Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Review and Things

It's Sunday and it's almost 11:00 pm and it means that my weekend is essentially over. It was an up and down weekend in Salukiville, but really, what weekend isn't down here? I'm looking forward to Spring Break and soon enough I'll be counting down the days. SIUs basketball season is over until the conference tourney and March is around the corner, I'm hoping that good college hoops can carry me over until baseball season (which really has already begun.) I had a visitor this weekend, and I love nothing more than visitation from guests, especially good friends so that made the weekend salvageable. Well enough with the run-around, here's the weekend recap.
So Friday I struggled through one class, I couldn't make it through all of them. It's hard when boogers are running down your face, your head feels like its over weight, your weak and you can't concentrate...I think you get the picture. I was completely out of it. I got back to the room, drugged myself up, took a nap and started to feel better. Alex, my guy from U of I, came for the weekend. I kinda feel bad cuz he ditched U of I hoops Senior Day starring James Augustine and Dee Brown. But he got to watch them after the game anyways so at least he got that. Things didn't go exactly as planned, but we ordered pizza (note spicy sausage, really good on pizza) watched disc one of Chappelle's show season two and talked a lotta shit. It was great, especially when I got to sleep in peace w/o cough attacks and constant tissue runs.
Well it was the SIU home finale and it was nothing like last year. There wasn't much hype, the Dawgs were on a three game losing streak and it just wasn't the same as last year when we beat Wichita State and I dubbed the day as "Championship Saturday" last year. Though this year I took solice in hoping ot upset the #25 team in the country, closing the year on a high note, gaining momentum into the conference tourney and positive things like that. I also wanted to show Al a good time as an honorary member of the Dawg Pound for one day. Oh and the thing I took in most was enjoying the last day as "four-time defending MVC champions" so that was cool, I'm not used to be defending champion at anything. So, for the game, SIU won in a 45-44 thriller at the Arena where Tony Young banked in a running floater with 7 seconds left, the Dawgs "Got on the D" stopping Ben Jacobson in the final seconds, the fans rushed the court and the Dawgs WON! I love rushing the court, it's a great feeling. Oh and I must note I saw former Bull Jay Williams doing color commentary at the game which was really cool. My roomie was star struck cuz J-Will is a Duke alum and my roommate is Mr. Duke.
We spent Saturday Night at Fred's Country Dance Barn. I figured that I would give Al the novelty of a once in a life time experience of going to a country dance barn. Now note that we're both from the city and aren't necessarily the biggest country fans in the world. We enjoyed ourselves, not as much as if we would have gone to the bars or stayed in and watched Chappelle's show and things, but we were entertained by the drunks, the hot chicks and jailbait. We did a little dancing (with the girls, gotta make that clear of course) and I think the high light of the night was when 3 girls made a Lu sandwich outta me. We finished the night at Don Taco and watching disc 2 of Chappelle's Show season 2. Saturday night: uneventful, yet enjoyable.
Well Sunday's almost over as I currently type this. It's officially over when Viva La Sex is over. It was a bit of a lack luster show tonight, I'm a bit disappointed, whatever. So I slept in until 12, me and al watched a bit of the Michigan State/Indiana game and then we finished Chappelle's Show finally (we passed out last night before it ended.) So then we put on the UConn/Villanova game and yeah UConn proved 'Nova's win 10 days ago was an absolute fluke. The thing that bothered me the most about that game was that UConn fans were chanting "overrated" at the end of the game. Really, where they overrated? You should not have been chanting overrated to a team that not only beat you last week, but a team that is only two spots ahead of you in the Top 25 polls. It struck me as odd, but I guess they were seeking revenge. I'd probably chant it if I was a UConn fan at the stadium. Took al to the train station at 4 and since then not much has happened. The Tar Heels won another impressive game this time against Maryland. The Heels, an after thought by all the experts after the top 7 scorers from last years National Championship team left, are ranked 21 and should be moving up the charts. They have solidified their spot as the #2 team in the ACC and they almost beat Duke. I predict they defeat Duke in the last game of the season, that'd be wonderful! The Sunday TV line up was reruns, I need something to do on Sundays.
Here's a segment that I drop in once in a while when I do a themed blog and I got some random thoughts to throw in. I like 'Loose Change' it makes me feel good when I'm done with the post. So here it is:
  • I think it's safe to say that my roommate and I have a deteriorating relationship/friendship. I don't know what it is, I can't put my finger on it, but things ain't the same as they once was. Beyond the girlfriend thing, beyond the whole him being pompous about how Duke's #1 though those are contributing factors, I don't know what else it is. Maybe it's cuz we've lived together for two years, I have no clue what's up. He's been quite snippy with me lately. One thing I really don't understand is how he takes shots at people all the time but when someone takes a shot at him he takes it super-personally and gets really defensive, I don't think that's quite fair. I'd like to talk things over, but he's never around. The only time we're around each other is when we watch the ball games. Whenever we eat, bullshit pops up and either we can't talk about it or something else takes over the conversation. Needless to say, it's bothered me enough to post it on the blog, so I guess you can say it's quite serious.
