Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Something Good To Blog About

OMG I'm so happy!!!! The lesson learned: I guess when you bitch about bad luck enough, something good is bound to happen, right? So I won a digital camera today in a raffle for renewing my lease at Brookside. That's great, I'm so happy. Usually I don't post happy moments, but why not?

In other good news Mark Prior and Kerry Wood still have not had their arms fall off at Spring Training, but Prior is throwing 87 MPH fastballs and that's not cool. Wood's throwin' 95 MPH heat and some wicked sliders. With Bobby Howry struggling in Spring Training, Lou Piniella might be using good ol' #34 in the 8th inning---or maybe the 9th if Ryan Dempster fails to show up.

Michael Barrett's hitting the crap out of the ball. Jason Marquis is getting groundball outs. Ted Lilly is pitching well and the Cubs haven't been bitten by the injury bug yet so I'm just really kinda living it up when it comes to my Cubbies.

And what about the Salukis, well Saluki Nation has to sweat it out 'til Sunday when the Selection Sunday show hits the air. I'm really nervous about that.

I'm also really nervous about a quiz tomorrow. I'm also nervous about a paper due Friday (thank you for the push back) and a test Friday too.

Then it's Spring Break when I still need to find someone to go see Justin Timberlake with.

But for once I'm in a good mood!

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