Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Television, Finals Week, Christmas Shopping & More

Lots of randomness going on through my mind let's get it started:
  • Got myself a new favorite TV show. 'My Boys' on TBS is about a woman who writes for the Cubs whose best friends are all guys. The show is about her dating life and relationship with the guys and though I wish there would be more stuff about the Cubs, I like the show and its premise so far. Also I love the sports references she drops and compares to dating like "slumps" and "clubhouse cancers" it's like listening to myself. As for the other show that mimicks my life 'What About Brian?' it's going well too. The character that obviously portrays me has moved on, kinda. He's still chasing girls he can't have, but he's still trying, as am I. The show is amazing, not just cuz it resembles my life, it just is. In fact it's fun trying to figure out what's gonna happen next. What would Lu do instead of Brian? What is Brian doing right that Lu should do? It's also fun to give names of real people in my life to the ppl on the show.
  • Finals week sucks. 4 months of hard work is basically condensed to one big f*cking test. It's so surreal. Everything you work for culminates into one moment, it's kinda pressuring and some of us (looks in mirror) don't perform well under pressure. And what makes it worse is that it concentrates on my biggest fear: failure. Two of my grades hang in the balance of cumulative finals, which I do horribly on. Since I've been here at SIU, I've only passed one cumulative final. I can't afford to fail, but I fear that I just might.
  • Christmas shopping for college students is fun b/c all we really have to do is get something from the University and call it a gift. That's what I've done, and people seem to be happy with what I get them cuz SIU stuff reminds them of me and shows school pride. OUR PRIDE ROCKS!
  • I never was able to give Fred's Dance Barn a proper send off. Though I must say they shoulda threatened to close down the place a while ago. They got 1200 ppl in there this weekend, or as I'd like to look at it 1199 white folks and Lu. J/k, still it's a funny joke. And it's not like it's far from the truth. Fred's wasn't my favorite place in the world, but when things were good and I was with the right people I had a good time. Now where am I gonna go look at cute southern girls? Oh right SIU CAMPUS!
  • So between Fred's and my Friday night, this was a pretty cruddy weekend. To recap Friday night in basic terms would be quite simple. Lu was lonely, sad and reminded of a nice lil' past that he'd love to forget. So he decided to drink, talk to some friends online in a conversation that still puzzles him. SO where to go from there, I dunno? Friendships seem fragile, in fact they are fragile, I learned that this year.
  • Can't wait 'til Finals are over though. They're over after my 7:50 am final. I plan to go to SIN to party and drink it up in celebration. It's free so if anyone's in CDale Friday there's no excuse to party. And then going to Bloomington, IN to see SIU/Indiana, the most anticipated game in my book since the MVC Championship game last year in St. Louis. It'd be great to see an SIU winner!

I got something else up my sleeve, but I'll hold off until more defenites are in place.

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