Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Approaching 300 Posts, 2007

Ahhh, yes, more 2006 review. Good news is that this is the be all, end all of '06 review. But this isn't a top 10 list, though it's still a list, it's a list of things that I've learned in 2006 (with some explanation).

  • It doesn't feel like a bag of sand. Love referencing movies, especially good movies. Especially movies that some would argue are eerily similar to my life. However, I did learn that it does not feel like a bag of sand.
  • When in doubt, blame Steve. It's easy to blame someone who constantly disappeared when night fell, spent the last two weeks of the semester at the blue barracks working, only returning to power nap and eat (coincidentally when I cooked)
  • Girls DO disappear. One of the funnier punchlines of the semester refers to a girl that I had asked on a psuedo-date to a basketball game after physics class, and never returned to class after that. Sad, but funny!
  • Madden causes holes in walls. It's hard to explain the phemoena of holes strangely appearing after playing Madden 07.
  • Rub the tummy. "Rubbing the tummy" is something I learned that it makes girls feel good, and I'm all about girls feeling good. Hope to apply this lesson learned in 2007.
  • The Devil Wears Cowboy Boots. This is not a misprint, the devil wears cowboy boots; not Prada. An inside joke that everyone can relate to, and it's easy to adapt to your own situation. Maybe your devil does indeed wear Prada, or maybe a Duke jersey, or a Cardinals cap...everyone knows the Devil doesn't wear Cubbie blue!!!
  • "It's good to be the Yankees." QUOTE OF THE YEAR!!!! Take it however you'd like because I'm sure there can be several interpretations. But look at it this way, the Yankees are amking money hand over fist and they're quite easy to hate. Unless you are the Yankees. It's good to be the Yankees because they can cover their mistakes, shortcomings and fuck ups by taking other teams' salaries and providing a stopgap and quick fix. I might not be able to use the whole Cubs referencing anymore with the whole Soriano signing, but it's still not Yankee money!
  • When in doubt, write it out. 2006 was the year of the blogger and don't just take my word for it, bloggers were the people of the year according to TIME magazine. Time credits blogsites and sites like YouTube & TMZ.com for increased noteriety of opinions, news, thoughts and randomness. C'mon even Facebook has a blog type feature. Everyone's got a blog: newspaper columnists, musicians, team owners, ballplayers...everyone! Between blogging and poetry, there's a lotta writing goin on in my book!
  • The best work I do comes after midnight. Yeah, I procrastinate, but my best poetry and writing in general came after FOX's Sunday Night Comedy block, Sunday Night Football on NBC and Viva La Sex were all over. In fact, my best thoughts come late night too, that's also assisted by a lil' bit of alcohol!
  • "Hot, blonde & Southern...they way I like 'em." That could also be a candidate for quote of the year. It's easy to point out the kind of girls I like, and you can check my track record cuz that's how it's been since I came to SIU (coincedence, i think not.) My mom swears she'll disown me if I give her "hillbilly grandchildren." Jokes aside, it's not like I have bad taste in the hot, blonde and southern category. Examples include Jessica Simpson (she's not as dumb as she looks, she's rich for a reason) and Reese Witherspoon (my future wife who I admit looks better as a brunette and if you've seen Walk The Line, you'd agree.) Twang it!


  • "Get yourself some white friends." Comedian Katt Williams has got it right. They've got good credit and having whtie friends gives you instant credibility that you're a half decent human being....or at least that's what it's supposed to do.
  • Change of scenery does work. See Jeff Weaver, Preston Wilson and the '06 champion Cardinals. Look at me too, I'll admit to being a product of my environment.
  • I love SIU hoops. Not like that's breaking news to anyone, but the "winter escape" makes the SIU Arena the second happiest place on earth, behind only Wrigley Field.
  • Drink with company. Even if it's bad company, it's company nonetheless!
  • Love and marriage aren't sacred anymore. Look at Hollywood, all those break ups. Look how TV has made a joke of relationships with reality television shows and pop culture in general has made the idea of love an absolute joke!
  • Life Immitates Art. C'mon you've got a TV show called What About Brian? On ABC where the guy falls in love with his best friends girlfriend and all three of them were at one time friends and then their friendship needs repair when the couple breaks up....that premise is taken straight out of my blog. Songs like Bad Day by Daniel Powter, How to Save a Life, Over My Head & All At Once by The Fray, 4 minutes by Avant and the beat goes on.....c'mon people. I want my life back!!!!


There is a such thing as knowing too much. There's so much that I've learned this year that I can't repeat and won't repeat. Let's just hope we don't have a lot of that in 2007!

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