Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friday's Off The Wall Blog: "One Saturday Morning" Edition

Yawn. Good morning, and Alright so I didn't do the blog on Friday, and I have no excuse except laziness. And if that's acceptable, then so be it. Anyway, this is going to be the final blog of this sort until further notice. What does "until further notice" mean? Probably next semester, maybe never. Who knows? Who cares?

So let's look forward to next year with the final "Friday Fun Blog" of this semester.

  • From the world of entertainment, Paris Hilton was recently sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating her probation. See, in the real world this wouldn't be news and in fact, shouldn't be news....but for some reason it is news. Only in America you can become famous for being famous. I guess those are the joys of being rich. Again, not newsworthy, but news that makes me want a hammer to my forehead, that's all.
  • Smooth transition here, a lot of people think Paris is sexy. I'm not one of them. There's nothing sexy about a girl who has had more sausage in her than a meat packing plant. Okay, not the best analogy, but you get the point. As for the transition, in Peru they have this drink that allegedly can cure bronchitis, asthma, sluggishness, and a low sex drive. That's what this article says. So why is this news? Because everyday people don't feel up to par when it comes to feeling good about themselves, myself included. Why not promote something that can make people feel good. I like feeling good...anyway, read the article.
  • Something that always gets on my nerves is PDA....public displays of affection. Call me the jealous type, but nothing irritates me than being the single guy with happy couples---that's just me. Anyway, looks like this guy got quite a punishment. Carl William Persing's "mile-high make out" will likely land Persing in jail. Prosecutors said Persing threatened a flight attendant who told the couple to stop---and for not stopping, he might find himself in jail for 20 years for disrupting and interfering with flight attendants. A part of me feels bad, but the little devil on my shoulder says he deserves every day of that sentence.
  • Finally, my favorite story has to do with one of my favorite music acts Justin Timberlake. This USA Today article details JT's recent success in signing, song writing and crossing over into acting. The interesting part of this article is where JT wants to extend his creativity into. Writing country songs. Shocking, I know, but funny because my roommate and I joked about what a country version of his hit My Love would sound like. But on a serious note, I don't think writing country songs would be too far fetched for JT, a Tennessee native. Everyone knows the best country songs are about heartbreak, so songs like Cry Me A River and What Goes Around...Comes Around could make for successful crossover tracks if covered by the right country artists. My concern is that JT would go away from what made him successful; songs about how Britney broke his heart. JT going away from that formula would be like me not writing poetry about know what I write poetry about. It just wouldn't be right. Maybe one day, JT and I could collaborate---that'd be a lot of heartbreak in one room.
FRIDAY'S FIVE. Five songs blowing up on my I-Pod.
  1. Sweat 'Cha Perm Out by Katt Williams (featuring Lil' Jon, Lil' Scrappy & Too Short)
  2. Go Getta Remix by Young Jeezy (featuring R. Kelly, Jadakiss & Bun B)
  3. Crazy by Ne-Yo (featuring Jay-Z)
  4. Settlin' by Sugarland
  5. Never Again by Kelly Clarkson
FRIDAY'S FIVE. Five old school songs that I like, and that you should like.
  1. The Same Old Song by The Four Tops
  2. That Lady (Part One) by The Isley Brothers
  3. Sing A Song by Earth, Wind & Fire
  4. Turn Off The Lights by Teddy Pendegrass
  5. Never Can Say Goodbye by The Jackson 5

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