Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day One, Semester Two, Year Three---Interesting, To Say The Least

Well today was fun. I use that word fun loosely, very loosely in fact. It was cold, windy, wintry. blustery (insert superlative here) type of day. Still, there are several things I pulled out from today.

My two classes weren't terrible, but really what class is terrible after one day? In my journalism class I was re-united with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. I'm trying to figure out how to put this in normative terms....she was the first girl I had a crush on here at SIU. Cute and bubbly, she was a nice girl that got me interested in the musical stylings of Eric Clapton, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. It was kind of a shock to see her, but she did remind me that she was a jourrnalism major (like myself), so that totally makes sense that we'd have class together. In fact we have two classes together. I guess that should make up for a year-plus not talking to her. I dunno what to think though, I'm confuzzled in a sense. Not really, since I stopped crushing over her sometime between the rejection period and the end of freshman year. But if there were any questions of being over her or not were answered when no butterflies emerged or anything like that.

My Ethnics and Nationalism course got interesting right away in the description of ethnicity and ethnic groups. What caught my ear, of course, a sports reference. The teacher made a slight argument that the Chicago Bears could be an ethnic group based on the definition. Of course while he mentioned that I could only think about how the Cubdom should be considered an ethnic group. That's another post for another time and another blog. Though I do plan to post it here and at my other site. I'm always drawing comparisons between my life and the Cubs, not like this should shock anyone.

But I'm really excited about my JRNL-310 class. My teacher's name is Anita Stoner and she seems to be a sports nut who used to work on the editorial staff of the Palm Beach Post sports pages. Everyone knows that I've always wanted to be a sports journalist (hence the whole My Damn Cubbies site.)


Hey, my teacher said today "Good writing is a waste when there's no one to read it." I'll be honest, I don't constitute this blog (or note here on Facebook) as good writing (for the most part) though I'll say it should be entertaining somewhat. How to address this, safely.

For the record, I love SIU. For the most part, I love the people I've met, the experiences I've had and so on, and so forth. My love for the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill dates back to when I was a child, idolizing Michael Jordan (an alumnus of UNC) so I immediately became a fan of the team and the school. You can't blame me for wanting to go there, you really can't. They have an awesome journalism school, an awesome broadcasting school and an awesome basketball team! But SIU has all that too, though Carolina's a bit more talented but I wouldn't count out the Dawgs for a minute! Besides, had I gone to Carolina I would've never met any of the people here at Southern. I wouldn't have as much of an appreciation for mid-major schools. Tonight's phone call with Meagan would've never happened. And for arguments sake, the "bad" things that have happened here at Southern, who's to say they couldn't have happened at UNC, just with different people. I like SIU, I'm not going anywhere, any time soon.

That's it for tonight. There's more to blog about, but nothing blog-worthy for the night!

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