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2006 In Review Part I: Top 10 Songs!

As I've been saying, this year in review is going to be different from the previous reviews of previous years. I will not go month by month and detail every little thing that made 2006 special. Instead, I've broken it down into the following categories, making everything easier to read, and make people actually want to read it (for what reason I do not know.) As for the catergories: 10 Favorite Songs, 10 Highlights, 10 Lowlights, 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To, and 10 Things I Don't Want Following Me In 2007.

My 10 Favorite Songs (in no particular order):
  • Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake. Every summer there's a song that blows up the airwaves, this year it was JT's 'Sexy Back.' It comes right at you with a pounding beat and intriguing vocals that make you want to scream along "I'M BRINGING SEXY BACK, THEM OTHER FUCKERS DON'T KNOW HOW TO ACT!"With the backing and re-emergence of super-producer Timbaland (who produced a majority of JTs album Future Sex/Love Sounds and hits for Nelly Furtado ), Justin ruled the charts in the summer and has continued to do so with his 2nd #1 hit...
  • ...My Love, featuring rapper T.I. Timberlake's ballad which starts with "If I wrote you a symphony/Just to say how much you mean to me/If I told you you were beautiful/Would you date me on the regular?" That's some deep shit, and I love it, absolutely love it. T.I.'s rap is just icing on the cake to go with Timbaland's production. TIP kills it with the line "Friends so fly i can go fly/Private, cause I handle mine/T.I. they call me candle guy, simply because I am on fire" and makes me wanna go "damn this song is off the hook!" Song of the year and album of the year, hands down go to JT, but a close runner up is...
  • ...How To Save A Life, by The Fray. The Fray are new comers to my world, and this is one of two appearances they'll make on this countdown. How To Save A Life, is equated by many as the song from hit television show 'Grey's Anatomy' which is quite a good show if I must say so myself. How To Save A Life, is a mellow song that reminds me a lot of my 2006 especially in these lines: "Step one you say we need to talk/He walks you say sit down it's just a talk/He smiles politely back at you/You stare politely right on through" and "Where did I go wrong, I lost a friendSomewhere along in the bitternessAnd I would have stayed up with you all night/Had I known how to save a life." I must ask you the reader, who hasn't had a moment like that, I know I've had my fair share.
  • Over My Head, also by The Fray makes the list as well. The video really made this song for me, if you get a chance search for it on or some place that plays videos on line. I love everything about the song, everything, it'd probably be #2 behind Sexy Back if I had to put these in any type of order. I love the opening lines "I never knew that everything was falling through/That everyone I knew was waiting on cue/To turn and run when all I needed was the truth", the line in the chorus "eight seconds left in overtime", and my absolute favorite line of any song this year (at least on the list) "And suddenly I become a part of your past/I'm becoming the part that don't last/I'm losing you and its effortless." That my friends is some real deep shit, "I'm losing you and it's EFFORTLESS!" I feel it, cuz I've been in that situation, once again if you speak to me in music, I will like it!
  • Next is Bad Day by Daniel Powter. Another song known by its television affilitation (American Idol.) And again, another song that strikes a chord with me. I had myself plenty of bad days this year, this song really just sums it up. Good call, DP!
  • What's Left of Me by Nick Lachey somehow won an award for being the best love song of 2006, despite it being a song about losing Jessica Simpson. Ridicule me as much as you want for putting both Timberlake and Lachey on the list, but if I was him I'd be depressed about losing Jessica Simpson (especially knowing how much Lu has a thing for hot, blonde southern girls.) And she's rich! Nevertheless, Lachey did a good job not only on this song but on his album as well, granted every song is 'What's Left Of Me' with different words, as is The Fray's 'How To Save A Life' which Meltini from the Drex show put it best "I love the album, but its How To Save a Life each song with different lyrics." But hey, it works.
  • A sleeper pick for the Top 10 is Ashley Parker Angel's, Let U Go. This song got a major push when APA performed live on the Drex show one morning. Though he didn't perform this song (a Billboard certified hit), other songs like "Crazy Beautiful", "Who Cares?" and "A Beautiful Lie" were performed and also became staples and in heavy rotation in my I-Pod.
  • The hip-hop song of the year is arguably Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It by Dem Franchize Boys. Behind the production of rapper/producer/midget/over-achiever Jermaine Dupri, DFB put out a few hits this year in their album On Top Of Our Game. Though it wasn't a great album, Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It had people everywhere doing one of the most simple dances known to man! And they had a squabble with fellow Atlanta rap group D4L (of Laffy Taffy fame) about who originated the dance. Love when hip-hop beef is born from a dance off!
  • 4 Minutes by Avant is a song about a dude who's literally gonna lose his girl if he doesn't give her a good explanation on why she should stay. Love the hook "I only got 4 minutes to do what i gotta do to prove to you that im gon' do anything/i only got 4 minutes to say what i gotta say to make you stay and show you that i will change/cuz in 4 minutes ill never have my girl again/ in 4 minutes ima lose her to some other man/ four no less no more/ im desperate cuz the clocks tickin/ i got 4 minutes to go" and along with guest appearances by Krayzie and Lazy Bone, Shawnna and production by DJ Smurf aka Mr. Collipark, 4 minutes was a hit for me. Once again a strong that strikes a chord in Lu. Unfortunately, Lu ran out of time and his 4 minutes in reality turned into the clock striking midnight.
  • Finally, the hit for the first half of this year was Ne-Yo's, So Sick. A common theme here, Lu finds a song that he can relate to his life, go figure. Ne-Yo did something I'd love to do, turn heartbreak in to millions of dollars, the difference between he and I is that A) he's a bit better looking and B) sings much better than I do. But if you've read my poetry, I can write about heartbreak as good as the rest of 'em! I love how Ne-Yo really tells it how it is saying how sick he is of love songs, I can't blame him, I feel the same way, especially with the recent batch of love songs this generation has put out. C'mon, when Nick Lachey is winning awards for best love song for a song about being dumped, we've got some issues writing love songs people! That's besides the point. So Sick, hits a chord with everyone who can't stand not being in love, being dumped, rejected, overlooked, etc. If I did rank these top to bottom, So Sick would land probably at #3.

Song quote of the year, from So Sick: "And I'm so sick of love songs/So tired of tears/So done with wishing you were still here/Said I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slow/So why can't I turn off the radio?" Gotta love it people.

SIDE NOTE: It was also a good year if you're looking at albums as a whole. Really good albums this year came from artists such as: Panic! At The Disco, Daniel Powter, Teddy Geiger, T.I., Ludacris, Clipse, Jay-Z, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Lupe Fiasco among others. In a year where the theme of the summer songs was girls sluttin' it up with songs like Me & U by Cassie, Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado, Loosen Up My Buttons by The Pussy Cat Dolls among countless other songs I deemed as "whore anthems" (jokingly of course) I came up with a damn good top 10 list and a nice start to SIU Final's Week and a good beginning to the end of 2006!

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