Monday, December 25, 2006

That's It, I'm All Out Of Year In Review Stuff

Seriously, no more Year In Review. Actually there's one more segment, and that's the lessons I've learned but that will be posted within this week. But instead of review, let's do a little preview here of things I'm looking forward to next year.

-OPENING DAY 2007: It's the sporting event I'm looking forward to the most, though that could change if the Bears make it to the Super Bowl. There's so much hype and expectations surrounding this team, especially with this off-season's acquisitions. Opening Day @ Wrigley is on a Monday, though I've vowed to make the trip for the first step towards the first championship in 98 years.
-My 21st B-Day: Hopefully I'll be spending it in Las Vegas, which is the most likely scenario. Turning 21 is probably the last major event that will happen in my life. Hopefully that thing called "marriage" is in my future, but age wise, 21 is the ultimate milestone. And what better place to celebrate than in Las Vegas, where I've had tons of fun under the age of 21 (lol that rhymes.)
-Valentine's Day 2007: If you've read this blog on previous V-Day's or you've read my rants about my love life, you're probably scratching your head reading that I'm looking forward to February 14th 2007. Hey, it'll be a new year and hope springs eternal and everyone knows I'm looking for someone new to fall in love with cuz this whole ordeal with me not getting over is killing me inside and making me an awful bitter and cynical person (though my mom finds it hilarious.) Coincidentally on February 14th, both the Cubs and myself will be looking for fresh, new beginnings in an attempt to release ourselves from the shackles of the past.
-March Madness: I love March Madness, I'm hoping that SIU can win the MVC outright in the regular season and win back-2-back MVC tourney championships. The talent is there and so is the experience. There's no reason not to believe that this team can't do it, and possibly make a deep run in the NCAA tourney.
-2nd Semester: I'm looking forward to 2nd semester. My grades were a reflection of myself as a hole in 2006. 2 A's, 1 D, 1 F. Not pretty, still not terrible. I just have to straighten out somethings and I'll be all good. I'm rededicated and refocused, and I'm in the right surroundings and the most important thing is that I'm settled. It's all about being comfortable.
-The Bears Playoff Run: Hopefully it lasts longer than last years which ended abruptly at the hands of the Carolina Panthers. This team is more well rounded and I have faith that this team is the team to beat in the NFC.
-Spring Break 2007: Most college students will be spending their SB in hot spots with even hotter co-eds. Not Lu however (though I want to do that whole drunken SB w/lotsa scoring thing.) I'll be in Chicago for Spring Break and what is the thing I most look forward to....SEEING JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IN CONCERT!!!! Yes, Lu is going to see JT live and in the 11th row. Love it. I'm hoping that I can get a serious date for this thing, not one of those "friend dates" that I've fallen accustomed to. Instead, a real date, with an ending that doesn't involve "just friends."

I know I'm supposed to put a part where I write about how I'm gonna find the right girl, or the perfect girl, or a girl in general. Instead I'm shying away from the topic because while making "finding a girl" a top priority, I've failed in other aspects in my life. And yes, my clock is ticking, but I have faith (I don't know why, but I do) that some girl will come to her senses and see me for who I am, loveable Lu.

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