Saturday, January 06, 2007

Coming Soon...

First and foremost Happy New Year to the people that read this blog. It's been a while since I've posted. There are things to get to, but I just haven't had enough down time to actually sit down and make a post about it. So it's January 6th, what could be forthcoming you ask. Here's a brief preview of some upcoming posts.
  • Winter Vacation Recap: The ups and downs of this winter vacation will be chronicled in this post.
  • Things I look forward to in 2007 (including spring semester @ SIU)
  • New Years Resolutions/Goals/Things I Wanna Do
  • An open letter to the Chicago Cubs
  • Press Conference
  • Life In General

...WAIT! Did Lu just mention a press conference? One of the infamous, anitcipated, highly regarded Lu press conference? Yes. As was announced through Facebook & MSN, I have things on my mind and several announcements to make. When's the press conference you ask? Sunday January 14th after the second game of the NFL Playoffs. What's going to be covered in the press conference? Oh so much. I will make an initial statement, kinda like the State of the Union instead it's the State of Lu. hehehe. After my initial statement I will field questions from the panel which will probably consist of my roommates Steve and Marcus, and his girlfriend Kim. So any leaks you ask? Giving up on people, for starters. Girls I have interest in. Things I want to do in 2007. Things in 2006 I want to get over. A mission statement in 2007. And anything that comes up in the questioning.

Should be a blast, shouldn't it?

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