  • Quote of the day is brought to you by the good folks at and it deals with Cubs pitcher Randy Wells breaking the bat of teammate and Cub-newbie Juan Pierre: "That's cool, but he's my teammate. I'd rather break the bat of somebody on the Cardinals." That's what I'm talking about! I never even heard of this Randy Wells kid, but I want him on the team. Any guy who likes pitching inside, especially to a Cardinal has one fan, and that's ME! I know Prior and Woody and Big Z ain't afraid to pitch inside. Neither is Maddux though he's old and an inside fastball in the wrong location could find itself bouncing down Kenmore Avenue. But before I keep going on with this blog, I'll stop, because this is something I should probably save for the blog. I'll actually copy and paste it and add on to it later.
  • As I've said a million times in this blog, I'm tired of being single. I'm also tired of always being around couples. Sure, it's a little hard when you're roommate and his g/f are always together and you all are pretty good friends and all live within spitting distance. Being around them, and couples in general, makes me feel lonely, useless, depressed and all those feelings of negatvity. I also don't like the way some people want me to go out there and approach girls. Some people say that I should go out there and be a conflict. That's actually a kinder, gentler way to say what i want to say. They basically want me to go out and be a clown, treat women in not a good way, in a sense be an asshole. Basically the conflict theory works out when you push yourself far away they'll want you back. It just doesn't pan out in my mind, and the way I was brought up I can't do it. My conscience won't let me. So then there's the random girl approach. That works in theory, kinda like communism. But I have my fears. First off, my fear of rejection rules all because rejection hurts and it brings me back to all the crap I've got dealt by girls over the years and that don't feel good. On top of that I don't want to come off as desperate (which I might if you know my situation you really can't blame me if I do come off a bit desperate), I don't want to meet a girl that has a boyfriend (especially one that could kill me) and get my hopes up, I don't wanna come off as weird random guy as well. And on top of that, I really don't know how to approach girls, that's kinda important I think. I just have problems approaching girls, it's really as simple as that. I can talk to them in general situations and on a "friend" level, but it doesn't extend beyond the friendship stage. I think it's due to my theory which is the friends first theory. I'm a believer that you should befriend who you want to date first because who wants to date someone they'll conflict with? Not to many people I would like to believe want that. My problem comes when toeing the fine line that we like to call "The Friend Zone." Really, its a big grey (or is it gray?) area where you don't want to be. You don't want to be like me, the guy they tell EVERYTHING to, because then you're in the friend zone. Now, you can get in the friend zone and can get out with the right moves but that comes with high risks. You risk the awkward moment that may come when you make your move. You could also lose the basic friendship which isn't ever good. However, it's a high risk-high reward situation. Let's just say I end up taking the plunge in each situation I've ever been in.
  • In an effort to save time and to protect the names of the guilty while prosecuting those of the innocent, here comes the big rant which I would like to call "The Loose Change's Silver Dollar." Basically I want folks to read this because they might be entertained or something. Well, here goes nothing. I don't believe in anything anymore. I have lost all faith in the system, I am finally convinced that the system does not work. I wish it did, I really do, but as soon as I find something to have faith in something happens and I lose my faith in the system. It's like when you find out that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father. You see the potential that could have been had Vader stayed with the non-dark side. You felt a sense of disappointment. Well I feel that way right now. In a sense a bit of maybe betrayal, but that's a bit much for the situation. Angry and upset are in the neighborhood of the feeling, but angry and upset feelings would be stupid and wouldn't make much sense. Disappointed would be the best word to describe my thoughts right now. Well since I can't describe what I want to because of issues, here's the best way I can hide things. Once again, here goes nothing. I finally found something I could hitch my bandwagon to. Being in the situation I am in, as a college student, it's hard to find things to attatch to, specifically, I find it difficult to put validity in anything, let alone anyone. As I've said before, college really screws with your perception of how things really go down. So when you find some thing and you find out that it doesn't pan out, it's like finding a hot prospect and the prospect showing one year of potential followed by falling flat on their face! On second though this is really hard to put in a metaphorical form, but I'm trying people, I really am. I'm really struggling here to put a face to the situation and put some thoughts on this page, it's proven itself to be quite difficult as of right now. I had really good ones going through my mind for a while now but now that I've FINALLY gotten a chance to blog it, all my thoughts have slipped my mind. Okay here we go, I think I got it, or shall I say I hope I got it. As a college student there are some things that are so called givens in college life. However I don't agree necessarily with the givens and I'm one of the few that wants to steer their own ship. Granted, the givens come over time, that's why it's called a given, but the givens that are expected as a college student are sometimes a bit much to handle. So then you find people that agree with you about the givens and you don't feel like the one-man idiot parade. Well when there's a point where everything goes wrong and you become the one-man idiot parade again, that's whats going on. If you can do the math, good for you? If you can't, then get a tutor. Even though years from now I'll look back on this and not know what I'm talking about. But the thing about this moment I'm going in through now will be etched in my memory as long as my memory stays. Which knowing me, might not be long, but who knows!

Good night from Carbondale!

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