Sunday, April 22, 2007

Losing Sucks! Losing To The Cardinals Is Borderline Depressing!

I absolutely HATE losing to the Cardinals. Losing to the Cardinals is the absolute worse feeling in the world for me. --Luis C. Medina, 4/20/07

Didn't we just go through this on Friday?

I thought so. I guess the Cubs didn't get the memo. I hate losing to the Cardinals more than anything in the world. Might I be exaggerating? Maybe. But it's not just losing to the Cards, it's the way that they lose. The Cubs have found so many different ways to lose ball games, I shouldn't be surprised---but whenever you think you've seen it all---the Cubs find another new way to lose.

So Friday they lost 2-1. That sucked because Ted Lilly pitched a hell of a ball game, and again received no run support. The runs came for Jason Marquis on Saturday in the 6-0 victory. And again, the runs came Sunday....and were wasted because of one Wade Miller.

After watching this game, the only thing I can take away from this game is that Wade Miller sucks at life and has sucked at life ever since he was an Astro and Larry Dierker burned him out. Why couldn't he burn out Oswalt?!?!? Or Lidge?!?!? Nooo....the one guy the Cubs end up landing sucks! Wait, that makes sense.

Anyway, Miller sucks and needs to be demoted somehow. His fastball peaks at 89 and unless you're Greg Maddux, it's not a good thing. It's time to bring up one of the youngsters. I know Jeff Samardizija isn't ready and probably won't be ready until July, but there are other options.
  • How about Angel Guzman? He was pitching well before being demoted for Felix Pie.
  • How about Sean Marshall? Marshall showed at times he could be a serviceable starter.
  • Wonder what happened to Springfield native and life long Cubs fan Ryan O'Malley? He's still pitching in the Cubs system?
  • What about Carlos Marmol? Or Juan Mateo?
You know what all of those guys have in common? They're all better options than trotting out Wade Friggin' Miller out there each time. Oh and Miller's ERA after 3 starts....10.54. Guess what Cubs fans? You're not gonna win a lot of games with a 10.54 ERA.

And that's the heartbreaking part of it all. Lilly comes out Friday and throws an absolute gem, and really has proven to the critics that (at this point) he's worth the $10 million per year that Jim Hendry gave him while on that EKG machine. And what does Lilly get for his effort? A big fat 'L.' Then Sunday, Miller comes out and lays a big fat egg. He would have gotten the 'L' had the Cubs offense not bailed him out (again.) It was the second time this week.

Long story short, I'm sick of Wade Miller's bullshit. That's why I said Thursday when I previewed this weekend, that the two most important games were Friday and Saturday. Those were the two must win games because I knew in my heart-of-hearts that Wade F. Miller was gonna blow it. He did, and again, the Cubs lose a pivotal home series against a division rival. THE DIVISION RIVAL! ARGH IT SICKENS ME!!!

You want a positive? I'll show you a positive. The Cubs scored 15 runs in the last two games.....and not one was driven in by Alfonso Soriano. That's a positive sign in my eyes.

That's it for now. I'm tired and have poetry to write. Go Cubs, the best is yet to come. I hope.

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