Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend's Over, time to get to work

Well this is a late post for my standards. Happy belated Easter to the peeps that read this. I enjoyed my easter a bit. My dinner that I made myself was delicious and worth cooking. It made me happy. I also talked to a lot of my family today (DOH! I forgot to call my father like I said I would). But it feels good to be me today. I woke up this morning, finished the rest of the unrated version of the 40 year old virgin. Then I watched the Bulls clinch a playoff spot (which I will get to talking about in a little bit) then I made myself my dinner for the night and got cracking on studying on my two quizzes tomorrow and my paper due tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to going home this weekend. It'll just be me and my mom, so we'll see how things go. It will be quite a relaxing weekend for me, which I am totally looking forward to. I've been thinking that I'm gonna shut myself off from the world of Carbondale this up coming weekend. Meaning no calls to Hoos, Alicia, Steve, Kristin and the others. I'll be enjoying the city to the best of my abilities, hoping to find inspiration for this final run of the school year. I'll also be looking to get in touch with my city roots for a bit. It'll be a much appreciated change of scenery when I get to the city. I'm thinking about wearing my suit home, just so I look good and its one less thing I carry with me on the train, cuz I'll be carrying a suitcase and a carry-on of other goodies. Today, unlike yesterday, I'm riding a high, in fact I was riding a high all day. Who knows how to explain that, but I don't care. Here's hoping to some happy days ahead for Lu!!!
THE BULLS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS AGAIN, and for the first time in consecutive years since the Jordan era. Here's hoping that sometime soon the Bulls can put an end to the additon of the mentioning of the Jordan era every time they talk about the Bulls and the playoffs. The've got themselves a nice core of players with Hinrich, Gordon and Deng with a supporting cast of Nocioni, Chandler, Sweetney, Harrington, Malik Allen, Chris Duhon and others. Here's hoping with that top-4 pick they get from the Knicks they get a big scorer like Adam Morrison, or a polished big-man like Lamarcus Aldridge. And with that mid-level pick on a bench shooter like (gulp!) JJ Redick or Mike Gansey, a slashing/scoring point guard like UConn's Marcus Williams, a legit big-man like Hilton Armstrong, an adept rebounder like Paul Millsap, or a guy like Kevin Pittsnogle. All I know is somehow, someway the Bulls need a way to get either Marquette's Steve Novak or UConn's Rashad Anderson (or both!) I'll take both over some of the Bulls options off the bench right now. Maybe next year/in the offseason they can get a big time player through trade like Kevin Garnett or Jermaine O'Neal. Or through free agency like Al Harrington. A line-up with O'Neal, Harrington, Deng, Gordon and Hinrich could be good. Maybe a guy like Morrison, Aldridge, Armstrong, Millsap or Shelden Williams off the bench I'd like an impactful draft pick.
THE THING I'M MOST EXCITED about when it comes to Bulls playoff basketball is that they get to bust out the black shoes again. The Sun-Times fashion expert dissed them last year, but its tradition and its badass, and basketball fashionistas agree that black shoes are in when it comes to the ballas. Fo' real!!!

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