Monday, December 11, 2006

Finally Part VII Of Lu's Fun W/Poetry: The Final Chapter

The final chapter, for this semester at least. I'm not a big fan of "New Years Resolutions" because they always fail, but next year I'll be making an effort to keep writing. This year I've seen the quality of my work increase as I've contiued to write this year and would love to keep this up.

I'll preface this final piece by saying that this was one of my favorite ones to write and read this semester. I put together some interesting ideas portraying how I was feeling at the time and it seemed to get good reviews from the people in class and others that have read it. With that said, I'm glad that someone out there can read my work and appreciate it for what it is. Without further to do, my final poem of 2006 'Down, Not Out.'

by Luis C. Medina

An open ear listens
to close-minded thoughts.
Stomp on the doormat to your life,
and dragging dirt inside.
In search of inspiration,
I fill the void
he left behind.
My ideas go ignored,
unwelcome words turn
into shredded strands of failure.
Beaten and belittled
I crawl back.The pain feels good.

This was to be the love poem and the goal of this poem was to show how much you love someone, and trying not to say, “I love you” with the idea of show, don’t tell. Understand that this isn’t your typical love poem. I really flipped the idea of this poem by showing another side of love, which is love that goes unreturned, which was the underlying theme and inspiration for this poem.

As for changes, I didn’t make many because I felt that this was my strongest poem that I wrote for this class. I did tweak some of the words in an attempt to perfect the flow and pace of the poem. I also cut out other words that were filler and broke up the flow of the poem. There were several suggestions on lengthening the poem, but I felt that it being short gave me the best chance to get my feelings clearly across. Though I could argue that leaving more to be desired by the reader is exactly how I felt when writing this poem. Oh, the irony!

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