Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Recapping A Terrific Tuesday

So I had a really good Tuesday. Granted it didn't start off well, but really what day starts off well when you're awaken by the most annoying of sounds, the alarm clock at 8 a.m.But Tuesday was a good day. I got out of class early which allowed me to catch the bus in time to get home at 12:15 p.m. and watch playoff baseball all day. Frank Thomas hit two home runs to power the A's over the Twins and overall went 3-for-4 with each hit sending a big "Up Yours" to Ozzie Guillen, Kenny Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf. Barry Zito proved that he was worth big money and with every big bending curveball, I wanted to see #75 in a Cub uniform next April. Then the Cards beat the Padres. Not suprised with Carpenter on the mound and really it's been a tough year for Pads ace Jake Peavy. Just when you think the Cardinals are dead Pujols hits one about 400 feet and Chris Carpenter puts out a Cy Young-worthy performance. In the laugher of the night the Yanks beat the Tigers which really if this series goes beyond 3 games I'll be puzzled on why. The Yanks have the best line up of any team in the playoffs from top to bottom and they have enough starting pitching not to mention the greatest closer of all-time, Mariano Rivera.The strong moment of the night was going out to Gatsby's to play pool. I had a few beers, played a few games of pool and really had an enjoyable time. No worrying about stupidity, no worrying about issues, no stress, none of that. It was really a relief and a well needed night. Also it proved that I can go out and not get wasted out of my mind and still have a good time.On top of that I had some really good conversations with some good friends. And really when you have good friends, a few drinks, and some positive memories that's all you really need in life to make you happy.I'm having a happy moment right now, and really it's about damn time!

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