Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rants and Raves: It's What I Crave

Wow, it's been a while since I've done a rant and rave blog. And in this one I'm holding back stuff from finals week. So in principle, it should be a goody. Enjoy.
  • The last two weeks of the semester are the most important weeks for any college student. It's the time where you go to class all the time so you know what's on the final, it's the last chance to hook up with the hotties in your class and most importantly its the last time you get to spend with your friends until next year. I always spend a lot of money during finals week. Whether its the last meals, study meals, gifts for the peeps at home or booze and all that fun stuff. Finals weeks, finally is the last chance to party. A great finals week observation. Finals week makes people hungry and horny. Just an observation. Maybe it's me. But it's not. I just call it the way I see it. And the way I see it it's the "last chance to dance."
  • After finals I spent the weekend in St. Louis. I learned a couple of things about St. Louis. For example, that town revolves around two things: the Cardinals and that damn arch. It's a friggin arch, I CAN DRAW ONE!!!! It's a nice historical site, but nothing more. If not for the Cardinals, St. Louis would probably have nothing. Hockey doesn't count because it's hockey. But yeah St. Louis its pretty boring, I wouldn't want to live there full time. St. Louis has nothing on Chicago. Though I will say it was nice to visit my aunt and my puppy and get some great home cooked meals. Fried chicken, spaghetti, steak, eggs & sausage. I love me some home cooked meals.
  • Back in Chicago and it feel sgood to be back. Though I must say some things are well normal. Like I seen some guy laying on a cardboard box covered in newspapers. I seen some under a viduct pissing on a wall. I seen the beggers and the swindlers, the dealers, the gangsters all that. You know sometimes I think my love life (or lack of it) and the Cubs are the two most depressing things in the world. But I forget sometimes theres more to life than that. I sincerely felt bad for those folks.
  • You know what I missed most about Chicago was the Chicago radio. I forget and take for granted how great Chicago radio is. Beyond Mike North on the Score not knowing anything he's talking about with his stupid views and opinions. And to think he was an idol, someone I wanted to be like when I was younger. Then there's old ass Eddie and JoBo on B96 who are two fourtysomethings attempting to appeal to the 18-30 range. It doesn't work anymore. Then there's Crazy Howard Magee on WGCI, keeps me in touch with "the streets" and "the urban community." Still one of the more entertaining shows in the city. However my favorite morning show is the Drex Morning Show on KISS-FM. THey are the most entertaining, and then they mix in music, and on top of that they are fresh and original. With topics like "Keep your love muffin to yourself" talking about guys who are afraid of being in the delivery room because they have weak stomachs. Or jealous over controlling significant others and their wild stories. There's so much more, but you gotta listen, it's the best show in Chicago morning radio, it's worth being up early in the morning.
  • Being a Cubs fan is a major punishment. It's not fair. The crosstown classic is tomorrow and for the first time in my life I am afraid of the White Sox. This year they are clearly better than the Cubs. The Sox have all the bragging rights right now. And without D. Lee, Prior and potentially Ramirez this weekend might be a disaster. However there have been times before when the Cubs were clearly, on-paper better than the Sox and the Sox just out played the Cubs. If Dusty Baker wants to keep his job for much longer, at least if he wants people on hi side, the Cubs need to win at least two out of three from the White Sox. This brings me to my next point. Cubs/Sox isn't the be all end all of all rivalries. I used to think so when I was much younger and oh so immature. It's to the point where I'm not even hyped for this weekend. It's a mid-May road game with a little bit of civic pride on the line. For ocnce this game actually means something to the Cubs, especially if they wanna fight their way back to .500. But that's not my point. My point is that this series brings the worse out of Chicago fans. "Cubs suck!" "Sox suck!" That's all I hear and this is from people who have jobs and careers, people who are supposed to be better than the childish back-and-forth bullshit. Still, Civic Pride is on the line and I'll be cheering my Cubs on. For better or for worse.
