Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SIU Ain't F*ckin' Around....And Other Thoughts

Well, this was an interesting day on the SIU campus. Woke up and went to class only to see everyone standing outside of the Lawson building. Why? Because of a suspicous package/bomb threat type thing.

According to early reports (from people I talked to standing around Lawson) someone went into a classroom, left a bag in the room, left the room and never came back and someone called the authorities.

Thankfully, the SIU authorities were on the ball and evacuated the building immediately and two hours later I was back in class (after spending an hour or so away from campus) safe and sound.

As for the package, it was a bag of Quick-Crete left by a student which was to be used for a later class. You can read more about it here.

Personally, I'm glad that all the precautions were taken and that SIU was quick to act and notify students and such through four seperate e-mails sent to SIU-Webmail. Communication is key in situations like this, especially after what happened at Va Tech.

  • Wow, I can't believe school's almost over. This summer's got potential, I know I say it every year....and I say that I believe it, but it's not like I'm wrong b/c I have a lot to look forward to. Hopefully several jobs, an internship, my trip to Vegas for my 21st. The summer's looking bright but it doesn't start 'til May 12.
  • The Bulls won last night, going up 2-0 on the defending champion Miami Heat. I know that the Heat came back from 2-0 to beat the Mavs in the NBA Finals, but a younger, quicker, healthier, more athletic and hungrier Bulls team might be able to show the Heat an early exit.
  • The Cubs are sucking, even though they won today. News overshadowing the win against the Brewers is the season ending surgery for Mark Prior. Prior, who won't pitch 'til 2008, hasn't been right since October 2003. Beyond that he's had myriad injuries. I'm hoping the best for the man once known as "The Franchise."
  • Breaking News: I'm in love, again. Doesn't seem like breaking news, 'til ya find out who I'm in love with now. She's hot, yes....but she's not blonde nor is she southern. Her name is Alyssa Milano. I learned recently that the former Charmed star is an avid baseball fan. Stop your laughing, seriously, she loves the game. Yeah, she's a Dodger fan, but she knows what she's talking about. Check out her blog. Other than that whole being a Dodger fan thing, she's nearly perfect. Sure she might partake in the wave, and take in a tofu Dodger dog with a diet soda (yes she calls it soda) but she has many redeeming qualities such as Roberto Clemente being her favorite player. She doesn't leave games early. She starts chants. She realizes that Luis Gonzalez "throws like a girl." She was starstruck by Dodger GM Ned Coletti. You can read all about that here. All in all, I'm in love....and in the real world if I could find a girl like her I'd wife her matter WHAT team she cheered for.
  • The SIU/SLU rivalry might get a bit more interesting if the Rick Majerus to SLU rumors are true. ESPN says Big Rick is still unsure about his decision, but if he went to SLU, he'd give them instant credibility and an opportunity to take some of SIU's recruiting thunder in the St. Louis area. But as a Saluki, I'm not worried. I doubt Majerus will finish his contract for one of the following reasons:
    • Health
    • Bigger, better offer from a bigger, better school
  • It's good to be a Saluki!
That's it for tonight. See ya Friday for the Off The Wall Blog!

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