Thursday, March 09, 2006

Today's Uneventful Blog

You know it was a slow day when you know it's gonna be a slow blog day. Lemme see, two quizzes, one good one was a lot of writing and quite stressful. This afternoon was blown really when the US lost to Canada in baseball. I took an hour out of my time to write my politics paper hopefully that went well. Really, it was a boring night. I think the highlight of the night was talking to my roomie's ex Meagan. She's fun to talk to, we talked for a while over the phone tonight, I'm pretty sure she called to talk to him, but he ain't around anymore and we instead talked and I really enjoyed it. I love talking to people. Heck, we even made plans to finally meet each other when she comes to Chicago this summer and we're gonna go shopping cuz yeah we both like shopping, go figure. Oh and I'm leaning towards going to country thunder. I know it's early but if I go with the right group I'll have a good time. I think I'm gonna throw on a movie as I go to bed. I don't know what i'm gonna pick though. All in all, today was quite uneventful, unfortunately.

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