  • Second Cub item. Got to go to the bleachers last night and it was amazing. I love that place. I love Wrigley Field. My escape worked. It was great. I was utterly and completely happy for the first time in a long time and it didn't involve getting wasted and drunk dialing. ;-) Instead I got to enjoy my favorite past time at my favorite place in the world. I'd love to go again but they're not playing to their potential and tickets are too expensive to go so see a below average product. OH WHO AM I CRAPPING? I'd go see the Cubs any day of the week. I've been through worse than this. Remeber starting 0-14 in 1997? I do and it wasn't pretty. How about the collapse after the Sox swept the Cubs at Wrigley in 1999? I remember it, I wish it wouldn't have happened. Don't even remind me of games 5, 6 and 7 of the NLCS. Those were the worst days of my life.
  • Third and final Cub item. Alright I know I brought up the '03 NLCS but it's time to let go. That's all I hear from Cubs management "remember 2003." Well guess what that team did good and then in the end they failed and flopped like every other Cub team of mine and any other generations. The '03 team was three years ago and most of those guys aren't around. In fact the only guys who are around that played for the Cubs are Prior, Wood, Zambrano and Ramirez. The two other guys who were on that team are D-Lee and JP and they were on that Marlin team. I'll join this Cub item with the third and this is the final one. Okay they got these cross town classic commercials where Bobby Jenks wakes up the Cub fan and Juan Pierre wakes up the Sox fan. Thinking about it, if a black man came banging a garbage can in my room in the morning I wouldn't take it, but I'd be scared out of my mind. In fact if that was a "real" Sox fan then he would have had his gun bedside and would have shot Pierre on site. And Pierre woulda been breaking into a trailor park, if he made it that far. Personally I'd be afraid of Bobby Jenks. Why? Because he's a big, fat white dude that throws 99 miles per hour and has major anger management problems. And notice the Cub fan was black in that commercial. Where was his colt 45 bedside so he can hit fat ass Bobby Jenks with the bottle? I LOVE COMMERCIALS! AND I LOVE WRIGLEY!!!!
  • Gas prices are extremely too high. I know you here it everywhere and you yourself might be feeling your wallet tighten when you're at the pump. I know it's been said and said over and over again, but this is re-damn-diculous. You're talking about gas being over $3 a gallon and this is more than and it's just not fair to the consumers. And to think consumers are supposed to set the market. I don't wanna sound like a yuppie or a hippie but between the gas guzzling SUVs (driven by the yuppies becasue of their self esteem issues) and high-end luxury cars gas is super expensive. And to think they have to pay for premium gas which is anywhere between $3.20-$3.30 and even higher. It's sick. Makes me want to go back to Carbondale where gas is $2.79!
  • Tomorrow's Friday, first Friday back in Chicago. I guess that's cool. I won't have to worry about going out to house parties, the bars or anything like that, but I would like to go out and have fun. Maybe meet some new peeps. I'm always game for meeting new peeps.
  • FINAL THOUGHT: So much more on my mind but I'm tired. I love city driving. The stop and go. People don't like it but I do. Why you may ask, well the scenery of course. The city is beautiful. It's hands down the most beautiful city in the world. Oh yeah and the pretty girls of course. I'm not a pig by any stretch of the imagination. In fact the line in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" comes to mind: "I respect girls so much I won't even have sex with them." I just don't mind driving down the street seeing a pretty girl with a nice smile. Believe me, I don't go off shouting cheeseball lines from my mom's car. I don't go off honking at honies or whistling like some fool. I just like to look, from a distance. And there's nothing wrong to look at some of the most beautiful lladies this city has to offer. Especially after that bland weekend in St. Louis. StL, where are your girls? Oh yeah they're all sleeping with Pujols. But it's all a front, because he's gay....and 35 years old, not the 23 he says he is.
  • All jokes aside, I miss the daily/nightly blogs. But like I said in a previous blog: the nights of blogging my insecurities, my disappointments, my general anger are behind me.....for now.

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