Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Break Recap

As the song goes: "It's been one week since you looked at me..." And yes it has been one week since I've blogged because spring break doesn't let me blog. Yes, there's more down time but there's less to write about, so I'm gonna take this opportunity to recap my spring break.
FRIDAY: The most uneventful of the Spring Break days because all I did was take a 6 hour train ride from Carbondale to Chicago, talk to the parents and play some video games that I haven't played in forever.
SATURDAY: Saturday was a turning point, not a Spring Break make or break kind of turning point, but something that might turn some things around while I'm back in Carbondale. I took my mom to the mall to get her nails done and usually while she gets her nails done I do some window shopping. Well this session of window shopping turned into a new outfit and a revelation. The new outfit, a nice button-up shirt with some black jeans. The relevation takes a bit more of an explanation. So there's this dance coming up at school, it's a formal dance in the mold of a prom or a homecoming, a dance of that nature. So it intrigued me to the point where I wanted to go, however the issue I had was that I didn't have a date. I'm not a believer of going stag to formals such as prom. The only reason people go to prom stag is to "keep their options open" and that only works for girls. Girls go 'stag' to keep their options open to either A) take guys from their perspective dates B) Get around ;-) if you catch my drift and C) aren't looking for anything in particular that night. Guys go stag, the only reason guys go stag is because they couldn't get a date, plain and simple. I didn't wanna be one of those guys. Heck, each time I went to prom (both junior and senior year of high school) I had one of the hottest girls there, so you really can't blame me if I don't wanna go stag after going with too beautiful girls in two different years. So, while I was window shopping I saw a nice khaki colored suit while my moms response was "my son's a black man" my response was "I forget one thing about myself, I look really good in a suit!" My moms response to that was "I'd hook you up if you had a date." There was my issue, I talked to my roomie and his girl and decided that I had options, options I was previously unaware of. And now, bang! I got a date, now for the suit. That would come later.
SUNDAY: Sunday was a big day. It was selection Sunday and it was the first episode of the Sopranos. Selection Sunday was cool, but I felt the Valley (The Missouri Valley Conference) was completely jobbed of at least one, if not two teams. In hindsight the the committee did a good job selecting teams because the last two teams in (George Mason and Bradley) are in the sweet 16. But I think Missouri State should have been in ahead of the Air Force. Creighton shoulda been there but I can't find a team they should've replaced. The only issue I really had with the committee was the seeding. I agree with Wichita State's seeding as a 7 seed because they won the conference outright during the regular season. I don't agree with our seeding at all or where they placed North Carolina (noticeably two of my favorite teams) I'll also say that U of I got jobbed and so did Gonzaga when it came to the committee seeding. Carolina should have been placed in the Duke bracket as the 3 seed switching with Iowa who really got an unnecessary boost for winning the Big 10 tourney for a team taht was highly overrated all year. On top of that, the committee is always talking about trying to keep teams close to home. You kept Duke in Greensboro, NC so why couldn't you do the same for UNC? Lemme guess, because they're not Duke. Gonzaga should have gotten Tennessee's 2-seed which they didn't deserve and that was proved when Wichita beat them. Oh yeah I found the team that Creighton shoulda replaced, Seton Hall the team that Wichita beat by 20 points. Here comes the SIU shafting here. An 11 seed against West Virginia? The absolute biggest mis-match in the tournament pitting the experience and the size of West Virginia who's starting 5 was on last year's Elite 8 team that was only minutes away and a miraculous Lousiville comeback away from a Final Four date against an undersized, underexperienced, and undermanned team in SIU. SIU woulda been a better match up switching wth fellow MVC team Northern Iowa (10-seed) against Georgetown. Maybe an 8 or 9 seed, but yeah screwed! The Sopranos' was excellent.
MONDAY: Boring, filled out some tourney brackets which got lost somehow in the mess I know as my room. I cleaned it later, played some video games and that was really it.
TUESDAY: Watched Idol with my cousin, have two current crushes on Idol: the country girl that really is pretty dumb and Katie who's got a killer voice to go along with a killer figure. Played my cousin in baseball an for the first time ever I beat him!!!
WEDNESDAY: Pretty boring in anticipation of the NCAA tournament.
THURSDAY: Lunch with my sister, did some talking caught up on some things and enjoyed. I spent the day really watching the NCAA tournament in the comfort of my own home. Had Tony, Mike and Brian come over to watch the Illini demolish the Air Force. That's so un-American of U of I not to let Air Force win. We had pizza played some NCAA college hoops and that was the night.
FRIDAY: I was supposed to go suit shopping early with my mom, but then my roomie came over to watch the SIU game. Unfortunately we were demolished by 20+ points in the mismatch of the year. It was quite a depressing game. Towards the end it seemed like they were fatigued and quit caring. But the broadcast team of Verne Lunquist and Bill Raftery had nothing but good things to say about SIU whether it was about Jamaal Tatum's aggressiveness when it comes to scoring, the defensive presence of Bryan Mullins, the inside play of Falker and Shaw, the dominance over the last 5 years of the Salukis over the MVC or the stifiling defense the Salukis and overall the Valley play. However all that was no match for a team that hit 60% of their threes and 90% of their foul shots. On top of that my roomie didn't leave, he stayed over for most of the night. We played video games watch some more tourney games and even had dinner. Friday night, despite the loss was the highlight of the week.
SATURDAY: Went suit shopping with mom, bought a new suit and I look supa-fly. I can't wait to reveal it on dance night. Went shopping with mom after that and later watched some tourney games before I went to visit Anna who I only visited once, and it was an absolute suprise to the both of us, it was a spur of the moment.
SUNDAY: I'll start with early Sunday morning where we spent the night driving down lake shore drive taking pictures. I spent my day packing and getting ready for the 6 hour train ride. Unfortunately it was a long train ride. Not only wa my university eliminated, but my favorite team the University of North Carolina Tar Heels was eliminated by friggin George Mason, that made it a sad trip down to Carbondale.
And that was my vacation. I'll get to other issues later.

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