some random rants

For the SIU Salukis, the 4-year run atop of the Missouri Valley Conference is about to come to an unthinkable end. I should've known that it would, because of course all good things must come to an end, but the fact that it came so suddenly is what hurts the most right now. Losing 3 in a row and 5 out of 7 is not what you want on your NCAA Tournament Resume. Especially with 2 losses against Indiana State and Evansville, the bottom feeders of the MVC with RPIs below 100. On top of that, the Dawgs blew the team showcase game that we know as ESPN Bracketbuster Saturday when they let Paul Millsap blow up for 20 second half points. Free throw shooting, or lack of it, has been the downfall for the Dawgs recently. Shaw missed one in the end against Lou Tech and Tatum missed 3 which more than makes up for a 3 point loss, it turns a 3 point loss into a 1 point win. So, where to from here? Well, a win to close the regular season against Northern Iowa would definetly help things a lot! Also, two wins in the conference tourney would probably solidify the SIU case for being an at large bit in the tourney. Or the Dawgs can shock the world and clean house during the MVC tourney and get the conference's auto-bid. If not, a trip to the dreaded NIT is in the cards. Personally, I don't look at the NIT as a bad thing. I remember DePaul's run that was cut short by a talented Cal team in Quentin Richardson's first year as a Demon. Then the next year they made the tourney and was robbed by a Roy Williams-led Kansas team in the first round of the tournament. The NIT is good to build team confidence and things of that nature. It'll give the kids a few more games to play together, because basically we are the only team next year who is returning all five starters next year. The more they play, the more experienced they become, the NIT is the kinda tourney that brings teams together, like that Memphis or Michigan team from a few years ago. The NIT sure built up the confidence in Wichita State who looks like a lock to win the MVC regular season crown. And comparing the idea of being one and done in the NCAA and the idea of winning a few games and going to New York in the NIT, I like the NIT idea much better, it'd build up team morale. A run in the NIT also gives the NCAA heads a look towards next year's bracketology, especially from a team that is completely coming back minus the two walk-on seniors. To end this rant, all I have to say is that the story book ending was set up for the Dawgs, they just faded down the stretch. To put it in the words that I put it to my roommate: "The Salukis traded in that Saluki maroon for white and cubbie blue pinstripes. The flat out choked."
  • So, if you read the last post, you know what happened Friday night, absolutely nothing. Saturday wasn't much better. The hype before Bracketbuster Saturday died after the crushing last second loss to Louisiana Tech. Going back to the dorms depressed, we headed to Fred's Country Dance Barn for Rhonda & The Whoopie Cats. Note that the first time that I went to Fred's, Rhonda was there and I totally enjoyed myself. On top of that I was wasted. The same could not be said about Saturday night. Sure there were a lotta country hotties there, but either they were jailbait or with big country dudes. So I was going to Fred's optimistic, but really, reality set in and well, upon further review, I broke two promises that I made myself. I promised myself that I'd never go to Fred's again (note the second blog on January 29th One Step Forward and a Country Two-Step Back) and I also vowed not to go out with couples (check any earlier post). I broke both of those promises to myself. On the record, I enjoyed my night out. Off the record, I was secretly miserable. Few know about my true feelings, I feel that even fewer care, but whatever. I just hate being around couples, especially when I'm single, especially when my roomie's dating out of his league. Meh, there's the jealousy thing again. I'll lose my mind soon enough, don't you worry, blog readers out there will be the first to know.
  • So Sunday was recovery day, and a big win for UNC at Wake Forest. That was the highlight of the day. As for the night, drama ensued, as usual on floor 14 of Mae Smith. So, there was the weekly question on Viva La Sex (local campus TV show) about how to tell your friend that she's a whore without hurting her feelings. Someone got offended by that on the floor causing mini-controversey. Then there was the question that rattled the floor. It involved a dating policy in which someone doesn't date another person who lives on the floor. Whether it was liminal or sub-liminal, a shot was taken at a couple on our floor who is dating and not necessarily a lot of people approve of the relationship. So that caused one big hullabaloo on the floor. People quit talking to each other, one kid had to be held back due to his rage, awkward moments came soon and now one of the people in the controversy is moving which lessens drama on the floor. Wow, that's a handful of knowledge.
  • Monday I boycotted school due to sickness and I wanted Presidents Day off like all of my other friends. I tried to shake off some of the sickness by sweating it out on the basketball court. On the court, I struggled to create my own shot, find my shot and in the end, I had problems making my shot. On the other hand, my passing, much improved, I played decent point. Later that night, big things happen. Big thing as in pranking my roommate. So I was in his gfs room and got him starting to talk about sex. Now make this note, let's just say there's price of admission to this girl and it's called marriage. Fair enough, you gotta respect the girl, well at least I respect a girl who respects herself. So, I hid in a box and yeah, well he came in the room and started kissing her and he unbuckles his belt and his girlfriend announces "Lu, come out." Note that I had been in there a good 20-30 minutes, i was sweating my balls off and fighting off caughing, laughing and the idea that they were actually gonna do it. When I heard the kissing I was just hoping that he'd be a quickie. But I emerged from the box laughing along with his gf, he unfortunately was not laughing. He was pissed, real mad. He was like you cock blocked me when in reality he wasn't gonna get any in the first place. Was it cruel, I admit it was cruel, if that woulda happened to me, I'd just attribute it to the fact that I'm cursed! So yeah well, he was talking about getting me back. Instead, I outlined my case for why he shouldn't and that because of this stunt, we're even. Ranging from the fact that he got the girl, the money, the car, the looks from other girls, the fact that he's white and has power, and the ultimate one revisiting the Michigan girl fiasco that definetly backfired his plan to make her a confidnce booster (which I admit, she was, but the fact that it was all an elaborate hoax, which i predicted, just killed any momentum I had for myself). I also busted his balls on how at one point I knew more about his girl than he did and then the weekend she came and visited, she spent more time with me than she did with him. Little cheap shots like that. In the end, I was unharmed
  • That brings me to today. I had a test in my one class today, I survived with as little coughing as possible. Had lunch, it was really an extended lunch. After everyone left, my roomie and I stayed around and talked shit almost for an hour after everyone left. It was real good for the soul, I believe it was good for both of our souls as roommates. We got a lot of our chests, it was a lot like our old chats from earlier in the year and from second semester last year. SIU lost, I explained that in the opener. Me and my roomie, well I took some more shots at dinner tonight, which mind you only after he took his shots at me. I apologized, he gave me the finger. I told his gf to tell him I'm sorry, he bitched me out for it, then I reminded him that I apologized and was responded to by a middle finger. So now I'm here, potentially with a fever, ready to go to bed after catching up on my blogging.

Good Night from Carbondale. Hopefully, better days are ahead.

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