Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Had That Dream...Again

I could easily rehash the details of my depressing day, my depressing self and/or my depressing life. Instead I'll come with something new. During a mid-afternoon nap I had a dream that had a hint of a revelation in it. It was that dream again. And that dream of course is the one about the Cubs winning the World Series.
It wasn't a clear dream, in fact it was quite quick. It wasn't like the last 'Cubs Winning The World Series' dream which I had last in 2004. I wasn't celebrating in the dorm room popping champagne with my roommate and suitemates. Instead I myself was at Wrigley Field. In the stadium, in the grandstands. Not as a member of the media as I once had hoped for. But it was me, among my people on the third base side of home in the terrace reserved level. I couldn't tell you who was pitching. I couldn't tell you who we were playing. I couldn't tell you who was on the team. All I remember was out number three at Wrigley and looking at the center field scoreboard saying "World Champion Chicago Cubs" and me just bursting into tears.
In reality, I can't see myself with the ballclub whether it be at home or on the road if they ever won the whole damn thing. I'd have to be at home alone, or with several die-hards like myself. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be there to see it myself, but in my mind I can see it unfolding on television. I can hear Joe Buck saying something to the extent of "Cub fans have longed to hear it: 'The Chicago Cubs are World Champs.'" I can see the video montage on Fox of that years team, flashbacks to the 2003, 1984 & 1969 teams, things that exonerated the goat, the black cat & Bartman...I can hear Santo in a triumphant cheer....And finally I see myself drenching myself in champagne in joy.
I know that this is all a pipe dream and that in two years it will have been 100 years since anyone actually did that in real life. But it would be something, at least for me to take a hold of and call my own. You wouldn't be able to take that away from me. You can take away my dream job. My dream car. My dream girl. But if you GAVE me a World Series Championship....I think I could live with myself peacefully once again.

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